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Why choose hand dryers over Paper Towels?

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Hand dryers over Paper Towels? Which one do you think is better? The first line of defense in the mission to stop the spread of germs is to wash your hands. Washing your hands is the most effective way, and yet it’s also very underrated. You need to dry your hands completely during this process because wet skin will let bacteria pass much more easily.

Bacterias undoubtedly pass much easier with wet skin. Many people don’t scrub and wash their hands properly. It’s important to know that bacteria from wet “washed” hands will still spread the germs. This occurrence can lead to cross-contaminations. Your hands must be thoroughly dry because it’s scientifically proven that germs can hardly survive on dry skin. So, in terms of drying hands, what is more effective? Paper towels or a hand dryer?

Hand Dryers over Paper Towels: Which one is better?

Less expensive costs

hand dryers over Paper Towels

The low cost of running a hand dryer versus paper towels is one reason it’s always better to use the bathroom amenities. You have to buy paper towels frequently, whereas you only need to buy a hand dryer once, which usually requires little maintenance throughout the year. According to research, a single person uses an average of 3-4 sheets of paper towel when they use the washroom. Imagine how many people use the toilet each day. That is just too much compared to how much you will spend annually on running a hand dryer.

Also, there are energy-efficient hand dryer models on the market if you are worried about your electricity costs. Every bit of quid you paid for a hand dryer is worth it in the long run compared to sticking with paper towels. A hand dryer may be more expensive than paper towels at first, but in the long run, it’s worth saving on electricity costs and wasting less water every day!


There are a lot of reasons that hand dryers are better for the environment than paper towels. Paper towels undeniably create a lot of waste compared to hand dryers. Also, imagine how many trees need to be cut down to produce paper towels. Today’s major environmental problem is that paper towels clog sewers even with proper signages inside washrooms. Most waste reaches the oceans and seas, which harms aquatic life, and that is not good. Then, of course, you need to throw out paper towels once you have used them. They must be disposed of somewhere, taking up valuable landfill space. So in terms of being environment friendly, hand dryers win over paper towels.

Time spent on drying hands

Several studies have been made about the effectiveness of hand dryers versus paper towels when drying hands. They have found out that after 10 seconds of drying hands with a paper towel, the residual water on the hands is about 5%. With 15 seconds of drying, the residual water was reduced to 1%. In 20 seconds, your hands can be completely dry.

However, hand dryers, especially high-powered ones, can dry hands in just 10 seconds. So if you want a fast hand drying experience, hand dryers are the right choice. They are also ideal for high-trafficked washrooms. Instead of letting the utilizers use paper towels, they can use fast-drying hand dryers to go in and out of the toilet in a short time.

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Reduced contaminations

Washrooms and loos are recognized as places with a high risk of bacterial growth and transmission. A wet hand grabbing some paper towels from a dispenser can dampen the next paper towels to be dispensed. This happening means that bacterias can cross-contaminate the following user. Air drying hands using hand dryers are better to reduce any contaminants within the toilet.

Space-saving and cleanliness

Hand dryers are usually placed and installed on walls near the sink in a washroom. They make the look of the restroom neat and take up less space than paper towels. Paper towels usually use dispensers, which take up more space, like bins or containers placed on top of the counter or sink. This means people can’t put their bags or other things on it while they are drying their hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How fast can I dry my hands using paper towels compared to hand dryers?

    According to studies, after 20 seconds, you can have your hands completely dry after using paper towels. Unlike high-powered hand dryers, the time spent drying hands is cut in half. You can quickly dry your hands with hand dryers in just 10 seconds.

  • Are hand dryers more environmentally friendly than paper towels?

    Hand dryers are more environmentally friendly than paper towels. One of the major problems caused by paper towels is clogged sewers due to the flushing of paper towels down the toilet. Also, trees are being constantly cut down to produce paper towels.

  • Why should you choose hand dryers over paper towels?

    You should choose hand dryers over paper towels because the operational costs of hand dryers are less expensive than paper towels. They are environmentally friendly, can dry hands faster than paper towels, reduce contaminations, save space, and make the washroom look neat.

ABIS Electronics


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