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Debunking Myths about Electric Hand Dryers

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There are myths about electric hand dryers. These myths might be the result of misunderstandings, while some are just pure misinformation. Many debates between hand dryers and paper towels have led to different myths about electric hand dryers.

If you plan to buy a hand dryer or switch from paper towels, these myths can be a setback in your decision-making. However, in order to have the best knowledge of what is true and not about electric hand dryers, here are some common myths along with the truth behind them:

Electric Hand Dryers: What’s not true about Electric Hand Dyrers?

Drying hands with electric hand dryers take forever

With today’s technology and modernization, most hand dryers can quickly tap out 15-20 seconds of relief from being stuck in a long line. Furthermore, high-speed units allow you to get your hands dried much faster with 10-second durations compared to paper towels which take about 30 seconds or longer. Not to mention all the waste produced when using them alone…

Myths about Electric Hand Dryers

Electric hand dryers are unsanitary

Hand dryers nowadays are being promoted for good hygiene because of their filter mechanism, which cleanses the air and reduces germs. Many models have germ-resistant exteriors that prove this myth otherwise.

Also, many automatic hand driers come with infrared sensors to detect if someone is about to use them without physically touching them, reducing contact between themselves and any other infected person (causing more illnesses).

Electric hand dryers consume a lot of energy

Hand dryers might be inefficient at first glance. Unlike paper towels, which don’t need power for them to work and so use up a lot of your monthly energy bills with just standby consumption alone, electric ones can cost you more.

However, today, many studies show that these appliances actually have very low operational costs per cycle, sometimes less than a penny.

Each time one runs through its drying operation cycles, some models will only last 2 minutes before recharging again due to the high voltage needed during operation (depending upon make & model).

ABIS Electronics

Electric hand dryers are pricey

In the long term, hand dryers are a far superior option to paper towels.

They’re more sustainable and affordable compared to their one-time purchase cost. You have to think about once only for your future expenses regarding storage containers or disposal methods when having doubts. Though they do need regular maintenance as opposed, this can be done by anyone at home without much difficulty!

Electric hand dryers can be dangerous

Electric hand dryers are a popular fixture in modern restrooms, but some people worry about the safety of using them. A lot of them believe that having a hand dryer inside your bathroom will increase their risk for electrocution or shocks because they’re not properly grounded like standard outlets are – most machines have multiple built-in safeguards making them safe to use.

Electric hand dryers take up too much space

Electric hand dryers don’t take up much space inside the comfort room as they are installed to a wall, unlike bulky paper towel boxes and dispensers which can be found on top of sinks. There are also models that fit compactly into small restrooms without compromising decor.


Electric hand dryers are better than paper towels. And one electric hand dryer can prove it –  ABIS Hand Dryer Excel -9 Stainless Steel – Chrome.

ABIS Electronics

The ABIS Excel-9 is a high-quality electric hand dryer. This hand dryer can dry your hands in only 10 seconds because it has a quick drying time. The ABIS Excel-9 is also elegant and compact, so it will work well in small comfort rooms. The external case of this product is durable and strong, which helps prevent heavy usage and unexpected damage to the product.

The touch-free automatic sensor on this hand dryer automatically turns it on when you put your hands under the dryer, then it automatically turns off when you remove them from under the hand dryer too. This feature provides the best balance between power and limited consumption.

It is highly energy-efficient. It comes with a high-quality shiny chrome finish, which is suitable for classic and modern environments. For only £99.99, including VAT, you can take home ABIS Excel-9 Stainless Steel with the fastest drying technology, robust hardware included that has a 3-year warranty.

You can also have this in gold, black or white finishes if you prefer those colors instead of shiny chrome finish on this feature! Installations are easy as it comes fully assembled with an installation guide included in the package.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the myths about electric hand dryers?

    Here are some of the common and long-standing myths about electric hand dryers:
    1. Drying hands with electric hand dryers take forever
    2. Electric hand dryers are unsanitary
    3. Electric hand dryers consume a lot of energy
    4. Electric hand dryers are pricey
    5. Electric hand dryers can be dangerous
    6. Electric hand dryers take up too much space

  • Do electric hand dryers consume a lot of energy?

    You might think that hand dryers are inefficient and consume a lot of energy, but research can prove this myth otherwise. Research has shown that electric hand dryers are efficient as they cost well under a penny per operating cycle. Every quid you spend on the electric hand dryer is worth it, and nothing is being wasted.

  • Are electric hand dryers unsanitary?

    Many types of hand dryers nowadays are automatic. This means they have a sensor built into the machine that can tell when someone puts their hand under it. Once the person puts his hand under, it will automatically turn on and off as soon as he takes it out. This is better because there is less direct contact with dirty hands, so these hand dryers are not unsanitary to use.


Electric hand dryers are an excellent way to take care of your hands when washing up. They’re safer, quieter, and quicker than traditional methods, which can also leave you with fewer germs for the rest of the day!

If this sounds like something useful for both work and home, then why not get yourself one? You won’t regret it either way – research has shown they save time every single time while leaving people feeling cleaner all-round (and happier!).

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