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ABIS Hand Dryers: Your Eco-Friendly Restroom Companion

ABIS Hand dryers

Keeping your restrooms clean and has never been this economical with ABIS Hand Dryers. If you want to know more about ABIS Hand Dryers’ benefits, keep reading this blog.

ABIS Hand Dryers reduce paper waste

Paper waste is an ongoing problem in many countries. Having hand dryers in major restroom facilities can help solve this problem. 

ABIS hand dryers: Here are the benefits

ABIS automatic hand dryers are among Europe’s best-selling hand dryers and offer a variety of models to meet your various needs.

From the high-powered ABIS Excel-9 Hand Dryer that dries your hands in ten seconds to the super-affordable Budget Automatic Electric Hand Dryer, ABIS produces consistently high-quality hand dryers all backed with a 3-year warranty.

Better yet, each small yet mighty ABIS hand dryer helps you save the environment with each use. ABIS hand dryers have been reducing demand for paper towels as well as those older, less efficient electric hand dryers for nearly a decade.

Here are some of the benefits of our automatic hand dryers

More cost savings compared to paper towels

Paper towels can cost 10 to 20 times as much per month as the cost of one high-powered hand dryer, according to The Society for Science-Based Medicine. Installing an ABIS hand dryer not only saves you money on paper towels and cleaning products in the long run but also reduces the amount of harmful paper waste produced in the bathroom from hand washing each day.

Environmentally friendly motors 

The electric hand dryers from ABIS are equipped with eco-friendly motors and heating panels that reduce energy consumption by up to 30% during each use for some models. And, according to a study at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, paper towels generate 70% more carbon emissions than modern, high-powered hand dryers.

Efficient drying with exceptional power

Our commercial hand dryers are ideal for bathrooms in frequently used public restrooms. The powerful motors dry hands fast, so people are quickly in and out of the bathroom. Bathrooms that receive a lot of use at places like schools, bars, clubs, restaurants, and busy offices see the most cost savings from hand dryers, on average.

Quality materials designed to withstand unexpected damage 

ABIS hand dryers come with heavy-duty stainless steel covers designed for durability.

Automatic sensors

Our automatic hand dryers are equipped with sensors to detect when someone has their hands underneath the dryer. Instead of requiring users to press a button, the dryers automatically turn on, reducing your contact with bathroom surfaces.

 Marked safe under European Union guidelines

ABIS stainless steel hand dryers are equipped with top-notch motors and mainboards that are built to last. The components are compliant with the European Union’s original Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS).

Protected by a 3-year warranty

Each ABIS hand dryer is protected with a carefree, 3-year warranty. ABIS customer support is always available to help customers with questions or concerns about their products.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to install ABIS Hand Dryers in my establishments’ restrooms. Will the ABIS Hand Dryers last a long time under heavy use by a large number of people?

    ABIS Hand Dryers are built to last and function efficiently under heavy use. These pieces of equipment are built with high-speed drying technology. With drying done in mere seconds, you can ensure that everyone can get to use the machine and the machine will consume less energy in turn. 

  • Restrooms are known to be places that can be victims of vandalism. I don’t want a hand dryer that will break down on me due to sustained damage. Can I ensure the hand dryers from ABIS are well-protected?

    Vandalism is a huge problem is restrooms with heavy traffic. Vandals can cause damage to property which will need repairs. ABIS Hand Dryers are well protected with a heavy-duty stainless steel casing that helps them become durable. 

  • How cost-efficient are hand dryers? For as long as I have my business, I only use paper towels in my establishment restrooms. How can I save money with hand dryers?

    Paper towels will cost a lot in the long run due to heavy usage. Having a hand dryer installed in every restroom will decrease the usage of paper towels. Aside from decreasing toilet paper waste, hand dryers from ABIS are designed to dry quickly. High-speed drying will consume less energy overall. 


Having hand dryers installed in your home and establishment restrooms will make sanitizing them a breeze. If you’re still thinking twice about replacing your toilet paper with hand dryers, the benefits further outweigh the doubts. A hand dryer will overall save you money from efficient energy consumption and minimal waste production.