Clothes Airers

ABIS Heated Clothes Airers for Simplified Indoor and Outdoor Drying

ABIS Heated Clothes Airers

ABIS Heated Clothes Airers are surefire replacements for bulky tumble dryers. If you don’t know how clothes airers can save money and space, continue reading this blog for more!

What are ABIS Heated Clothes Airers?

A heated clothes airer is a handy tool that quickly dries your laundry while saving you money on electricity costs.

Our ABIS heated clothes airers are designed to gently dry your clothing, helping fabrics stay strong so they maintain their quality and shape over time. They’re great for blouses, trousers, sweaters, and delicate items that shouldn’t be tumble dried.

Plus, the electric heated clothes airers couldn’t be easier to use. They are also known as clothes drying racks, clothes horses and clothes hangers. Simply plug the clothes airer in, arrange your laundry by either hanging or laying it flat over the 12 meters of surface space and let it get to work. Once your laundry is dry, simply remove your warm, wrinkle-free clothes, fold up your clothes airer, and store them away until the next time you need them.

Here’s what makes ABIS heated clothes airers stand

Heated for faster drying

Unlike other clothes airers on the market, ABIS heated clothes airers use a small amount of electricity to gently heat up, drying clothes five times faster than non-heated clothes airers. Each ABIS heated clothes airer is equipped with a waterproof switch and an extra-long power cord.


An average family produces eight loads of laundry per week and uses their washer and dryer an average of six hours each per week, according to data collected by a U.S.-based energy company. Budget-conscious consumers can save on the cost of a traditional electric clothes dryer as well as monthly electric bills by switching to an ABIS heated clothes airer.

Rustproof and anti-slip technology

ABIS heated clothes airers are made of premium aluminium that won’t break down or develop rust over time. In addition, each ABIS heated clothes airer has an anti-slip surface that keeps your items in place so laundry dries quickly and evenly.


Our heated clothes airer is ideal to dry clothing indoors in small spaces like apartments or dorm rooms. The clothes airers fold down flat for compact storage, so you can easily tuck them away in a closet or under a large piece of furniture after each use.

Environmentally friendly

All our heated clothes airers help to cut your household energy use, reduce the need to drive to the laundromat, and extend the lifetime of your clothing by gently drying your laundry. A typical electric tumble dryer uses 3,000 watts of electricity – where our heated clothes airers are made with premium materials designed to last you a lifetime using just a fraction of the electricity.

Plenty of drying space

Our clothes airers start from 12m to 20.5m between meters of surface space so there’s plenty of room to hang or lay clothing out flat as it dries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • It’s hard to dry clothes outdoors in the UK weather conditions. Are the ABIS Heated Clothes Airers flexible enough for outdoor and indoor drying?

    ABIS Heated Clothes Airers are designed for outdoor and indoor laundry drying. If you have warm weather, you can just hang the clothes on the clothes airer racks outside. In times of cold weather, though, heated clothes airers will be in charge of drying your clothes indoors. 

  • Fire hazards are something to watch out for when purchasing new equipment. Are the ABIS Heated Clothes Airers safe to use with wet laundry? Will the rods burn my clothes?

    You can ensure that the ABIS Heated Clothes Airers are built to be safe from electrical fires and accidents. ABIS Clothes Airers have waterproof switches to protect you from electrical accidents due to hanging wet clothes in the racks. Rods are also designed to heat to specific temperatures to avoid burning and overheating. 

  • How effectively will ABIS Heated Clothes Airers cut my costs in replacement of a bulky tumble dryer? Are they space-saving too?

    ABIS Heated Clothes Airers are cost-effective appliances in your home instead of bulky tumble dryers. The overall energy consumption of clothes airers is less in comparison to dryers. Foldable Clothes Airers are foldable and portable. Even fully assembled clothes airers consume less space than a tumble dryer.


Heated Clothes Airers are better choices than the usual tumble dryers. If you are worried about the rising electricity costs and the amount of space left in your home, clothes airer will be the best for you. Enjoy the convenience of having a drying rack that heats your clothes safely with ABIS Heated Clothes Airers.