Warranty Disclaimer

Warranty Disclaimer of ABIS Electronics

We at ABIS Electronics would like to thank you for taking your keen interest in the products and services provided by us.

This Limited Warranty applies to physical products, and only for those physical products obtained from all ABIS Sales Channels including Amazon, eBay, www.abiselectronics.co.uk and other retail outlets around the globe.

What does this Limited Warranty cover?

This Limited Warranty covers any workmanship or electronic failure that isn’t caused because of carelessness or mistaken power supply to any of the ABIS Electronics items. Any failure to the product and product parts under the normal circumstances is covered under the Limited Warranty.

Our Warranty excludes any coincidental harm and any harm to any of the parts that are non-electrical or any work that is included or not included with our items.

What will we do to rectify the issues?

ABIS Electronics will either repair the product at no charge, using new parts or refurbished parts. And, if the product can’t be repaired, we will replace the product as a whole.

Thus, we will repair, replace or refurbish the product as per the necessity on the condition that it meets the criteria for Limited Warranty. However, it must be taken into consideration that we don’t offer any refund if it has crossed the cooling off period of 14 days.

How long does the coverage last?

The Limited Warranty coverage lasts differently for different products purchased from ABIS Electronics.

All our products come with a 12 months warranty except the hand dryers are on a full 3yrs warranty.

What does the Limited Warranty not cover?

This Limited Warranty does not cover any issue that is caused by:

  • Conditions, glitches or harm not coming because of imperfections in material or workmanship from ABIS’ side
  • By wear and tear or Accidental damage to the product or any parts of it
  • Damage caused to the product because of a voltage spike

What do you need to do?

You can call our Customer Care Service which will direct you to the technological support. Our team will try their best to resolve your issue over the phone, and if that doesn’t seem possible, we will collect the product, repair or refurbish it as per the requirement and send it back to you.

To acquire the warranty benefit; you should first get in touch with us via contact us form to discuss the issue and the most fitting answer for you.

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