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Powerful ABIS Massage Guns for your Pain Relief

ABIS Massage Guns

Having a massage gun can not only help with pain relief. If you don’t know the additional key benefits of the ABIS Massage Guns, continue reading this blog.

ABIS massage guns: Benefits for Athletes

ABIS Massage Guns offer astounding pain relief to athletes. Continue reading this blog to know how you can benefit from using ABIS Massage Guns too.

How ABIS massage guns relieve muscle tension

ABIS professional-grade percussion massage guns provide powerful relief for tired and aching muscles.

A battery-powered ABIS deep tissue massage gun relieves deep tissue aches and joint pain when it’s included in your normal self-care routine. Regular use also improves blood circulation, releases overall muscle tension, reduces inflammation, and speeds up muscle recovery after strenuous workouts. Studies show that regular vibration therapy and massage help prevent delayed onset muscle soreness brought on by an intense workout. Massage guns can also help reduce lactic acid buildup, which is what causes most muscle soreness.

Massage guns provide percussive or vibration therapy through rapid-fire bursts of pressure directed toward specific muscles, according to a report by CNN. An ABIS massage gun gives you similar benefits to a professional massage, but in the convenient comfort of your own home. 

Here are more key features of ABIS massage guns

Quiet motors for maximum relaxation

ABIS massage guns are designed with brushless motors and WhisperGlide technology. That means motors are powerful but run quietly so you can relax and enjoy your massage.

Ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts

Don’t let sore muscles keep you from achieving your fitness goals. An ABIS massage gun keeps your body feeling great, prevents injuries, and improves your range of motion.

Designed for easy use

ABIS massage guns have ergonomic designs that reduce external vibrations so they’re easier to hold. The design, along with an anti-slip silicone grip, makes it easy to handle and manoeuvre the massage gun around your body.

Programmed with multiple power levels for different needs

Each ABIS massage gun has a huge selection of power levels and massage modes to ensure you get the perfect movement and intensity depending on your preferences. An ABIS massage gun can reach up to 3,200 percussions per minute.

Interchangeable attachments for even more variety

ABIS massage guns come with 20 interchangeable massage heads that are designed to reach even the trickiest aches and pains you may be suffering from.

Battery-powered for maximum portability

No need to find an outlet to use your massage gun. ABIS massage guns use powerful, rechargeable 2500mAH lithium batteries that can last for up to five hours of use. Each massage gun also comes with its own carrying case, so you can take it to the gym or on long trips.

Easy to learn

ABIS massage guns come with a quick and easy guide to learning how to use them. The Ready, Set, Pro Easy-Start guide helps you get started with your ABIS massage gun within minutes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I often work out for long periods of time so I don’t think I’ll be able to keep my ABIS Massage Guns charged. Are ABIS Massages Guns portable and have long battery lives?

    Yes, ABIS massage guns are installed with powerful batteries. Every device is equipped with rechargeable 2500mAH batteries that can last up to 5 hours of use. Your ABIS Massage Gun will also come with its own carrying case. You can carry your massage gun virtually anywhere and for a long time. 

  • I find massage guns too hard for my preference. Instead of doing me better, muscle pain can hurt more. Are ABIS Massage Guns customizable to my preference? 

    Massage guns, when used without provision, can cause more harm than good. Thankfully ABIS Massage Guns are completely customizable. Adjust the percussive massage easily to your preferred intensity. Massage guns also come with multiple attachment heads for your specific pain relief needs.

  • Are ABIS Massage Guns built to last? I heard of massage guns getting noisy. I just want a massage gun that will work for a long time. 

    Massage guns can be notorious for breaking down and getting very loud due to the gradual wearing down of the motor. ABIS Massage Guns are built with stable low-noise motors to ensure your comfort. 


ABIS Massage Guns offer more than just pain relief. Enjoy the comfort of knowing that your whole body benefits from portable massage sessions that costs you significantly less than regular visits to your local massage shop. With all the discussed key benefits, you can ensure that every ABIS Massage Gun session will not only ease the pain but also help in overall health.