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School Hygiene: Top-5 Reasons Why ABIS STORM Hand Dryer is Necessary at School

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Improving and maintaining better school hygiene is a must. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to protect the overall health and safety of the students in your school. You should therefore decide and choose what is best for your pupils and school staff.

With the ABIS Storm Hand Dryers, you can surely enhance your school’s hygiene, so for you to know why here are the top-5 reasons why ABIS STORM Hand dryer is necessary at your school.

School Hygiene Reason #1: No toilet paper mess

Some students tend to play with paper towels. Sometimes, they grab too many sheets and drop them on the floor after usage. Some decide to flush them down the toilet, which may clog urinals. Mostly, trash bins inside the restroom or toilet stalls overflow with used paper towels. Not only these instances are not eco-friendly, but they are unsanitary too.

Having ABIS Storm Black promotes sustainability and better hygiene. You will be saying goodbye to the hundreds of tissues that end up in the crash can every week. Your students will also have a better washroom experience with much cleaner and neat toilets. 

School Hygiene Reason #2: Less contact, fewer germs transmission

It’s no question that restrooms in schools can be the home of hundreds of germs and bacterias. It is best to limit possible direct contacts whenever you have a trip to the washroom. 

An automatic hand dryer for schools like ABIS Storm Black can help you out in this case. It has a touch-free sensor that can read the presence of objects. The ABIS Storm Black will automatically turn on when hands are placed beneath the hand dryer and turn off when removed. Once the students are done washing their hands, they can put their hands beneath ABIS Storm Black and dry them. Minimal to no contact is secured.

School Hygiene Reason #3: You can come and go to the restroom quickly

No one likes to stay inside the restroom for too long. Ideally, you can go in and out fast. With ABIS Storm Black, there won’t be any long queues in the washroom anymore. The reason is that ABIS Storm Black is a high-speed electric dryer. It has a robust and reliable motor capable of drying hands in only eight (8) seconds. 

School Hygiene Reason #4: They are durable, scratch-free and vandal-proof

Many schools experience massive restroom vandalism and graffiti damages. These are the most common problems that schools suffer from, which will end up paying thousands of pounds just for repairs. One solution to this is investing in better and more durable restroom appliances.

ABIS Storm Black has a solid outer case made from stainless steel, ideal for the highly trafficked restrooms in schools or universities. It is made up of high-quality glossy ABS plastic that gives off a beautiful appearance or design while being completely solid scratch-free and has vandal-proof protection. The mainboard, motor and external case are ensured for long-lasting service with original CE & RoHS compliance. Also, school caretakers can easily clean the outer surface with a wet cloth with mild soap.

School Hygiene Reason #5: Cost-Saving

Paper towel costs can go up to thousands of pounds per year. That still depends on the paper towel company you have chosen, and that is still apart from the cleaning, disposing and overall restroom costs. Paper towels from any company, especially schools, need to be refilled, restocked and replaced every month. 

With ABIS Storm Black, you can have a massive cut from that cost and save money. Since it is an energy-efficient hand dryer, no energy will go to waste. You don’t need to worry about restocking or refilling since once it is installed in restrooms, everyone can use it anytime. The next thing you only have to worry about would be the regular maintenance of the hand dryer. This makes hand dryers great for school hygiene.

Other features of ABIS Storm Black

Here are some of the other vital features of ABIS Storm Black:

School Hygiene: Easy to Install

The ABIS Storm Hand Dryer series are all easy to install. They come in fully assembled with the required tools needed for the installation process. There is a step-by-step installation guide that only has a few easy steps.

School Hygiene: Black Finish

The ABIS Storm Black comes with a black matte finish. It is ideal for modern and minimal designed restrooms.

School Hygiene: Cons of ABIS Storm Black

The black matte finish of ABIS Storm Black can be too strong for a school set-up. No worries because the ABIS Storm Hand Dryer series comes with Chrome, Gold, and White finishes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top 5 reasons why ABIS Storm Hand Dryer is necessary at school?

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should get ABIS Storm Hand Dryers for schools:

Reason #1: No toilet paper mess
Reason #2: Less contact, fewer germs transmission
Reason #3: You can come and go to the restroom quickly
Reason #4: They are durable, scratch-free and vandal-proof
Reason #5: Cost-Saving

What makes ABIS Storm Hand Dryer durable?

ABIS Storm series hand dryers’ mainboard, motor, and external case are made for long-lasting service with original CE&RoHS compliance. The casing is also made up of high-quality glossy ABS plastic that is solid scratch-free and vandal-proof protection.

What are the available series of ABIS Hand dryers?

ABIS offers two series for the hand dryers – the Excel-9 series and the Storm series. The ABIS Hand Dryer Excel-9 series has four variants: Excel-9  Chrome, Excel-9 Gold, Excel-9 Black and Excel-9 White. The ABIS Hand Dryer Storm series has four variants: Storm Chrome, Storm Gold, Storm Black and Storm White. 


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