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Top Choice Hand Dryer for Schools in the UK: Full Comparison Guide

Top Choice Hand Dryer

If you own a school, then you know how many students trash paper towels daily. You already know how much mess paper towels create and how much they would cost you. You are probably already here because you have already realised that and you are now looking for the better alternative – hand dryers.

In this blog, you will see the top choices for hand dryers for schools in the UK and a complete comparison guide to help you decide which one to get. The top picks are the ABIS Excel-9 hand dryers and ABIS Storm hand dryers.

Top Choice Hand Dryer: ABIS Hand Dryers Specifications

The ABIS Excel-9 and Storm hand dryers do have similarities in their specifications since they are under the same manufacturer, ABIS. They only have minimal differences. Here are the full specifications of the two models of hand dryers:

Top Choice Hand Dryer: Design

The ABIS Excel-9 hand dryers are all compact in design. They have a curved shape external case made from high-quality stainless steel that provides enhanced durability and resistance. The hand dryers can withstand time, heavy usage and unexpected damage while having an elegant look. The ABIS Excel-9 hand dryers can become part of any wall may it be a classic or modern environment.

On the other hand, the ABIS Storm hand dryers come with a strong and elegant design. Unlike ABIS Excel-9 hand dryers, the ABIS Strom hand dryers’ external casing are made from high-quality glossy ABS plastic giving a solid scratch-free hand dryer with vandal-proof protection. The ABIS Storm hand dryers are ideal for highly trafficked restrooms like schools and public places.

Top Choice Hand Dryer: Touch-free Automatic Sensor

The ABIS Excel-9 and ABIS Storm hand dryers have infrared sensors making them an automatic hand dryers. If you place your hands beneath the hand dryer, the touch-free sensor will read it and automatically turn on the hand dryer for you. Once you remove your hand, the hand dryer will automatically stop too.

Top Choice Hand Dryer: Sustainable

Both the ABIS Excel-9 and ABIS Storm hand dryers are sustainable. Using ABIS hand dryers instead of paper towels is better for mother nature. You will get to avoid dumping used non-biodegradable paper towels into landfills that are harmful to the environment.

Top Choice Hand Dryer: Cost-Saving

Having ABIS Excel-9 or ABIS Storm hand dryers can help you save money. With paper towel usage, you have to restock, refill and replace them at least monthly. Paper towel costs alone for small premises can go up to one thousand pounds annually. Your total restroom costs, including cleaning and disposing of, can go up to more than thousands of pounds every year. With ABIS hand dryers, you can cut that massive chunk of expenses. After the installation process of ABIS hand dryers, besides your monthly bill, the next thing you will put your money on would be the regular maintenance which won’t cost as much as the paper towel costs.

Top Choice Hand Dryer: High-Speed Electric Hand Dryer

The ABIS hand dryers from both Excel-9 and Storm series are all high-speed electric hand dryers. They all have powerful motors that are capable of drying hands. The ABIS Storm hand dryer series can dry hands faster than Excel-9 by two (2) seconds. After ten (10) seconds of usage, the ABIS Excel-9 hand dryers can fully dry your hands, while the ABIS Strom hand dryers can do it in just eight (8) seconds.

Top Choice Hand Dryer: Energy Efficiency

Since the ABIS Excel-9 and Storm hand dryers are all automatic high-speed hand dryers, they are ensured to be energy-efficient. They provide a complete balance between power and limited consumption.

Top Choice Hand Dryer: Easy to Install

The ABIS Excel-9 and Storm hand dryers are easy to install. They come in fully assembled with a step-by-step guide for the easy installation process. All the necessary tools and materials are also inside the package.

Top Choice Hand Dryer: Durable

All of the hand dryers from the ABIS Excel-9 and Storm series are durable. Their mainboards, motors, and external cases are made for long-lasting service with original CE & RoHS compliance. 

Top Choice Hand Dryer: Finishes

The ABIS Storm hand dryer series has high-quality brushed finishes, while ABIS Excel-9 hand dryers have polished finishes that are both perfect for versatile options. They are suitable for classic and modern furniture becoming part of most wall paint and environment. The hand dryers from both series come in four (4) colours: Chrome, Gold, White, and Black.

Top Choice Hand Dryer:Warranty

All ABIS Hand dryers under the Excel-9 and Storm series have a 3-year warranty.

Top Choice Hand Dryer: Where can you use the ABIS hand dryers?

Both ABIS Excel-9 and Storm hand dryers are capable of handling highly trafficked restrooms. You can use the hand dryers for restaurants, offices and, especially schools. Schools around the world suffer from massive vandalism, especially in school restrooms. The ABIS Storm hand dryer series are built for that issue since their casing is solid scratch-free and have vandal-proof protection. The ABIS Excel-9, on the other hand, can handle luxurious environments with its curved shape and elegant design.


The ABIS hand dryers can not only perform their job, but they can also surprise you at what more they can give you. So if you want to see it for yourself, you can order one right here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the designs of ABIS Excel-9 and ABIS Storm hand dryers?

The two hand dryer series under ABIS differ in size and material the casing are made of. The ABIS Excel-9 hand dryers have a compact, curved shape outer casing made from high-quality stainless steel, while the ABIS Storm hand dryers have a solid external case that is solid scratch-free and has vandal-proof protection. 

How much are the ABIS Excel-9 and ABIS Storm Hand dryers?

ABIS Excel-9 Chrome is only £119.99
ABIS Excel-9 Gold is only £178.99
ABIS Excel-9 Black is only £139.99
ABIS Excel-9 White is only £139.99
ABIS Storm Chrome is only £119.99
ABIS Storm Gold is only £178.99
ABIS Storm Black is currently sold out.
ABIS Storm White is only £139.99

What premises can you use for the ABIS hand dryers?

The ABIS Excel-9 and Storm hand dryers are ideal for highly trafficked areas such as restaurants, big companies, and schools. The ABIS Storm hand dryers have a solid scratch-free and vandal-proof casing perfect for schools, while the ABIS Excel-9 hand dryers have a compact and elegant design perfect for any environment.