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What is the Number One HEPA Filter Hand Dryer in the UK

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Having a Hand Dryer with a built-in HEPA filter is the best purchase you can make to ensure that restrooms and facilities in schools and large establishments are sanitised. If you don’t have a HEPA filter hand dryer in your place, that’s too bad. But do not worry. Continue reading to learn more about the number one HEPA Filter Hand Dryer in the UK.

HEPA Filter Hand Dryer UK – What is the Number One HEPA Filter Hand Dryer in the UK?

What difference does the HEPA Filter make?

There are debates on how effective hand dryers are in sanitation and bacterial spread prevention. There are arguments on how standard hand dryers can further spread bacteria and other pathogens since these don’t have complex air filtration systems like a HEPA Filter. If a hand dryer is equipped with a HEPA Filter, the hand dryer’s sanitation is already ahead of other hand dryers that don’t have a HEPA Filter. A HEPA Filter Hand Dryer will circulate air and ensure that the air coming out of it is clean and filtered well, with small particles getting caught in the filter itself.

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Why do I need a Hand Dryer with a HEPA Filter?

You will need a HEPA filter Hand Dryer in the UK, especially if you will be placing it in high-traffic places like school restrooms or other prominent establishments. Places like these with high usage of restroom facilities will be a breeding ground for disease-causing microorganisms. A typical air filtration system will dry hands but not protect them from said pathogens. Without a competent air filtration system, you will have an increased risk of particle inhalation and disease spreading.

A hand dryer equipped with a HEPA filter will minimise the chances of pathogen growth in restrooms where the humidity makes the disease-causing bacteria and viruses boom in the population. This filter makes sure that the air going out will be sterile, even if the air going in has particles in it. Suppose you want to mitigate the chances of the disease spreading and properly manage/sanitise restrooms and other places with high usage of hand dryers. In that case, you will need to be on the lookout for the newest and innovative HEPA filter hand dryer UK.

What’s the Best HEPA Filter Hand Dryer in the UK?

Now, you might be looking for HEPA Filter hand dryers that fit your budget here in the UK. HEPA filter hand dryers won’t just help you save money by cutting maintenance costs. These hand dryers also help you decrease the risk of disease spreading, which will cost you more if any infection happens. Worry not, among the many HEPA filter hand dryers in UK market, here is the number one hand dryer that you should consider purchasing:

TrioAct Hand Dryer – Eco-Friendly Hand Dryer with HEPA Filter and UV Lighting

The ABIS TrioAct Hand Dryer is a top-notch Eco-Friendly hand dryer equipped with HEPA Filter and UV Lighting for sterilisation. This hand dryer makes sure that you get the most of your money’s worth. Now, you know that the TrioAct Hand Dryer is sturdy and capable of catering to constant usage aside from being equipped with a built-in HEPA Filter. What other advantages does it have against most models in the market?

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UV Lighting and HEPA Filter Protection

The ABIS TrioAct Hand Dryer is equipped with a HEPA Filter and UV Lighting. HEPA stands for “High-efficiency particulate air” filter. These filters have gaps small enough to trap some of the smallest particles that are a massive comparison to what ordinary air filters can do. Other air filtration systems trap bigger particles, letting the air with all the smaller, disease-causing particles like bacterias, viruses, spores and other pathogens out. On the other hand, HEPA Filters can filter out  99.95% of all airborne particles that would otherwise cause allergic or asthmatic reactions and other forms of harm to the body upon ISO Standards. How does having a UV Lighting and HEPA filter put the TrioAct at an advantage?

The two will work together. With the HEPA Filter, small and harmful particles will be trapped in the filtration, making sure most particles will not get in the airflow. Then, any escaping pathogen small enough to bypass the HEPA filter will be taken care of by the internal UVC technology. This feature ensures that the air going out is sterilised, and the air going in will go through proper sterilisation.

Compact and Durable

The ABIS TrioAct is built to last. This HEPA filter hand dryer is made with a compact and solid appliance durable enough to cater to high usage common in large traffic areas like school and hospital restrooms. It can help dry hands and keep the users safe from pathogens and diseases for a long time.

Touch-Free and Energy Efficient

Equipped with an infrared sensor, the ABIS TrioAct Hand Dryer needs no contact to work and will immediately switch off when the sensor catches nothing. It makes it consume less and waste little to no energy while being perfectly hygienic.

HEPA Filter Hand Dryer

ECO Air Sensor

The built-in ECO Air Sensor makes the ABIS TrioAct Hand Dryer a smart hand dryer capable of detecting the ambient temperature of the environment in which the hand dryer is placed and adjusting the airflow temperature to decrease the running costs.

Easy Installation

The ABIS TrioAct Hand Dryer comes in fully assembled. All you need is an expansion pipe and a screw hook to install the hand dryer on any establishment in need of it, may it be schools, hospitals, offices, airports, and other large establishments where there is high traffic. The package will also arrive with a 3-step guide in the user manual. If you happen to have a hard time installing, you can scan a QR code to redirect you to the complete installation guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will a HEPA filter hand dryer be effective against the spread of diseases and pathogens, especially in restrooms?

    Yes, a HEPA or “High-efficiency particulate air” filter is highly efficient in filtering small particles in the air that would otherwise cause potential harm to people like bacteria, spores, viruses, to name a few. If you put a HEPA Filter Hand dryer in restrooms, the air filtration will mitigate disease spread.

  • How much difference will a HEPA Filter Hand Dryer make compared to regular hand dryers?

    The main difference between a standard air filtration on hand dryers and a HEPA air filtration technology is the number of pollutants and disease spreading pathogens a HEPA filter can catch. Pathogens, mainly bacteria, are small, bypassing large holes in standard filters. More delicate fibres of glass in HEPA filters can catch small particles, entrapping them and preventing them from spreading into the air. 

  • Can I place my TrioAct Hand Dryer on any establishment restroom where I need one?

    Yes, the ABIS TrioAct Hand Dryer is suitable for many establishments like schools, mall restrooms, airports, offices, hotels, institutions, and other establishments. The TrioAct’s durable casing and internal parts will suit high traffic and usage places. It will be in service long and resist damage from vandalism and corrosion with its Stainless Steel casing.


Overall, the ABIS TrioAct is a hand dryer you shouldn’t miss out on. It is built with innovation and functionality in mind. This innovative HEPA filter hand dryer will be a perfect appliance for your establishment.

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