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What are the Top-2 UV Lighting Hand Dryers in the UK?

UV lighting hand dryers

A UV lighting hand dryer that doesn’t just dry hands but keeps them clean from bacteria is the best appliance you can have in any restroom. If you don’t have one, that’s too bad. But don’t worry, continue reading this article to find out the UK’s top-2 UV Lighting Hand Dryers.

UV lighting hand dryers: What are the top-2 UV Lighting Hand Dryers in the UK

Are UV Lighting Hand Dryers effective?

Hand dryers typically only get rid of the moisture in your hands after washing. This appliance makes sure your hands are dry, but debates arise regarding the thought of hygiene among hand dryers. Of course, the accumulation of moisture in restrooms, no matter the establishment, could be a breeding ground for bacteria, mould, and other pathogens. This issue has been an ongoing problem for many large establishments with high traffic in their restrooms like hospitals and schools. Hospitals need sanitation to combat highly contagious diseases and bacteria growth that can cause outbreaks.

In the fight against bacterial overgrowth in susceptible places like restrooms, a regular hand dryer might not keep up with the hygiene demand. Regular hand dryers are good at getting rid of water from your hands. Still, bacterial growth is a different topic, and we are always looking for more effective ways to get rid of bacteria and mitigate the chances of bacterial overgrowth in restrooms. However, UV light has been found as the most effective in combating bacteria and other pathogens as it destroys harmful microbes.

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Now, as hand dryers are a staple in restrooms, it would be logical to equip hand dryers with UV light to ensure that their hands are clean and dry. By placing a UV lighting hand dryer in restrooms, you can ensure that the dryer won’t just dry hands. You can also make sure that the UV light destroys pathogens without harming the users. With the high risk of infections and diseases, hand dryers with UV Lighting should be a staple in restrooms, especially high-traffic ones.

What are the Top 2 best UV Lighting Hand Dryers I should get?

With the rising need for better sanitation among high-usage restrooms like schools, hospitals, and other large establishments, and even in the comfort of your home, you might be looking for UV Lighting Hand Dryers. UV Lighting Hand Dryers are easy to come by, but finding the best ones could be difficult. Here are the Top 2 of the Best UV Lighting Hand Dryers you can find in the UK:

ABIS DuoAct Hand Dryer – Eco-Friendly Hand Dryer with UV Lighting

The DuoAct is a top-notch Eco-Friendly Hand Dryer with UV Lighting from ABIS. With its already known UV Lighting, you can ensure that your hands aren’t just dry but also free from pathogens. With a more hygienic way of drying hands when installed in restrooms with high traffic, the DuoAct Hand Dryer mitigates the growth of bacteria, mould, and other microorganisms in restrooms that otherwise would be a breeding ground if left damp. Here’s more of what makes the ABIS DuoAct Hand Dryer better than most hand dryers available on the market:

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Hygienic and Touch-free

The ABIS DuoAct does not require contact to work. Contact with appliances like a hand dryer could risk pathogen contamination. So, the  ABIS DuoAct Hand Dryer is equipped with an infrared ray induction system to work automatically without unnecessary contact: place your hand under, and it should work. Designed to avoid cross-contamination, especially in places with a high risk of infection, this hand dryer has UV Lighting installed that is proven to be highly effective in destroying pathogens and hindering their reproduction.

Energy Efficient and Eco-Friendly

The ABIS DuoAct Hand Dryer makes sure not to consume so much energy and be at optimal function simultaneously. It takes it up a notch by having an ECO Air Sensor. It can scan the ambient temperature and adjust the airflow temperature to reduce the running costs. It can also run at minimum requirement when the internal heater is switched off, consuming only 550W of power.

Easy to Install

The ABIS DuoAct Hand Dryer arrives fully assembled, with the only work you need being the installation of the hand dryer with the help of an expansion pipe and a screw hook.

ABIS TrioAct Hand Dryer – Eco-Friendly Hand Dryer with Hepa Filter and UV Lighting

The TrioAct is another Eco-Friendly Hand Dryer with UV Lighting and HEPA filter from ABIS. Its build is a compact Stainless Steel hand dryer, making it a sturdy appliance for establishments with heavy usage like schools, offices, and hospitals. This hand dryer is heavy-duty and hygienic and utilizes sanitation techniques such as UV Lighting and HEPA filter. Here’s a list of what makes the ABIS TrioAct one of the best UV Lighting Hand Dryers on the market:

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HEPA Filter and UV Lighting

The ABIS TrioAct is equipped with a HEPA Antibacterial filter and UV Lighting to eliminate contamination risks, especially in establishments with a high risk of contamination and infection. The two results with only clean air blowing out of the hand dryer.

Sturdy Design

The ABIS TrioAct is made to function for a long time. Its casing is made from solid stainless steel thick enough to withstand force and be durable, especially for high usage places like restrooms on large establishments. Its build also makes it resistant to vandalism and corrosion that can be brought by constant use and environmental conditions.

Eco-Friendly Hand Drying

ABIS Electronics

A high-speed hand dryer like the ABIS TrioAct is equipped with highly advanced motor components, making it capable of drying hands in just 7-9 seconds. These short usage times make this hand dryer consume less electricity peruse. In addition, it is also equipped with an ECO Air Sensor, making it capable of scanning ambient temperature and adjusting airflow temperature, which conserves energy further. The advanced sensors make it turn on and off accurately, making sure you waste no energy.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will the ABIS DuoAct and TrioAct be easy to install at my establishment/ home?

    Yes, both hand dryers arrive fully built and assembled. The only things you’ll be needing are an expansion pipe and a screw hook. Aside from these, the package also has a 3-step guide and user manual. If you happen to need further assistance, there is a QR code that you can scan, which redirects you to the complete installation guide for more assistance.

  • Will these hand dryers help me deal with the risk of infection in high traffic establishments?

    The ABIS DuoAct and TrioAct hand dryer utilise UV Lighting Technology, while the TrioAct Hand Dryer has a HEPA Antibacterial filter installed. The UV Lighting technology present in these two eliminates microbes and mitigates the chances of contamination in your restrooms and establishments by ensuring that only clean air comes out.

  • Will these hand dryers withstand constant use and the demand of high usage environments?

    When placing an appliance in high traffic places, you need a sturdy and durable appliance enough to deal with constant usage. The ABIS DuoAct and TrioAct hand dryers are built with a compact Stainless Steel casing capable of resisting force caused by vandalism and corrosion from many factors. Its advanced motor also prolongs the machine’s life, a durable hand dryer for constant use.


These new additions to ABIS’ roster of high-quality hand dryers make use of the benefits UV Lighting has when it comes to sanitation and pathogen mitigation. If you’re looking for the best UV Lighting Hand Dryer for your establishment needs or your home, you need to take the ABIS DuoAct and TrioAct Hand Dryers with UV Lighting into consideration.

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