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How to choose the best hand dryer for business

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Best Hand Dryer for Business: How to Choose the Right and Best One

We all want the best for our business. Even in small details like choosing a hand dryer is something we want to be hands-on. But what are the factors that we should be looking at to know which one is the best? Read on.

Rotation per Minute of the Motor

When choosing a hand dryer, the Rotation per Minute (RPM) of the motor is an essential factor. The higher the RPM is, the stronger the hand dryer will be.

Thus, it is important to inquire about the hand dryer’s Rotation per Minute.

Automatic or Push Button

best hand dryer for business

Automatic hand dryers come with an automatic sensor that lets users dry their hands by just placing them a few inches below the sensor. On the other hand, push-button hand dryers require the user to press a button in order for the air to come out.

If health and hygiene are your priorities, then you can opt to buy the one that doesn’t need to be pressed for it to work.

Build Material

Restrooms are one of the most crowded rooms in a building. Therefore, another factor you must consider is the build material. You want to make sure that it’s durable enough to withstand any blows and wear and tear.


No one wants a super noisy hand dryer. You want a hand dryer with a low decibel as it’s always best to have a quiet hand dryer.

Drying Speed

One solution to a frequently crowded restroom is to install a fast-drying hand dryer so your customers won’t have to wait in line longer than they should when using a hand dryer. Always choose a fast drying hand dryer.

Follow these five tips and have your best hand dryer for your business!

Top recommendation: the Excel-9 by ABIS

Hand Dryers have become the replacement of paper towels. Washrooms at commercial places are now equipped with hand dryers.

Other than convenience, its economic and environmental benefits are some of the reasons why people prefer this over paper towels. Despite the many hand dryers available in the market, many in the UK still buy a specific model and brand: the ABIS Excel-9. Many consider it the best hand dryer available in the UK. But what makes it so special?

What makes ABIS Excel 9 the best hand dryer for business?

The ABIS Excel-9 hand dryer is highly preferred by several establishments. It has gained its reputation of being the best hand dryer in the UK because of its features. Ever since its launch in 2015, the ABIS Excel-9 has been growing in popularity among five-star hotels, premium clubs, and reputable companies.

Aside from it being available in four different and vibrant colours, its high-quality shell also gives it a premium and sophisticated touch. This shell is also vandal-proof and damage resistant.

Why should I buy an ABIS Excel-9 hand dryer?

The quality of a hand dryer is determined by its components. It must possess certain features and qualities in order to determine whether it’s worth the investment or not.

ABIS Electronics

Here are some of the components that the ABIS Excel-9 hand dryer is equipped with:


The ABIS Excel-9 hand dryer has a powerful motor of 24000 r/min. While most hand dryers take about 12 seconds to dry a pair of hands, a paper towel is still typically needed after. Because of the Excel-9’s motor power, the drying process can be reduced for up to about 10 seconds – without having to rely on a paper towel after. Its rotational speed also makes it more energy efficient; making it the excellent hand dryer for areas with heavy traffic — because it can cater to more people.


The ABIS Excel-9 hand dryer is equipped with a stainless steel casing. This makes it highly vandal proof and capable of handling physical blows. Because its primary purpose is to serve in areas with heavy traffic, its durability is one of our main focus. The shell casing also comes in various colours that are guaranteed to be vibrant and sophisticated. The Excel-9 comes with colours chrome, gold, and black.

Air Temperature

ABIS Excel-9 has an automatic air temperature feature. This means that this product is ideal for busy areas because there is no need to check and adjust the temperature every now and then. Moreover, the ABIS Excel-9 has a powerful air spin of 75 IMPS that scientists claim to be the most optimum speed of air spin.

The hand dryer has an automatic air temperature adjustment to offer the most optimum heat which dries hands according to the room temperature. This makes it a product to install and forget and not keep worrying about adjusting the thermostat.

Sensor Quality

The ABIS Excel-9 hand dryer comes with Japanese sensor technology which has a response time of 0.15 seconds. Normal hand dryers have a sensing time of 1 second. This 0.65 second less sensing time is crucial for heavy traffic establishment.


Installing the ABIS Excel-9 is quick and easy. It only takes less than 15 minutes to install. Some hand dryers need a lot of attention, but the Excel-9 is simple – saving you a lot of money on labour costs from hiring an electrician.

So what are you waiting for? Buy the hand dryer now!

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