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When Finish Matters: Trendy Hand Dryers for Schools in the UK. Pros and Cons

Trendy Hand Dryers

Why You Should Get Trendy Hand Dryers

During this pandemic, hygiene is a must, and after cleaning your hands, drying them would be a go-to. Adding hand dryers to restrooms maintains hygiene by keeping hands dry after a good wash. When it comes to schools where students could be exposed to germs and other contaminants, it is crucial to make sure that hygiene is a priority through thorough hand washing or alcohol-based sanitisers and the help of hand dryers.

What are the trendy hand dryers for schools today?

You have to consider many things when buying trendy hand dryers for schools today. Aside from hygiene, you should check on speed, maintenance, cost, hygiene, and of course, aesthetics. It would be best to weigh your choices regarding how fast a hand dryer’s dry time is, how it can make your restroom maintenance more manageable, and how much it would cost you to run it. With that, there are many hand dryers in the market to choose from right now. But suppose you’re looking for trendy hand dryers that have functionality and are aesthetically pleasing with a good finish. In that case, the ABIS Excel-9 Gold Commercial Hand Dryer might be a matching hand dryer for schools and school usage.

The ABIS Excel-9 Gold is a high-speed electric hand dryer capable of drying hands as quickly as 10 seconds. With its High-Quality Gold Finish, it’s an elegant look for your aesthetic needs in school restrooms. A durable and compact designed hand dryer made to serve its purpose and last long. The ABIS Excel-9 Gold is a hand dryer that isn’t just good to look at but also durable and works fine with heavy usage, which is expected when students from within the campus use it regularly.

Trendy Hand Dryers: The Pros and Cons of the ABIS Excel-9 Gold

It’s no surprise that the ABIS Excel-9 Gold has its upsides and downsides as a commercial air dryer which you should look at before purchasing it for school and commercial use. Here are a few things you should do where the Excel-9 Gold excels and its cons.

First off, the Excel-9 Gold is sustainable. With a hand dryer installed in your school restroom, you can avoid the additional waste from paper towel use. Aside from that, the ABIS Excel-9 Gold is also cost-efficient, cutting down the cost of purchasing paper towels for school restrooms. The ABIS Excel-9 Gold also has the power to run heavy usage but is also energy efficient. Built to be durable, it is a long-lasting hand dryer capable of drying hands in only 10 seconds. With its quick hand drying, it proves itself to consume less energy.

One con you can encounter with having a hand dryer installed in your schools will be how drying hands can usually take a lot of time. A crowded restroom would be an inconvenience. However, the ABIS Excel-9 Gold makes sure that it can dry hands within 10 seconds, a short time to dwindle the number of crowded school restrooms.

Trendy Hand Dryers: Why does finish matter?

When it comes to hand dryers, a regular one could work to be installed in your school restrooms. But if you’re considering aesthetically pleasing and functional hand dryers for your schools, a good, high-quality finish matters. A good finish is ideal for decorating environments with furniture that are sophisticated. When you want things to be matching, you don’t want to ruin the atmosphere of luxury already established.

It’s all in the aesthetic quality. A good finish adds to the environment, and a little bit of accessorising won’t hurt. When looking for a hand dryer that will match the mood you are going for or the setting of the school restrooms, a luxurious looking hand dryer with a high-quality finish will surely add up to the view. 

Trendy Hand Dryers: Final Verdict

With its high quality and lush gold finish, the Excel-9 Gold caters to your luxurious needs for your restrooms and any place you need an elegant-looking hand dryer to match to. The high-quality finish will add a classy and fancy touch to school restrooms when it comes to it or any environment or room that you’ll install the ABIS Excel-9 Gold hand dryer in. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What should you look for in choosing trendy hand dryers for your specific need?

When looking for a hand dryer that would fit your needs, may it be your restroom or more prominent spaces like schools, there are five (5) main things you should always look at before purchasing hand dryers. Those would be the speed or hand drying time, the maintenance cost since you wouldn’t need extra paper towel rolls, the cost, hygiene, and aesthetics.

  1. How do commercial trendy hand dryers cut down your costs?

A commercial hand dryer means you would cut off the extra costs needed for paper towels since people can dry their hands using hand dryers instead of wiping them dry with a paper towel. It means that hand dryers are cost-efficient, not to mention energy-efficient for hand dryers with short drying time duration.

  1. Why should schools get trendy hand dryers?

Hand dryers will cut the costs for restroom maintenance for the vast paper towel consumption by the many students at schools. A commercial hand dryer will make it easier to deal with restroom maintenance and cut down the cost that would otherwise go to purchasing paper towels. In addition, durable hand dryers like the ABIS Excel-9 Gold are built with durability in mind, capable of lasting even with heavy usage one would expect from schools.