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Where to Buy a Cheap Hand Dryer in the UK

Cheap Hand Dryer

Looking for a cheap hand dryer can be difficult, especially if there are many manufacturers to choose from. The same goes for shopping in a physical store, as it can also be overwhelming when presented with many choices. That’s where surfing the internet is better when looking for a cheap hand dryer. 

Because of the internet, you can easily search for keywords on the web and see everything from its specifications to its price. You can also compare brands if you have your preferences. Best of all, you can do all of this by simply browsing your phone. 

So, to make it easier for you to browse all the websites that offer cheap hand dryers, keep reading this blog to get ideas on where to buy cheap hand dryers in The UK. 

Cheap Hand Dryer UK

Hand dryers UK is one of the top places when you are looking for a cheap hand dryer. They have established themselves as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of washroom hygiene equipment. They also offer a wide range of low-cost but quality hand dryers ideal for various public washroom environments. 

Hand dryers UK also offers free delivery service around the UK with over 50 pounds of an order. They have an easy check-out process; you just need to register, fill up the billing and delivery details, choose a delivery and payment method, and confirm your order. Once all through, you can just sit tight and wait for your hand dryer to come.

Cheap Hand Dryer: Janitorial Direct

Janitorial Direct originally started as a carpet cleaning company. The company grew and touched other types of cleaning as time passed. They now continued and developed into more specialized cleaning services. 

Janitorial Direct offers a wide range of hand dryers, affordable and expensive ones. You can directly have comparisons on their website. What’s impressive about this company is that they are very accommodating and flexible in ordering their products.

  • You can take your time and browse their range of products and finally check out an item. They can process your order through credit card payments and instantly send it out once the process is completed.
  • If you need help deciding what to get, you can call their hotline and talk to a representative to help and advise you. They can also assist you in taking your order and confirm any discount prices available at the moment.
  • You can also order through email. Simply complete and submit an order form, and an experienced team will contact you to confirm your order and payment details.
  • If, by any chance, you want to print out the form, read it on paper and fill it up using a pen, you can also fax the printed order form to them. If you don’t have a fax, you can send it by post. Just put their mailing address, and an agent will reach you afterward.

Cheap Hand Dryer: Intelligent Hand Dryers

If you are looking for affordable hand dryers and on the lookout for different categories, Intelligent Hand Dryers is a good stop. They are under the Intelligent Facicolours supplier of energy-efficient hand dryers.

Intelligent Hand Dryers source the best products from all over the world. They make sure to have unique products that can offer incredible benefits to their customers. They offer installation, as well as supply and rental of hand dryers. They have 16 different categories on their website for you to choose what fits your preference. Listed here are the categories to choose from.

  • Bestsellers 
  • Blade Hand Dryers 
  • Clearance 
  • Designer Automatic Hand Dryers 
  • Electric Hand Dryers 
  • Hand Dryer Rental 
  • Hand Dryer Spare Parts 
  • Hand Dryers for Disabled Toilets 
  • Hand Dryers for Schools 
  • High-Speed Hand Dryers 
  • Low Energy Hand Dryers 
  • On Sale 
  • Quiet Hand Dryers 
  • Recessed Hand Dryers 
  • Tap Hand Dryers 
  • Vandal Proof Hand Dryers 

Cheap Hand Dryer: Recommendation

Scrolling through those websites looking for a cheap hand dryer can be tiring. So instead, you can directly check out ABIS Hand Dryers to make it easier. They have the exact specifications with just a few modifications to each. ABIS Hand Dryers’ price ranges from £39.99 up to £178.99.

Cheap Hand Dryer: Why ABIS Hand Dryers?

Say goodbye to push-button hand dryers because ABIS Hand dryers have touch-free automatic sensors. The hand dryer automatically activates when the hand is placed beneath the dryer, and it will also stop automatically once removed. They also offer high-speed hand dryers capable of drying hands in 10-15 seconds. 

Even better, ABIS Hand dryers are all eco-friendly. ABIS made sure to create a hand dryer that is one of the most affordable hand dryers in the market and saves money on energy bills. 

The hand dryer’s mainboard, motor, and external case are made for long-lasting service with original CE & RoHS compliance. In addition, the outer case is made from high-quality stainless steel or ABIS plastic for enhanced durability and resistance.

For aesthetic purposes, ABIS Hand Dryers have different colors for finishing touches. ABIS comes in black, gold, silver, white, and even chrome to ensure that the hand dryer will blend and fit right into the washroom. In addition, its designs are compact and elegant, suitable for classic, modern, or even fancy environments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the online shops that sell hand dryers in the UK?

You can always check your local store, but if you prefer looking online, there are quite a few online stores that sell hand dryers in the UK and here are just some of them:
Hand Dryers UK
Janitorial Direct
Intelligent Hand Dryers
ABIS Electronics
Blowmotion UK
Electrical Deals Direct

2. How much is a hand dryer?

Hand dryer prices vary by model and type. There are widely expensive hand dryers ranging from £300-500; however, there are still affordable ones that can run below £200. Just check on the specifications and if it is the correct type of hand dryer for your business so you can save more money on the cost of operation.

3. How much is an ABIS Hand Dryer?

ABIS Hand dryers’ price ranges from £40 to £180, depending on the model you will buy. It is considered affordable for an automatic high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryer. 
Hand Dryer All Purpose White £39.99 – £59.99
Hand Dryer Commercial Excel-9 Stainless Steel £99.99 – £178.99
Hand Dryer Professional £99.99 – £178.99


These days, people turn to affordable hand dryers, especially for personal use only. Luckily, ABIS Electronics have hand dryer products that will never break the bank. You can get the best one for your needs with so many variants. Best of all, all the products are proven reliable and effective. Hopefully, this article has helped you choose which product you will buy to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.