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Tissue Dispensers vs. Hand Dryers: What’s Best for Schools?

Tissue Dispensers vs. Hand Dryers

The usage of paper towels and hand dryers and what is better among the two has been a long debate. Sometimes, the restroom offers paper towels on dispensers and hand dryers for your hand drying options, but that is not always the case. One must choose between tissue dispensers and automatic hand dryers for lower facility costs, especially for schools.

Tissue Dispensers vs. Hand Dryers: Why is proper hand drying vital among schools?

According to research, almost 80% of infections are passed on by simple hand contact. Many students disregard proper hand drying practices in schools, so bacteria and germs can still linger on their hands even after washing them. Students need to have adequate hand-drying procedures to avoid poor health. In this case, you have to make sure that the option for hand drying available in your school is the best.

Deciding between tissue dispensers and automatic hand dryers should be one of your top priorities when prepping facilities for the school. If you are having a hard time with Tissue Dispensers vs. Hand Dryers in choosing which is best for school, you have to consider these:

  1. Hygiene
  2. Total cost
  3. Convenience

Tissue Dispensers vs. Hand Dryers: Hygiene 

Paper towel companies have argued that tissue dispensers are more effective in hand drying, which is a key to good hand hygiene. According to a study, many kids to adults do not practise proper hand washing, leaving germs and bacteria on their hands. With paper towels, they can rub their hands dry, removing the remaining bacteria from their hands. However, due to tissue usage, one restroom problem that many schools face is vandalism and paper towel mess. Paper towels inside trash bins quickly pile up and may create a bunch inside the restroom. Wet dirty paper towels on the floor and sink can increase bacteria transmission to students. So which is better? Tissue Dispensers vs. Hand Dryers?

On the other hand, automatic hand dryers offer minimal to no direct contact when being used. Automatic hand dryers have infrared sensors that detect whether hands are placed inside or beneath the hand dryer. They automatically activate and turn off with just the presence of the student’s hands. In this way, no mess was made. Students were able to dry their hands and minimize the possibility of passing off bacteria and germs.

Tissue Dispensers vs. Hand Dryers: Total Cost

Tissue Dispensers vs. Hand Dryers: How about the total costs? If your school has approximately 200 people, each person would require at least three (3) sheets of paper towels to dry their hands. Multiply that by the average number of times students visit the toilet, around four to five times a day. Over a year, it would be approximately cost you about £2,100 to £3,500 for the paper towels total cost. This amount still depends on the cost of towels you chose, and it is still separated from the whole restroom costs – disposing and cleaning. 

Tissue Dispensers vs. Hand Dryers: How about power consumption? If you have automatic hand dryers installed in your school providing service to the same number of people, automatic hand dryers will use about three (3) to five (5) watts per hour, around 630 to 1170 kilowatts per year. If you compute that with the standard pricing of 12p per kW/h, your total cost for automatic hand dryers for a year would be £75 to £150. Imagine how much you will get to save with the use of automatic hand dryers. The only other cost you need to note while having hand dryers for schools is their regular maintenance.

Tissue Dispensers vs. Hand Dryers: Convenience

Automatic hand dryers are far more convenient than paper towels since they don’t need to be restocked and replaced every month. They don’t need to be refilled every week since they can always be used once installed. They also provide more clean and orderly washrooms, which are less problematic for school cleaners.

Tissue Dispensers vs. Hand Dryers: So what is better for schools?

By now, it is evident that automatic hand dryers for schools are the best way to go. Not only can they lessen your monthly bills, but they are helpful for students and keepers. One automatic hand dryer you should look at for your school is ABIS Excel-9 White

Tissue Dispensers vs. Hand Dryers: Edges of ABIS Excel-9 White

  • Durable and elegant design. ABIS Excel-9 White has a curved shape casing made from high-quality stainless steel for durability and resistance. It can withstand time, heavy, usage, and unexpected dame while having a classic to the modern look. The mainboard, motor, and external case of ABIS Excel-9 White are made for long-lasting service with original CE & RoHS compliance.
  • Touch-free Automatic Sensor. The ABIS Excel-9 White is an automatic hand dryer. It has a touch-free automatic sensor that activates the hand dryer when hands are placed beneath it and automatically stops when hands are removed.
  • Highspeed and Energy Efficient Hand Dryer. The motor of ABIS Excel-9 White has excellent power, capable of drying hands in just 10 seconds. By drying hands that fast, the hand dryer is also energy-efficient. It provides the best balance between power and limited consumption.
  • Sustainable and Cost-Saving. ABIS Excel-9 White helps better care for the environment with hand dryers for schools by avoiding paper towels that only end up in landfills. You are also saving a lot of money.
  • Easy to Install. The ABIS Excel-9 White comes in fully assembled. The box also contains the easy step-by-step guide installation process and all the necessary tools. 
  • White Finish. The White finish of ABISExcel-9 White is classic. It is suitable for commercial, modern,  and futuristic restroom designs. 

Tissue Dispensers vs. Hand Dryers: ABIS Excel-9 White Cons

The White finish of ABIS Excel-9 White can be prone to vandalism. If you want a vandal-free proof hand dryer, then you should check out the ABIS Storm Hand Dryer Series.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the factors to consider when choosing between tissue dispensers and automatic hand dryers for schools?

There are many factors to consider when deciding which is the better hand drying option for schools, but you can focus on these top three factors: hygiene, total cost, and convenience. Decide which of the two provides better hygiene, lesser total cost, and better comfort. 

Why is choosing Tissue Dispensers vs. Hand Dryers important for schools?

According to research, many students disregard proper hand drying practices in schools, which means bacteria and germs can remain on their hands even after washing them. Providing the best hand-drying option for students will help them improve their hygiene practices for better overall health.

What is better? Tissue dispensers or automatic hand dryers?

In terms of better hygiene, lesser total cost, and better comfort or convenience, automatic hand dryers are better than tissue dispensers. Automatic hand dryers for schools can help improve the student’s hygiene practices, help school owners have low overall restroom costs, and give convenience to school caretakers for less mess to clean up.