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5 Reasons to Add Clothes Airer to Your Daily Laundry Routine: 3-Tiered Clothes Airer

Reasons to Add Clothes Airer

You’re probably looking for some ways to save up space and money in your flat, or you are getting tired of walking up to the laundrette. Well, you can save a couple of pounds when doing your laundry. It’s just the space you have to think about next.

5 Reasons to Add Clothes Airer to Your Daily Laundry Routine

But before you can do so, you’ll need to know a few things regarding the appliances required to do your laundry.

Just like any other furniture in your home, a drying rack or a clothes airer has its varieties as well. These structures or designs will highly depend on what you are considering to be the best fit for your home. But today, this is a focused article on floor-type or freestanding clothes airer and why you should have a 3-tier one at home.

Reasons to Add Clothes Airer To Your Home: What is a Floor-type or Freestanding Clothes Airer?

One of the reasons to add clothes airer to your home is that a floor-standing drying rack is the most common one among households. It usually comes in fully assembled and just requires you to unfold it, after which you’re good to use it. Unlike other racks, this one does not need to be installed on your wall or ceiling. It means the next thing you will have to consider is where you can easily store it without taking up too much space. Most floor-type or freestanding clothes airers can be collapsed or folded so that they won’t take up much room in your house. For example, you can place the airer beside your closet or behind the bathroom door for storage.

Reasons to Add Clothes Airer: Two kinds of Floor-type or Freestanding Clothes Airers

There are two types of freestanding clothes airer. The first one is the standard version, and the other is the upgraded version. One best example of a standard version would be a Linn Clothes Rack. However, this one is usually designed for clothing storage, where you can hang your coats, hats, and even your bags.

            For the upgraded version, these are wings, wheels, layered rods, and tiers. It is just a lot more versatile than the ordinary one. So for you to know more about these upgrades, here is a list below, so t you won’t have to go through the hassle of researching them one by one.

Reasons to Add Clothes Airer: The Usual Collapsible Gull-Wing Drying Racks

You are probably quite familiar with this clothes airer since it is the most usual one. The designs of this type are mostly those that always show up whenever you google search drying racks for clothes. It has an A-frame base with frames on both sides, which are the “wings” that can be folded after use for storage too. This rack looks like a table and is always designed to be waist-high on average to be within reach. 

Reasons to Add Clothes Airer: The Short-Legged Tall Tripod Racks

          This type of clothes airer is very easy to store and use. It doesn’t pack as much as the gull wing, but it does not take as much space. It’s a tripod, and it looks like your average coat stand, except that it has medium to long protruding arms for your laundry and other clothing that can be folded after use. This rack can also be adjusted to your preferences, and you can even use it as a coat stand when you’re not using it for laundry.

Reasons to Add Clothes Airer: The Traditional Tiered Racks

These racks are built like shelves, but instead of a solid flat surface, you get rods. Tiered clothing airers are drying racks used mainly by large households since they can load lots of laundries, depending on your preferences, and can be collapsed or folded for easy storage. The tiered clothing airers do have variations of tiers or levels for maximum capacity and spacing. The stories can start from one (1) up to three (3) decks. 

So what are the Reasons to Add Clothes Airer, 3-Tier Clothes Airer in your home? 

3-Tier Clothes airer is the best among all the other drying racks. You ask why? Well, here are the 5 reasons:

  1. Since it has three tiers or levels, it has more drying space than the other drying racks.
  2. Given the levels, you have an option whether to hang the clothes or lay the clothes flat to dry and re-adjust the tiers so you can have room for other oversized clothing to dry.
  3. It’s bigger than the usual drying racks, which means it can take up big loads of drying capacity as well.
  4. Most tiers can be collapsed down whenever you’re not using that tier.
  5. It is still foldable and portable for easy storage, just like the others, so there is no problem hiding 3-tier storage.

Recommendation: Reasons to Add Clothes Airer to Your Home

One of the fantastic 3-Tier Clothes Arier in the market right now is ABIS 3-Tier Heated Clothes Dryer. It has a 20.5m drying space with three levels for max efficiency, taking up to 15kg of drying capacity. It is lightweight so that you can move it around quickly and foldable for no-hassle storage. It has a top-quality anti-slip material base, and it radiates energy-efficient heat that is proven to have a low-cost bill compared to a conventional dryer. To add up, it also has a waterproof power switch to ensure your safety from any short circuits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different kinds of Freestanding Drying Racks?

There are two types of Freestanding Drying Racks or Floor-type clothes airer – the standard version and upgraded version. Under the upgraded version, there are three, which are the gull-winged drying rack, tripod drying racks, and last but not least, the tiered racks.

What is an electric clothes airer?

Electric clothes airer, also known as a heated clothes airer, is a drying rack that you need to plug in to radiate heat to its rods to make the drying process a lot faster. In addition, some electric clothes airers are energy-friendly.

What is a floor-type drying rack?

Floor-type drying racks or freestanding drying racks are the most common drying racks among households. It’s usually easy to assemble and doesn’t require any installation. In addition, most of it is foldable and collapsible, so it won’t take up too much space when being stored.