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5 Best Heated Clothes Airers in the UK: ABIS 3-Tier Clothes Airer is a Market Leader

Clothes Airers in the UK

You probably already made up your mind and decided to buy a clothes airer over a drying machine. However, you might still be wondering what brand to purchase and if it’s worth your money. So, here are 5 of the best clothes airers in the UK for you to check for yourself.

Clothes Airers in the UK: 5 Best

So instead of spending up most of your time, checking the local stores, and even wandering online for hours, here is a compiled research to help you find the best-heated clothes airers for you. You can check the list down below to see the best ones on the market right now.

Clothes Airers in the UK Top-5: Dunelm Heated Clothes Airer        

If you own a few pairs of shoes and you like washing them now and then keeping them all neat, Dunelm heated clothes airer is for you. It has built-in shoe racks that are very useful for drying up your shoes or slippers. Dunelm has a 3-tier clothes airer and can take up to 15kg of wet washing, which is suitable for large households. What’s also nice about this one is that it has an illuminated, easy-to-use on and off power switch. However, be advised that it doesn’t come with a timer option. Easily one of the best clothes airers in the UK.

This model is about 73 x 66 x 135cm. Somehow, this heated drying rack loses heat as time passes by, so it might take a longer time to dry your clothes for a heated clothes airer but, of course, faster than just an ordinary drying rack. This rack is also made from aluminium and light materials to make it easy to move around your home or outside your yard.

Clothes Airers in the UK Top-4: Argos Home Heated Electric Clothes Airer

Argos Home Heated Electric Clothes Airer is a winged type clothes airer. This works very well for hanging shirts, but its design won’t carry as many items as the Dunelm. According to research, this is usually for a single person rather than a whole family. To add up, Argos is ideal for flat drying. A worthy addition to the best clothes airers in the UK.

This model can hold up to 10kg of clothing, and because of its built, it has the slimmest design for easy storage and space-saving factors. Although its measurements are 93 x 84 x 54cm, which is a small space to take up, it’s perfect if you’re living in a small flat on your own.

Clothes Airers in the UK Top-3: Black and Decker 3-tier heated airer

The Black and Decker 3-tier heated clothes airer, has a tower-shaped design and has a durable build. You can have the option to dry your clothes flat or hang them. The plan also allows you to rearrange the tiers to ride more extended fabrics or clothes such as dresses and towels. Given the design, this is ideal, especially if you have a small area for your laundry and can be sturdy. That’s why it made the list of the best clothes airers in the UK.

The model’s dimensions are 26.77 x 28.74 x 56.69 inches, and you can load up to 15kg of washed clothes. What’s impressive about this is that it will arrive at you already assembled. You can just fold it out, plug it in and then switch it on, and you’re all set.

Clothes Airers in the UK Top-2: John Lewis 3-tier heated indoor clothes airer

The next one among the best clothes airers in the UK is John Lewis 3-tier Heated Clothes Airer is just like the Dunelm Heated Clothes Airer. The difference is that with modifications, this one is better. This model is made from robust aluminium alloy, which is lightweight for moving it around quickly. Its tiers have four hooks which are perfect for slippers, socks, and underwear. Each shelf can take up to 5kg, which means you can have a whole load of laundry for this one.

What makes this better over Dunelm is that it can boast a sizeable 300W output and surface temperature of 40-50 degrees celsius, which can dry your clothes faster. But, you have to be careful and note that not all fabrics can take that much heat, so check on your delicate garments before drying them at John Lewis. 

Clothes Airers in the UK Top-1: ABIS 3-Tier Heated Clothes Dryer

The ABIS 3-Tier Heated Clothes Dryer is considered the UK’s Number one Electric Heated Clothes Airers Drying Rack. It is made from premium aluminium rods to ensure that it will be rust-free to keep your clothes all clean while drying and keeping them highly durable. Its base is also made from top-quality anti-slip material, which means the rack won’t suddenly move or hobble while hanging your clothes indoors. Uniquely, ABIS made sure that the power switch is 100% waterproof so you can utilize it even outside the house getting all wet without worrying about any short circuit.

The rack volume is only 1480mm x 705mm x 730mm, which can provide you with 20.5mm of drying space and about 15kg of drying capacity. It is also low weight and portable, allowing you to move the rack around quickly and when folded and hidden without any problem. Furthermore, the ABIS 3-Tier Heated Clothes Dryer radiator is highly energy-efficient, providing an overall low monthly cost compared to conventional dryers.

So what is the best among the five Clothes Airers in the UK?

After thorough research, it is going to be ABIS 3-Tier Heated Clothes Dryer. Not only is it already considered as UK’s Number one, but ABIS also cares about your safety. With this, it is no more getting grounded or having your appliance short circuit. It is also proven that the monthly cost of using ABIS 3-Tier is low compared to using a conventional drying machine. This is a very fantastic investment in your laundry room.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UK’s Best Clothes airer?

The Number 1 Electric Heated Clothes Airers Drying Rack in the UK is ABIS 3-Tier Heated Clothes Dryer. It has premium aluminium rods, top quality anti-slip base, a waterproof power switch, a 15kg drying capacity with 20.5mm drying space, and an extremely energy-efficient radiator. It is also designed to be foldable and portable for easy storage.

Are electric clothes airers worth the money?

If you are thinking about changing from a drying machine to electric clothes airers, then Yes! It is worth the money since it will cut down your monthly expenses. In addition, it takes less energy than your conventional drying machines or drying tumblers.

Does an electric heated clothes airer use much energy?

According to research,  an electric heated clothes airers uses 230 wattages to run while clothes dryers need or require 1800 to 5000 watts of energy. So the answer is no, it doesn’t take that much power compared to your conventional drying machine.