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Which Hand Dryer For Your Restaurant is the Best: 3 Factor Analysis

Hand Dryer For Your Restaurant

Having the right type of hand dryer for your restaurant can make it easier for customers to leave good remarks about your restaurant. But it is not just about the food. People might change restaurants if they have a bad experience during other things, like using the washroom.

Imagine your customers walking inside your restaurant, and the overall environment is excellent. The staff are professional, and the food is fantastic; however, when they enter the restroom, the paper towel dispenser is empty, and there is a paper towel mess all over the floor. To avoid that, it is better to use a hand dryer instead. So for you to be able to choose the right hand dryer for your restaurant, here are three-factor analyses you should know before purchasing a hand dryer.

Hand Dryer For Your Restaurant: Restaurant Size

The size of the restaurant determines if you want a small or large hand dryer in your washroom. You need to know this in order to make a good choice.

Hand Dryer For Your Restaurant: Hand dryer for a small restaurant

A small restaurant would most likely have a small restroom or washroom. For this, you have to consider getting a compact and small hand dryer. The hand dryer shouldn’t eat up too much wall space. If your restaurant is small and doesn’t have foot traffic daily, you should consider getting low-powered traditional hand dryers. They are usually the cheap ones that you can find. They might dry hands slightly slower than high-speed hand dryers, but they can still get the job done.

Hand Dryer For Your Restaurant: Hand dryer for medium to high restaurant

Medium to high restaurants are most likely places with reasonably high foot traffic. You need a hand dryer that is energy-efficient yet high-powered. With this, it is better to have a high-speed hand dryer. They are capable of drying hands in just 10-15 seconds or even less. Because of its power to dry hands faster, it is highly energy-efficient. It might be slightly more expensive than traditional hand dryers, but you will get to save on operational costs in the future.

Hand Dryer For Your Restaurant: Restaurant Location

The location of a restaurant can have an impact on its size. For example, you might own a small diner that’s located in the heart of downtown and serves many workers during lunch breaks from nearby offices who eat there daily. Even though it may appear as if people don’t visit often enough to be worth their time investing into this business venture!. If this is the case, just remember to choose a high-speed hand dryer for busy areas and a traditional hand dryer for a non-busy location.

Hand Dryer For Your Restaurant: Restaurant Design

A well-designed restaurant will have a washroom that is just as sleek and high-quality. Have you ever been to an expensive hotel? When entering the restroom, everything from toilet paper dispenser soap and even hand dryers gives off this feeling of luxury in its cleanliness! That’s what we call “restaurant design.” 

Some restaurateurs take their bathrooms so seriously they don’t stop at designing one room but also extend all aspects into how things look outside such as outdoor seating areas for example – these keen visionaries know exactly what makes guests feel welcomed upon arrival thus stimulating repeat visits which leads us back full circle: excellent customer service through great ambiance or aesthetics (which has now become much more than skin deep!) 

Nowadays, there are hand dryers that can cater to your aesthetic needs. You have to look for hand dryers that can fit into your restaurant’s right vibe or environment, or you should look for a hand dryer that can suit any type of interior design.

ABIS Excel-9 is the right hand dryer for your restaurant

If you want a versatile hand dryer for your restaurant, then the ABIS Excel-9 Stainless Steel is suitable for you. It is a high-speed automatic hand dryer that is capable of drying hands in just 10 seconds. It has a compact, elegant, curved shape design with different high-quality shiny finishes such as Chrome, Gold, Black, and White. It can become part of any wall, from classic to modern washroom interior design.

The mainboard, motor, and external case are made for long-lasting service with original CE & RoHS compliance ensured to provide enhanced durability and resistance that can withstand time, heavy usage, and unexpected damage.

The ABIS Excel-9 hand dryers have touch-free sensors that automatically turn on when hands are placed beneath the hand dryer and automatically turn off when removed. Because of this feature and its high-powered motor, it makes ABIS Excel-9 highly energy efficient.

It provides the best balance between power and limited consumption. It is easy to install as the hand dryers come in fully assembled. All the needed tools are included in the box, as well as the easy step-by-step installation guide. It also comes with a 3-year warranty when bought.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the factor analysis when looking for the right hand dryer for restaurants?

When looking for the right hand dryer for your restaurant, the main factors you have to check are the restaurant size, location, and design. The restaurant size differs since a restaurant can be small or big. Restaurant location is where your restaurant is located, whether in busy or non-busy areas, and restaurant design is for the overall look and aesthetics of the restaurant.

Why are restaurant size and location important when choosing the right hand dryer for restaurants?

The right hand dryer for your restaurant depends on two factors: size and location. The bigger the place is, the more powerful and faster the hand dryer you will need to install. Small area premises are not expected to have many visitors, so a budget, less powerful hand dryer will work best for them.  

Is restaurant design important in choosing the right hand dryer for restaurants?

Designing the restaurant’s washroom is just as important as getting a proper hand dryer. The overall vibe, atmosphere, and environment should be consistent with what customers are looking for in their food experience when they visit your establishment.