Clothes Airers

Why Clothes Airers are a Great Gift? 

Clothes Airers

There are many advantages when it comes to air-drying your clothes with clothes airers. You have probably discovered its wonders and want to share them with those around you. So what better way to do with clothes than giving them as gifts? 

Well, the holidays are just around the corner and not to mention the winter season too. It will be challenging to dry clothes outside, and it is recommended to do indoor clothes drying for the next few months.

If you need help deciding what to get someone you know, having a clothes airer is one of the best options. It’s affordable and will make your life a lot easier regarding laundry. 

So, in this blog, you will learn about the benefits of clothes airers and why they make excellent gifts.

Clothes Airer Saves Money

The average UK household that abandons its tumble dryer can save money on power bills. A new clothes airer is significantly less expensive to buy and utilize than a new tumble dryer. It is also cost-effective in energy consumption, as the clothes airer does not require any plugging, thus reducing your bill.

Though, some types of clothes airer can produce heat in drying clothes faster. Those types are electric clothes airers that need to be plugged in. Even so, the energy it consumes is still low compared to a drying machine.

Environment Friendly

The dryer is often the third most energy-consuming appliance in many households, after the refrigerator and washer. Typical tumble dryers burn chemicals for them to work. Air-drying your clothes only reduces your household’s carbon footprint. If the person you plan to give a gift to is environment-friendly, a clothes airer is the best gift. 

It’s Gentle on Clothing

Tossing and tumbling in the dryer can cause fabric wear down and strain due to stress on stitching and snags from buttons and zippers. Excessively hot dryer settings can also ruin some materials and cause irreparable damage. 

Unlike knitted sweaters and apparel that should be dried flat to avoid stretching, clothes are gentler fibers than a dryer machine. You simply hang your delicate clothes to your airer and have them air-dried. So, not only you provided them with a fantastic gift, but you also helped them extend their favorite clothes’ life.

Ideal for any Season

Nothing beats drying your clothing items outside in a sunny, fragrant grassy field, flapping in a gentle breeze. Drying a single item of clothing will be hard enough but imagine doing multiple loads of laundry. However, the season only sometimes allows that. Also, the near holiday season is the coldest and rainiest of the year.

If you want to give something better than a clothes airer, you can upgrade it to a heated drying rack. It is an excellent multi-purpose gift. The person you will give the gift can use these electric clothes as a normal drying rack during the summer. You can have it not plugged in. If they prefer drying their clothes faster, especially during the winter, they can simply plug it in and turn it on.

It’s Convenient 

A clothes airer can be a great gift because they offer complete convenience to its users. Unlike your bulky tumble dryer, it is usually foldable and portable, which needs a permanent space inside your house. It will be a good decision if you plan to give a clothes airer to a friend who lives in a small flat.

Recommended Clothes Airer to Gift

If you want a specific clothes airer for your gift ideas, then ABIS Heated Clothes Airer Drying Rack 20.5m would be a good. It has premium aluminum roads that are rust-free, ensuring that your clothes stay clean while drying. 

Rust also weakens and makes materials more prone to breaking, making ABIS rust-free rods extremely strong and durable. Another thing is that the power switch of the heated clothes airer is 100% waterproof. This feature lets you use your ABIS clothes airer without fear of getting any short circuits for your safety and the drying rack’s full functionality. 

Moreover, ABIS heated clothes airer is also lightweight and portable in design. It is letting users move it around every room inside the house or even in an open environment outdoors. The frame takes up very little space when folded, making it ideal for easy storage. It also comes with a base made from high-quality anti-slip material. 

Worrying about your clothes falling or the drying rack wobbling or moving while hanging your clothes is no longer an issue. Lastly, its radiator also uses little energy. It is extremely energy-efficient to ensure low monthly costs compared to traditional tumble dryers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are clothes airers a great gift? 

There are several reasons why clothes airers can be a great gift. One reason is that clothes airers can help them save money and provide convenience. It is also gentle on clothing that anyone would prefer, ideal for any season, and extremely environmentally friendly.

Is clothes airer an excellent gift for the holidays?

Clothes airers can be an excellent gift for the holidays. There are many benefits the person receiving the clothes airer can get. Not to mention, clothes airers are less expensive, and it is a practical gift. A clothes airer can last in the long run.

What model of ABIS heated clothes airer is a good gift?

Deciding which models to gift from the ABIS heated clothes airer depends on the person receiving it. If the person has their own family and needs more space for their laundry, you can give the 20.5m version, while if you are going to give it to someone who lives alone or requires a small drying rack, you can gift the 15m model.


These days, deciding what kind to give to your friends is much easier. Go for things that are useful for their home, such as Clothes Airers. Not only are they functional, but they really serve their purpose indoors or outdoors. Undoubtedly, your friend will appreciate this gift as they can use it every day, especially if they are keen on taking good care of their clothes.