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What Does It Cost to Run a Clothes Dryer?

Cost to Run a Clothes Dryer

Clothes dryers are also known as tumble dryers. It is designed to remove the water from the clothing after being washed. It is usually found in every household because it’s reliable, especially for laundry. 

It has an exhaust vent that passes out the steam from evaporating the water inside the tumble from your clothes. It can be electric or gas-powered that heats the air inside the tumble for the wet clothes to dry. Here is a complete guide to know what are the things that cost to run a clothes dryer:

Cost to Run a Clothes Dryer: How Does a Clothes Dryer Work?

To fully understand how the clothes dryer works, you first need to know the three requirements for your tumble dryer to work.

Cost to Run a Clothes Dryer: Heat

Conventional tumble dryers use a heat source to increase the temperature inside the dryer and shorten your clothes’ drying time. The dryer’s heat source can be either an electric heat element or a gas burner. 

The clothes dryer uses room temperature air and heats it with the heating element or the gas burner. The heat makes the drying process much faster, especially when compared to air drying.

Cost to Run a Clothes Dryer: Tumbling

Tumbling refers to the movement resulting from the motor moving the drum inside the dryer. This movement allows the clothing to move around. With this, the heated air will circulate among the clothes. The structural design of the tumble dryer has “baffles” inside. It is a rectangular shape stuck inside the circular tumble. This feature allows your clothes for even more movement. You have to note not to overload your dryer because it can get clogged inside, which won’t allow the heated air to circulate between your clothes. This issue could lead to longer drying times or spotted dampness on your clothes.

Cost to Run a Clothes Dryer: Airflow

Airflow is an essential requirement for your clothes to dry. When the heated air meets your wet clothes, it creates moisture or steam. The resulting steam must go out of the tumble dryer for your clothes to dry. 

Traditional clothes dryer usually needs to be vented to allow the moisture to leave. The vent must go straight directly outside your home. It should be metal because plastic or aluminum foil can trap lint, collapse quickly, and is a fire hazard.

The vent’s length usually depends on where your tumble dryer is installed and may require vent pipes. The best venting is the shortest and straightest way to the outside of your home. There should be an exhaust hood or roof cap at the very end of the vent outside your home. It should be free or clear of any lint, debris, tree limbs, bird nests, and such.

So What Does it Cost to Run a Clothes Dryer?

Since a clothes dryer is amazingly dependable for your laundry routine, running a clothes dryer can cost a lot. Not just in terms of expenses, but there could be a lot more.

Cost to Run a Clothes Dryer: Energy Expenses

A clothes dryer is a big appliance. Therefore, it will require massive power for it to run. For that reason, your energy expenses would most likely go up. A clothes dryer usually needs 2500watts to 3000watts to run. Imagine running it for hours with that kind of consumption. That would eat up most of your savings for sure.

Cost to Run a Clothes Dryer: Clothing Expenses

Tumble-drying your clothes can harm the fabric. If you are familiar with clothes shrinking or suddenly changing sizes, tumble drying them is the culprit. Having your clothes shrink to a small size or grow in length can be annoying. You might buy new ones for them to fit you, which is a waste of money.

Cost to Run a Clothes Dryer: Harsh Effect on the Environment

Using a clothes dryer can take a toll on the Environment as well. Since they usually run on gas, the machine needs to burn up chemicals for them to run. These burned-up chemicals are harmful to mother nature. This scenario might not directly cost you, but it costs the Environment you live in.

Recommended Alternative

Clothes dryers are indeed beneficial to every household. However, given that there is just way too much that costs you to run a clothes dryer, it is better to go off with an alternative. ABIS Heated Clothes Airer Drying Rack 20.5m is a good substitute for conventional tumble dryers.

Since it is an electric clothes airer, in terms of pricing, it is way cheaper. Its operational costs are also low compared to the traditional clothes dryer. You can run it for a few hours, and you won’t even worry about your monthly bills. Since it is an air-drying method, ABIS heated clothes airer drying rack is fabric-friendly. 

You can hang your most delicate clothes fast without harming them. The warm air emitted by ABIS is just enough to dry your wet clothes for a few hours. The rods are even safe to touch. That’s how fabric-friendly ABIS is. Furthermore, using an electric clothes airer is Environment friendly compared to a clothes dryer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements needed for a tumble dryer to work?

The requirements for a tumble dryer to work are the heating element, the tumbling movement, and the proper airflow. The heating element heats the air inside the tumble dryer, while the tumbling activity helps circulate the heated air through the clothes. The proper airflow ensures that the moisture gets out of the tumble dryer.

What does it cost to run a clothes dryer?

There are a few things that cost to run a clothes dryer. Your energy expenses can go up since the clothes dryer consumes much power to run. It could also cost you clothing expenses because tumble drying can harm clothes. You might need to buy new ones from time to time. Also, traditional tumble dryers hurt the Environment because of the chemical it burns.

What is an excellent alternative to a clothes dryer?

A drying rack – specifically an electric clothes airer- is an excellent alternative to a clothes dryer. It is also fabric-friendly, which ensures your clothes last, especially if they are delicate. A heated drying rack is cheaper in price tags and operational costs.


Usually, purchasing things for your home can be quite expensive. However, if it serves its purpose, you can get the price you have paid. Having a clothes dryer is a way to go. It will be useful, especially when you want your clothes to get dry fast all the time. Best of all, Clothes Dryers from ABIS are affordable. It truly makes a great deal of your money.