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Comparison Guide: Heated Clothes Airers vs Regular Drying Racks

Clothes Airers vs Regular Drying Racks

You’re trying to ditch the dryer because it costs a lot and takes up too much space, and you’re looking for better alternatives, or are considering buying a drying rack.  But, what’s better between Clothes Airers vs Regular Drying Racks?

Then you’ve seen that there’s a heated option. It seems like a regular drying rack, but it uses energy to dry your clothes. It is cheaper than a drying machine but costs more than a traditional drying rack. So what are you going to choose?

In this comparison guide, everything you need to know is covered. From the quality, the materials used, and the pros and cons of a regular drying rack versus a heated clothes airer, you’ll have a thorough review of both options before you pick one. A laundry item should be a long-lasting investment, so you want to get your hands on the best.

Clothes Airers vs Regular Drying Racks: What Makes Heated Clothes Airers and Regular Drying Racks Different From Each Other?

Like most similar appliances, there are plenty of reasons one product differs from the other. Read below if you want to know what separates heated clothes airers from regular drying racks. 

Clothes Airers vs Regular Drying Racks: Regular Drying Rack

A regular drying rack or portable frame is the most common device for drying clothes. It is where you hang your clothes to dry. 

The frame can be made of plastic, wood, or metal. It is cheap and is an ideal substitute for a clothesline, given that only some have the luxury of having a backyard or an outside space. 

There are many models and types of drying racks nowadays, and each has different modifications that can make them unique. 

Clothes Airers vs Regular Drying Racks: Pros

  • A regular drying rack is cheap compared to electric clothes airer. The prices range from £5 to £100 depending on the size, material, drying space and capacity, and other drying rack features.
  • Using a regular drying rack saves you money, too, because it doesn’t have any operational costs.

Clothes Airers vs Regular Drying Racks: Cons

  • Drying your clothes using a regular drying rack will take more time than using a heated clothes airer. If you want to dry your clothes faster, even without the electric drying rack, place your regular drying rack directly under the sun. If you don’t have an open space for this method, you can put the drying rack near an open door or window with a sun ray out of it.
  • A regular drying rack is more prone to breaking than a heated clothes airer. It is because standard drying racks are usually made of metal, plastic, and wood. These are traditional materials, unlike the materials from an electric clothes airer.

Clothes Airers vs Regular Drying Racks: Heated Clothes Airer

Clothes Airers vs Regular Drying Racks: A heated clothes airer is just like a regular drying rack but has a unique feature: it comes with a radiator that emits heat or warm air to dry your wet clothes faster. 

The frames of a heated clothes airer vary from one model to another. However, manufacturers ensure that the structural materials can handle the heat or warm air radiated around them.

Clothes Airers vs Regular Drying Racks: Pros of a Heated Clothes Airer

  • Heated clothes airers can dry clothes faster than a regular drying rack because of the heat or warm air the electric drying rack radiates around the clothes.
  • You can use an electric clothes airer in different seasons llike a regular drying rack during summer and have your clothes dry under the sun for cheaper costs. Also, you can dry your clothes indoors during winter. Just turn the radiator on to dry your clothes faster, even in cold weather.
  • Usually, a heated clothes airer is more sturdy than a traditional drying rack because the structural frame requires unique materials to withstand the heat or warm air.

Clothes Airers vs Regular Drying Racks: Cons of a Heated Clothes Airer

  • The heat or warm air the heated clothes airer radiates varies from model to model. You have to be careful, especially with delicate clothes or fabrics, because sometimes, there are electric clothes airer models that emit too much heat. Soft and delicate clothes might get fried up with this feature.
  • A heated clothes airer will need operational costs, unlike a regular drying rack, since it needs electricity to radiate heat. However, running an electric clothes airer won’t cost you too much.


If you need to pick between a heated clothes airer and a regular drying rack, it is better to go with an electric clothes airer. 

A heated clothes airer might cost more than a regular drying rack. However, an electric drying rack is helpful in the long run. One heated clothes airer that can be a good investment in your household is ABIS 3-Tier Electric Clothes Airer.

With ABIS 3-Tier, you can save energy, time, money, and space. This heated clothes airer packs an extremely energy-efficient radiator that tremendously cuts costs compared to a conventional dryer.

Unlike a regular clothes airer, the ABIS 3-Tier can dry your clothes in just a few hours. That’s much faster when compared to drying your clothes for almost a day with a regular drying rack. 

The ABIS 3-Tier Electric Clothes Airer is also crafted with premium materials. It’s made with rust-free aluminium roads. No frame corroding means your clothes will remain clean while you dry them. 

This feature also makes ABIS 3-Tier more durable, making the clothes airer to last longer. It has a 100% waterproof power switch for your electric clothes airer’s full functionality and safety. It can carry 15kg wet laundry with 20.5mm of drying space.

It can be folded for easy storage when not in use. It is also lightweight so you can move it around the house without any problem. ABIS 3-Tier’s base is also made from top-quality anti-slip material so the rack won’t wobble or slide. It is an appliance that you would want for your household.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions regarding  Heated Clothes Airers vs Regular Drying Racks, you might find them below. 

What Is the Difference Between a Clothes Airers vs Regular Drying Racks?

The only difference between a regular drying rack and a heated clothes airer is one simple feature. A heated clothes airer has a radiator that will emit heat or warm air around the drying rack when plugged in. This feature helps the clothes’ drying process faster than traditional drying racks.

What is a Heated Clothes Airer’s Advantage over a Regular Drying Rack?

One advantage of heated clothes airer over regular drying is its capability to be used in different seasons.

Electric clothes airers are helpful during winter. Its feature can help dry your wet clothes even in cold weather. You can also utilise the heated clothes airer during summer. Simply use it as a normal drying rack and have your clothes dry under the sun.

What is a Regular Drying Rack’s Advantage over a Heated Clothes Airer?

The advantage of a regular drying rack over a heated clothes airer is its price and operational costs.

Traditional clothes airers are cheaper than heated drying racks, and since it doesn’t require electricity to run, unlike the other, you are saving money from having no operational costs.


Make no mistake about it, both products are incredible for drying your clothes efficiently. The only thing that sets them apart is the heated clothes airer is ideal for people who want to dry their clothes fast and efficiently. 

Still, it boils down to personal preference. Both products are great and will do wonders for people who love to take care of their clothes.