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5 Vandal-Proof Hand Dryers Features of an ABIS Excel-9 Hand Dryer Which Make It Perfect for Schools

Vandal-Proof Hand Dryers

Vandal-proof Hand Dryers are a must for schools where there is a high traffic of users. If your school has hand dryers that are prone to vandalism and damage, that’s not cost-effective. Do not worry. Continue reading to know what you should look for in vandal-proof hand dryers.

What should you look for in vandal-proof hand dryers for schools?

What makes Vandal-Proof Hand Dryers Effective?

To start off, it is better to understand what vandal-proof is. Vandalism-proof means “resistance to vandalism”. Equipment, buildings, or facilities built and designed to be vandalism-proof are made to withstand or not allow any form of vandalism. Being able to resist vandalism means the manufacturer must invest in the equipment’s build: material, impact resistance, and compactness of the equipment’s design. The equipment should have a sturdy and compact metal casing, and it could be cast iron or stainless steel and such. 

Why would schools need vandal-proof hand dryers?

Schools are among the places of high-use, high-vandalism situations. With the number of students constantly using facilities and equipment, there is a high possibility of equipment going out of order due to constant use or damage by vandalism. Hand Dryers installed in school restrooms will expect an influx of students using them from time to time. Usage, of course, is expected to wear out as time passes. However, vandalism can damage hand dryers from minor dents to hand dryers sustaining enough damage to put them out of order. A vandal-proof hand dryer will resist damage or destruction and will cost you much less to maintain than one that’s broken down by both vandalism and usage. 

What makes the ABIS Excel-9 Chrome Vandal-Proof Hand Dryers perfect for school restrooms?

Since hand dryers are present in school restrooms, you should always keep in mind if the hand dryers are to be purchased vandal-proof and ready for the high-use, high-vandalism facility that the schools are. 

You can look at one set of hand dryers: the ABIS Hand Dryers, specifically the ABIS Excel-9 Chrome Hand Dryer. A hand dryer built for high-speed drying, the ABIS Excel-9 Chrome can do its job for as quick as 10 seconds, capable of dealing with the high usage of students in school bathrooms. Aside from its high-speed drying, the ABIS Excel-9 hand dryer operates with energy efficiency, costing you less maintenance than the constant resupplying of paper towels for hand drying. 

However, how does the ABIS Excel-9 Chrome fare against the threat of vandalism?

Vandal-Proof Hand Dryers: Sturdy yet Elegant Casing

The ABIS Excel-9 Chrome – Commercial Hand Dryer is made with stainless steel casing. Aside from that, you can choose among the four finishes (Chrome, Gold, Black, and White) of the Excel-9 series, making it stand out in elegance yet resistant to force and vandalism. Its sturdy external casing makes it a perfect fit for high-traffic places like school bathrooms. A hand dryer built to resist force and do its job correctly, all the while being classy and sophisticated looking.

Vandal-Proof Hand Dryers: Efficient Waste Management

Vandals use anything to litter and mess with facilities, especially restrooms. Toilet paper can clog down toilets, sinks, and urinals. School bathrooms use a lot of toilet paper which can make the restroom look unkempt due to waste. A lot of toilet paper also means there can be more vandalism like clogging toilets and sinks. You can solve this problem with a cost-efficient hand dryer like the ABIS Excel-9 Chrome. You are decreasing the need for toilet paper that can end up vandalizing your school restrooms.

Vandal-Proof Hand Dryers: Touch-free Activation

Without a need for pressing buttons, it would not be easy to mess up the ABIS Excel-9 Chrome hand dryer. Vandalism can tamper with the controls of older hand dryers, making them malfunction or go out of order due to faulty buttons or switches. The ABIS Excel-9 Chrome, on the other hand, uses a sensor to sense objects in front of it to activate. Troubleshooting a non-working ABIS Excel-9 Chrome can be as easy as wiping down the sensor for any accumulation of dirt and dust.

Vandal-Proof Hand Dryers: Well-protected Components

Internal components keep hand dryers working. It would be wrong if the vandalism gets to affect the internal wirings of the hand dryer. It would also put everyone using it at risk of electrocution. The ABIS Excel-9 Chrome had a build compact enough to provide the internal components with protection. A stainless steel casing that makes sure the internal wiring can’t be tampered with. The durability of its inner components 

Protection from Non-Authorized Personnel Removal

Hand Dryers can be at risk of stealing and unauthorised removal. The ABIS Excel-9 comes with its screws for installation, adding to the security of the motor and other internal components and the hand dryer itself from forced and unauthorised removal of the Hand Dryer. 

Common questions about the Vandal-Proof Hand Dryers features of ABIS Excel-9 hand dryers for schools

Is the ABIS Excel-9 easy to install in school bathrooms?

Yes, the ABIS Excel-9 comes fully built and ready to install. It applies to school bathrooms, offices, and other places needing a hand dryer. An instruction manual also comes with the package, along with the screws required for installation.  If you find it difficult to follow the manual, you can check our blog for an instructional video about installing your specific hand dryer model from ABIS.

Will the ABIS Excel-9 handle high-traffic and high-use places like schools?

The ABIS Excel-9 hand dryer is ideal for places with high traffic due to its high-speed drying feature. It can dry hands in only 10 seconds. Being able to dry hands in a matter of seconds, people can quickly dry their hands after washing and get going on with their day. 

Do I need to assemble the hand dryer upon arrival?

No, the hand dryer comes in fully built and ready for installation. You can check the interior of the hand dryer while installing it for missing parts if there are any since the ABIS Hand Dryers are fully built and arrive in a secure package. For installation assistance, you can refer to the manual, the installation video we have on our blog, or with the help of a qualified electrician.


Schools are in high use and can be high vandalism areas for hand dryers. In dealing with that, you need a hand dryer that doesn’t only have power and efficiency. You also need a hand dryer that can resist damage brought by vandalism. You can buy the ABIS Excel-9 Chrome here.