How has ABIS HD6K Projector Series Evolved

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ABIS HD6K: How The UK’s No.1 Projector Evolved

The ABIS HD6000+ or ABIS HD6K Projector has been through an incredible evolution and development during the years. Today, it is one of the best projectors in the ABIS series and in the overall market. Furthermore, it can come with an all-inclusive bundle that can make you save tons of money while also offering additional advantages. Let’s dig into details!

ABIS HD6K: Evolution of the HD6000+ Projector through the years


Starting as a simple HD projector, the HD6000+ has become an Ultra HD Smart Android projector and the bestseller projector in Europe. This is its story.

1. The Beginning

We launched the projector in 2016 and sold about 20,000 pieces within 6 months. We were so overwhelmed by the response and we wanted to know why people are loving it. We also wanted to know what is being left in the projector. We heard you.

We went through thousands of reviews and conducted various feedback calls. We then came to the conclusion that people don’t like the hassle of wires any more and with smartness being inducted in every part of their life. They want their projectors to be smart too.

Then started the intensive research to achieve something that no one had – making the world’s first smart projector. With our engineers enjoying the challenge and managers working their hardest to achieve the work in time, we created it, we achieved it and delivered it to you: THE ABIS HD6000+ SMART projector.

2. The “SMART” Era

Would you believe this that we spent more than 500 projectors just to test and try and produce the first-ever smart projector? In March 2017, at the most prestigious electronics conference in Europe, the world saw the world’s first SMART projector unleash itself. We sold more than 33,000 units in just the initial 2 months!

Our factory in China saw one of the busiest months throughout our journey of 14 years. We also read your reviews, saved your letters, and listened to your calls. You asked us to add more functionalities to the projector. You missed Bluetooth and complained about the WiFi antenna being not so strong.

Our engineers acknowledged, the managers formed a strategy, and the team got back to work on producing the new upgraded model of the projector. Thus, in December 2017 the ABIS HD6000+ TruWireless came out.

3. Going “TruWireless”

While we were already miles ahead of the competitors, the HD6000+ evolved into a beast. With Bluetooth functionality added and WiFi upgraded to the dual antenna, we launched the upgraded model in 2 colours: black and white.

4. The Smartest

After ABIS launched the first-ever SMART projectors, at least a hundred competitors from throughout the world started to copy us. By pirating our technology, they brought out SMART projectors with cheap quality hardware and fail software.

While ABIS is committed to serving the customers the best, ABIS is also committed to staying one step ahead of the competitors always!

In March 2018, after a long business trip to our factory in China, ABIS presented the new upgraded ANDROID 6.0 Projector. One month of intensive testing and trying, and today, we unleash the ANDROID 6.0 ABIS HD6000+ SMART Projector.

If you have any doubts about any of our products or services, feel free to call us or write to us. We are here for you.

What makes the ABIS HD6000+ the best projector?

“What makes you claim that our projectors are the best?” We get asked this quite a lot. There may be big brands out there producing several fine projectors, but here are a few reasons why our projectors are the finest that you can get.

ABIS Electronics

ABIS let the facts speak for us, but we’ll discuss fundamentally how our latest ABIS HD6000+ with Android 6.0 is better than the ABIS HD6000+ with Android 4.4.4.

We could not find any other company brand worth competing with our new projector design so the only comparison left is with our previous model.

To start with, this is the best upgrade that the HD6000+ has got. This upgrade is not just about new software but the hardware has also been upgraded for customer expectation, a powerful, reliable and user-friendly smart projector.

Let’s discuss one by one, what you can expect in our best-selling smart projector in the UK.

1. Smoother and Better Navigation

Many people complained to us that the navigation and user interface is slow on our Android 4.4.4 model. On the ABIS HD6000+, this was our priority when we designed the new OS and the output is evident.

The HD6000+ Android 6.0 model has amazingly fine navigation and user interface which makes the quality of experience memorable.

2. Two HDMI Ports

Want to connect more than 2 HDMI devices to your new projector? We made it possible now. No more struggling with wires and replacing them again and again. Simply connect your favourite devices up to 2 at a time and change the source when necessary.

This upgrade ensures our commitment that our customer satisfaction is maintained. This was made possible because of your valuable reviews and feedback.

3. Millions of Apps to Choose From

Android 6.0 is the latest Android system for smart gadgets. Coming with all compatibility tweaks done or being done, the new projector supports millions of new apps that the previous model did not because of hardware and technical in-capabilities.

4. Customization

Who does not like to turn their gadgets into how they want to? We believe in diversity and personal choice. Every customer must have the right to customize their gadgets according to their taste. This will give our customer a deeper connection with our products.

 The new HD6000+ with Android 6.0 provides you with ample opportunities to change the home screen apps, icons, and do many customizations to make the projector “your own.”

So, what are you waiting for? Order the HD6000+ right now!

What are the advantages of the ABIS HD6000+ Bundle?

ABIS Electronics

ABIS is committed to providing our customers with the best customer service. At the same time, we also offer excellent deals and help you save money.

We understand the problems faced by our customers. To ensure that the entertainment experience for every customer using our product stays high, we introduced projector bundles in 2017 and were never able to keep up with the stock.

After collecting feedback and responses from our customers, here are three reasons why the ABIS projector bundle is the best buy.

1. No More Compatibility Issues

We at ABIS strive to provide best quality and flexibility options to our customers. But a major challenge that most of them faced was to find compatible equipment to work with ABIS products and projector screens.

When you buy the ABIS projector bundle, you get optimized and compatible products that work best with the projector. This offers a high-end experience and safety for the products that can avoid abuse to the products and policies.

2. Save up to 20%

In the project bundle, you get a projector, a projector screen, a hi-fi speaker system, a ceiling mount, and a 25M HDMI cable. If you go out in the market to buy these all independently, it will cost you a fortune. Buy the bundle and see how you can save more than 20% savings; this will make your experience higher but costs lower.

3. Truly Wireless

Nobody likes those bundles of wires hanging around and tangling with each other creating a ruckus inside your beautiful home. With the ABIS projector bundle, you get a wireless hi-fi speaker set, a long HDMI cable that you can install inside your walls, and the projector that’s famous for offering amazing wireless portability options.

After all these reasons, there exists no reason for you to skip buying this ABIS Home Cinema Projector Bundle.

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