UK’s No1 Multimedia Projector for Home, Gaming and Business

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Multimedia Projector: UK’s No1 Projector for Home, Gaming and Business

Projectors are the best viewing solution for a wide number of purposes: business presentations, congresses, classes and also providing a wider screen for your films without spending a fortune on a huge new TV. 

But how to pick the best multimedia projector? Many would just pick the higher resolution and go with it, but there are other considerations that you want to make before purchasing your new multimedia projector, the most important of which is the use you’re going to make of it. 

If you are an event organizer or hotel/restaurant manager, we believe that the HD6K+ projector is the best for your purposes. The ones that follow are the main reason why HD6K+ is the best projector for this purpose.

Why is the HD6k+ the best multimedia projector for events?

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Event organisers are known to create and publish countless videographies for events like birthdays and weddings.

Most clients request their event organisers to create videos for occasions managed by them. Usually, a multimedia projector is needed to present the said videos.

Every detail in a person or couple’s special day is always exciting to be documented and watched over and over again. Showing it to their close friends, relatives, and the rest of the family is always fulfilling to your clients. Of course, there’s no better way to showcase your responsibilities and capabilities as a wedding organiser than showing your labour of love thru a screen that’s visible to many people.

If you’re an event organiser who wishes to add a multimedia projector to their services, then choosing only the highest-quality projector is the most ideal option and investment for you. The HD6K+ is a favourite among event organisers for numerous reasons, but they can be summarized as follows.

1. Wi-Fi Connectivity

The HD6K+ is preferred by most event organisers because of its WiFi connectivity. When not playing videos related to the event, streaming music and other types of videos can be done via WiFi connection instead. Additionally, casual weddings and birthday parties tend to be more fun when video games and movies are available – these can be accessed via the Android Play Store – which the HD6K+ is equipped with.

2. Bluetooth Connectivity

On idle moments in events, music is always a fantastic way to make the event less awkward and dull. Because the HD6K+ is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, playing music while the bride is preparing in her dressing room or patiently-waiting guests can enjoy music that’s played through a HiFi speaker – that can be connected via Bluetooth.

3. HD Resolution

There’s nothing more touching than seeing same-day edits in weddings. Event organisers can surely make the guests see every minute detail because of ABIS’s HD6K+ HD projector. Its 4K resolution is known to be vivid and crisp to every guest’s eye – even from afar!

Important moments should always be documented. Event organisers know this all too well. Your capabilities and responsibilities as the most trusted person in a special and once in a lifetime event is best shown on a big screen like a multimedia projector. And there’s no better projector than the HD6K+.

Why is the HD6K+ the best projector for hotels and restaurants?

Hotels and restaurants are home to many events. Wedding receptions, for instance, are frequently held in these places. Corporate events and birthday parties are also celebrated here. However, individuals who manage restaurants and hotels don’t always see the value of having a multimedia projector ready for these gatherings. 

ABIS Electronics

Being equipped with a projector is vital to your hotel or restaurant as several events are celebrated and held there. If you’re planning to own the best smart projector for hotel rooms, then consider getting the HD6K+.

 The HD6K+ is known for its numerous benefits. Aside from its 4K HD resolution that’s guaranteed to please your customers, it’s also equipped with WiFi connectivity to ensure that the possibilities of using this projector are limitless. It can be used even without a computer or other devices.

Having an HD6K+ in your hotel or restaurant allows you to access apps so your customers can enjoy their stay while celebrating their event. Additionally, the HD6K+ is also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect your speakers or other Bluetooth-capable devices to enhance your projector usability. Using an HD6K+ and other ABIS products is guaranteed to provide your years of fun and excitement. If you wish to own the best-selling projector in the UK, click here.

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