15 Reasons why you should buy the ABIS HD6K+ Projector

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ABIS HD6K+ Projector: 15 Reasons Why You Should Have This Projector

No matter how many gadgets you may already have in your home, adding a projector as a part of your collection is an excellent idea. While projectors are often associated with meetings and slideshow presentations, owning one for personal use can also open the door for a lot of opportunities.

There are a lot of companies in the market who claim to offer high-quality projectors. But oftentimes, the technology that their projectors are equipped with are either obsolete or cannot be maximised properly. The ABIS HD6K+, however, is a unique projector that’s built with one of the most widely-used operating system – Android.

But why exactly is the HD6K+ a must-have? Read on to find out.

ABIS Electronics

1. It’s Wi-Fi-Ready

Unlike projectors built in the past, the HD6K+ can be used not just to aid you in slideshow presentations, but also for internet purposes. Our HD6K+ projector is WiFi-ready, and your projector only takes a few seconds to connect to it. Like most Android-supported software solutions, the HD6K+ can be connected to the internet via WiFi the same way you would connect your Android phone.

2. Connecting via Bluetooth is a breeze

Many speakers are built to have Bluetooth connectivity. If you wish to set up a home theatre for you and your family can watch movies with, you can opt to purchase a HiFi speaker that you can connect to your HD6K+ via Bluetooth – so you can enjoy a great movie experience.

3. Playing games is much more enjoyable

The HD6K+ is built to be used by everyone. Gamers, of course, are one of our main focus when we were making the HD6K+. Its navigation and interface are easy to use. And because it’s equipped with an Android operating system, games are much easier to download – and there are plenty to choose from.

4. It’s user-friendly

We value your opinion. Time and time again, we have proven to our customers that their feedback matters to us the same way that they value their ABIS products. Any problem or issue that arose in the past, regarding the projectors, were updated and improved. We guarantee that our HD6K+ 6.0 is the best one yet!

5. Movies are much more entertaining

There are many ways you can bond with your family – and watching movies is just one of them. With the HD6K+, TV series and blockbuster movies can be viewed and watched in the comfort of your home. It can also support a resolution of up to 4K – the true meaning of high-definition.

6. Your presentations look much more professional

Every businessman has encountered or used a projector at some point in their careers. It’s one of the easiest mediums to use when you need to demonstrate something to your audience.

The HD6K+ is every entrepreneur’s go-to projector because it possesses one of our main and best features; our projector is truly wireless. Slideshow presentations can be done without a laptop because a remote control is all that’s needed to navigate your document.

7. It’s cost-effective

The HD6K+ may be easy to use, but it’s also built to withstand the typical wear and tear that go along with using a projector. We ensure our customers that their HD6K+ can last for years as it was thoroughly researched and analysed to provide you with the best and most durable projector.


8. It’s up-to-date

Aside from the customer feedback that we immensely value, and the constant upgrades from our engineers, developers, and manufacturers, the HD6K+ can also be used for the same reasons as to why you would use a computer. Platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos can be accessed using the HD6K+.

9. The ABIS HD6K+ is customizable

Once you’re satisfied with the features that the HD6K+ is equipped with, you can start upgrading your projector by adding a projector screen, tripod, or Bluetooth speakers to further enhance your movie experience.

10. It’s compatible with over a million apps

Whether you’re using a projector for home or commercial use, there are apps that can fit the environment and pique the interest of anyone who chances upon what’s showing on your projector. If you own a pub, apps under the category of sports can be added to the HD6K+. Using a projector for your home, on the other hand, is also a wonderful addition to your living or media room as movies and games can be downloaded.

11. It’s made by a company who’s known to make excellent projectors

Finally, the HD6K+ wouldn’t be as remarkable as it is had it not been built by ABIS. We have been in the business for several years and we continue to build the best products for our loyal customers and patrons.

12. Anybody can use it

Our HD6K+ is not just meant to be used by businessmen or movie enthusiasts. Even your children can operate the HD6K+. Its navigation features and interface are easy to understand and use. To make things even easier, we created many video manuals showing step by step tutorials on how to do particular things in the ABIS HD6000+ Projector.

We try to get in touch with all our customers to know what problems they are facing with the products they buy. After making an exhaustive list of the same, we introduced the ABIS projector bundles.

If you wish to own the best projector, check out our Projector bundles collection.

13. No more tanging of wires and safety issues with wires lying around

All of our ABIS Projector bundles are totally wireless in nature. The projector itself has all the wireless capabilities and when you club the same with a ceiling mount and a Bluetooth speaker of amazing quality, the need for wires is totally gone and the problems associated with open wires is also solved.

14. No more safety concerns about the ceiling mount or compatibility issues with speakers

The ceiling mounts produced in the market can sometimes turn out to be of terrible quality – putting you and your projector at risk. Buying the ABIS ceiling mount is the most advisable option as it comes with high precision screw points, ensuring safety for the projector.

15. Top-quality guarantee

ABIS strives for quality and keeps it at utmost importance. You, as the customer are the king and we assure that you are served the best quality equipment inside as well as outside.

ABIS cannot assure the quality of other products that you buy from other companies. However, when you buy the ABIS Projector Bundle, you are simply getting the best quality products where you can be sure of the amazingly good performance and support.

To make sure that you’re getting only the best quality products, check out our store.

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