Top-10 Reasons why You Should Buy the ABIS HD8K Business Edition Projector for your Business

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The newest addition to the line of ABIS projectors, the ABIS HD8K Business Edition Projector, is the best equipment you can have for your business. Continue reading this blog to find out the Top 10 reasons why you should buy one for your business.

ABIS HD8K Projector for Business – Top-10 Reasons why You Should Buy the ABIS HD8K Business Edition Projector for your Business

The newest addition to the ABIS Projectors Line

You might be looking and going through multiple catalogues of projectors right now, looking for a projector that will be efficient for use in your business premises. With that, ABIS added two new additions to ABIS projectors: the HD8K Business Edition and Home Edition. Both editions of the HD8k Projectors have the exact technical specifications yet are best suited for their intended purpose. The HD8K Home Edition is best suited for you if you’re looking for a compatible projector for your home entertainment needs. While the Business Edition is your go-to ABIS HD8K Projector for business and similar needs function-wise. Now, what are the best reasons why you should get an ABIS HD8K Projector for your business?

HD8K Business Edition

Why should you buy the ABIS HD8K Business Edition?

Built to cater for your professional needs, the HD8K Business Edition is the best ABIS HD8K Projector for business and business premises. Though it has almost the same technical specifications as the other HD8K Home Edition, the HD8K Business Edition has builds and device features meant for business use. These features put it a cut above other projector models for business. If you’re wondering now about what the ABIS HD8K Business Edition has to offer, here’s a list of the Top 10 Reasons why you should buy the ABIS HD8K Business Edition for your business.

Wireless Connection

The ABIS HD8K Business Edition is a smart projector built to be capable of wireless connection for seamless usage without cabled connections. It comes in handy, especially since business conferences and meetings require quick and ready presentations. You can hook up your source device to the ABIS HD8K Business Edition through Bluetooth or WiFi connection without ever needing a cable.

Mirror Casting Feature

There could be a limitation to the devices you or your employees can use within business premises. With that said, you can access and take advantage of the HD8K Business Edition’s Mirror Cast feature. You can use the mirror cast feature through Bluetooth or WiFi connection with laptops, tablets, and even smartphones. Through mirror casting, you can directly present from the presentation you have on your handheld device, making presentations, business meetings, and conferences much more efficient.

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Easy Setup

The ABIS HD8K is built as a plug-and-play type of projector. It means you can easily set up the projector without the need for constant connection with a computer nearby. You can set up the ABIS HD8K Business Edition on the ceiling, on a projector stand, on top of a desk, or placed on a shelf.

Right Brightness with HD Projection

The ABIS HD8K Business Edition can project at HD8K resolution, a fantastic asset. This feature makes sure all presentations are clear and detailed. The brightness output of the HD8K Business Edition sits right at 6,500 LED Lumens, the right brightness for a decent-sized room for business presentations.

Compatibility with Most Devices

The ABIS HD8K has solid hardware. The Business Edition can cater to most of the devices in the market. From Lenovo, Dell, HP, ThinkPad, Asus, Acer, Samsung, Sony, Fujitsu, Haier, NEC, Panasonic, Sharp, Hitachi, TOSHIBA, and a lot more.

Quiet Operation

A loud projector would disrupt a business meeting or conference. You should avoid buying a noisy projector for business use. Thankfully, the ABIS HD8K projector for business can operate at low noise. It’s as quiet as a library with a working noise of less than 40dB.

Efficient Cooling

An overheating projector could mess up the presentation itself, so you should check for projectors with efficient cooling systems. The ABIS HD8K Business Edition’s working temperature only ranges from 0-35°C.

HDMI and USB Port Availability

If you need a cable connection for your presentation, the HD8K Business Edition has HDMI and USB ports. You can choose which type of connection is best suited for the job and is available to your source device.

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Convenient Operation

Operating projectors using keystones can get confusing and downright annoying when you need to make a quick setup for your next presentation. With the ABIS HD8K Business Edition, you can access controls through the remote control that comes with the projector.

Long Lamp Life

When looking for a projector to be used within business premises, you’ll be looking for a projector that can serve for a long time. The Business Edition of the ABIS HD8K is built to last with a 50,000-hours long lamp life.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I maintain the connection between my source device and the projector without the need for cables?

    Yes, the ABIS HD8K Business Edition can maintain a wireless connection through Bluetooth or WiFi. You can connect your computer or laptop without the need for a cable connection once linked with the projector through Bluetooth or WiFi. You can also connect your phone or tablet with the projector and project your screen directly through the mirror cast feature.

  • I don’t have space on desks, can I install the projector on the room ceiling?

    Yes, you can also set up the projector on a projector stand if you have one. We suggest using the ABIS Universal Fitting-Projector Ceiling Mount for ceiling mountings if you happen to want your projector to be set up on the ceiling. For more information about the ceiling mount, you can click here

  • I get easily confused when it comes to operating a projector using keystones. Does this come with a manual?

    Yes, the projector comes with a user manual that can guide you more on using the projector and its features. It also comes with a remote control which makes it easier to operate with the need for manipulating the keystones on the projector.


The Business Edition is the best suited ABIS HD8K projector for business and business premises. It can maintain connection without cables, which increases efficiency for setting up business meetings and conferences. Its Mirror Cast feature further increases the efficiency of presentations in business premises since you can present and project using easily accessed devices like phones. Overall a projector best fits your need for efficiency and productivity.

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