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Make Learning Interactive for Children with ABIS HD6K+

What are the best projectors for children in the market right now? The ABIS HD6K is a high-resolution, easy to use projector that is ideal for both homes and schools. At home, it can become a huge screen for your kids’ games and your family’s night films; at school, both students and teachers can take advantage of its features in classes and during the presentation. Let’s find out why we believe that ABIS HD6k+ is the best projector for homes and schools.

Why is the HD6K+ one of the best projectors for children?

Projectors for Children
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There are plenty of things your kids can do with a projector. Aside from playing countless games on a big screen, outdoor cinemas can be done at home with their friends during weekends or sleepovers. But which projector is the best one to choose for you and your kids to enjoy? Read on.

The HD6K+ is considered as the best projector for homes — where there are kids — because of its usability. Its 4K resolution is high-definition and vivid colours are always guaranteed when displayed on the screen. Moreover, movie choices are endless as its WiFi connectivity allows you to stream movies and kid-friendly shows just like how you would on a normal computer.

Smart Learning

Getting the HD6K+ doesn’t have to be limited to watching movies. If you wish to let your kids learn through more interactive ways, then its Android operating system allows you to download games and TV shows that can benefit them. Additionally, its Bluetooth connectivity also lets you connect your projector to a pair of HiFi speakers to ensure that your kids truly enjoy their movie or gaming experience.

Why is the HD6K+ the best projector for students?

School projects aren’t always easy to present and demonstrate. More often than not, students are accustomed to showing their projects through paper and pictures. But using a projector is not just a creative and innovative way of presenting an assignment, it’s also a great way to help the viewers visualise the message you want to impart to your audience.

HD6K+ is the most preferred projector when it comes to projects and school-related activities. Using one is a sure way to help your audience view your project because of its HD 4K resolution. Even if you are in a spacious classroom with several students, even the ones from the back will be able to see the screen in HD quality.

ABIS Electronics

Slideshow presentations can be presented wirelessly or without the use of a computer when using the HD6K+ projector – remote control is provided and can be used to play, switch pages, and turn on the projector. The Bluetooth connectivity also enables you to connect your projector to a HiFi speaker in case you’re presenting a project that needs audio to be shown better.

When not used exclusively for projects, the HD6K+ can also be used to watch movies and play games on as its WiFi connectivity is available for you to use. The Android operating system also allows you to download millions of apps that can benefit you, your classmates, and the rest of the people who use the projector.

Why is the HD6K+ the best projector for teachers?

Teaching through different mediums is essential to your students to enhance their learning.

 Moreover, learning can be taught through various platforms. For instance, using a projector to present your class the topic you wish to teach is always ideal because of the visual representation it can provide to your students. Nowadays, most schools are equipped with a projector due to its numerous benefits to teachers and students.

School Presentation for Kids

The HD6K+ by ABIS is a well-known projector used in many schools due to its advantages. Its 4K resolution alone is preferred by countless teachers and students as it gives most individuals a great view of everything that’s needed to be seen in a presentation – the true meaning of HD – as screens should be now. If you wish to teach your kids a lesson where minute details are vital to be seen and learn, then this ceiling-mounted projector for the classroom is a perfect addition.

Movie Projector

Having the HD6K+ can also entertain your students through the means of watching educational movies. Unlike most projectors, the HD6K+ is equipped with WiFi connectivity that can be operated wirelessly. Demonstrating or showing presentations need not be opened via a laptop or computer – remote control is provided to you. Students can use this feature as it allows them to operate their slide presentation projects and show it to the rest of their classmates trouble-free.

Modern Technology

Additionally, the HD6K+ is also a Smart Projector – the true definition of modern technology. Because of its Android software, Android apps are available to you and your students on days when you wish to have the class play games or watch other types of movies. Its Bluetooth connectivity also enables you to connect your speakers to your projector so you can enjoy high-quality audio when watching or presenting.

Multimedia Projector

Not all projectors are made alike. Some can be used for specific purposes only. The HD6K+ is a unique projector because it allows you to use it in other ways, for different purposes. Moreover, its portability also allows you to bring it with you anywhere and use it at home for movies, games, and other events. If you wish to equip your school with only the best projector or any other high-quality products, check out our best deals for available discounted prices.

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