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A Complete Guide To Hand Dryer Maintenance

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Hand Dryer Maintenace: A Complete Guide

Getting the complete life cycle out of your hand dryer and keeping it working is easy. It can be quite a handful, but that is if you’re not doing these things. We have put together a guide to hand dryer maintenance – how you can make sure your hand dryer runs smoothly, keeps hygienic, and operates at optimal performance for years to come.

Follow these simple steps to ensure that your hand dryers are running at their optimal performance. Not only will keeping a regular cleaning schedule help keep your hand dryers looking their best, but it will also help to prolong the dryer life.

Create a schedule

Just like any routine maintenance, you must also schedule hand dryer maintenance. Usually, the schedule dramatically depends on how greatly the usage of the washroom, nature, and environment are. For example, if the restroom is located in a high-trafficked and crucial area, such as hospitals, or factories, you need to schedule maintenance more often.

hand dryer maintenance

Clean the hand dryer

Dirt and dust can build up in and on hand dryers which can cause severe damage to the motor. However, you can’t just get any random soap, sprinkle it, and brush it. You have to use a soft cloth and a mild cleaner. Get a gentle soap or detergent and use warm water. 

Slightly wet the towel and wipe all the sides of the hand dryer, including the air outlets. Keep in mind not to directly wet the hand dryer through the vents with water of any cleaning solutions. After using the detergent, make sure to wipe it again with a clean wet towel so it won’t do any damage to the cover of your hand dryer. Clean the surroundings of the hand dryer and make sure that the sensors are clean so it will continue working. 

Here is the list of  cleaners that you should avoid:

  • Bleach or Abrasive cleaners
  • Alcohol-acid mixes, solvent/oil-based
  • Quaternary ammonium
  • Alkali-bleach mixes
  • Foaming ingredients

Check the brushes; replace them if needed

Checking the brushes of your hand dryer every six months is good maintenance. Usually, good hand dryers can have their brushes replaced after some years. The brush replacement depends on the type of dryer and how much it is being used daily.

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If the brushes wear down, it decreases the hand dryer’s performance. Here is a step by step process on how you can check on the brushes:

  1. Prepare your materials such as Allen key, screwdriver, soft cloth, brush, and new carbon brushes if needed.
  2. Turn off the power of the hand dryer.
  3. Remove the cover.
  4. With the brush, clean off the build-up dust.
  5. Check the length of the brushes and make sure if it needs to be replaced.
  6. Clean the controller lens.
  7. Change the cover.
  8. Turn the power back on and test the hand dryer.

Check and replace the HEPA filter if applicable

The HEPA filter should be changed every six months. It blocks the germs and dust; however, these build up in the filter and, if not replaced, can damage the hand dryer. You can use a vacuum cleaner to clean the HEPA filter.

Clear out the water tank

Several models have a feature where the hand dryer has space beneath the area where you dry your hands. This part functions as a catcher of the droplets of water that come off whenever someone is drying their hands so that the floor won’t get wet.

If you have this feature, you need to empty the water tank every month, especially if it’s in a high-trafficked area. Full water tanks may lead to leaks and wet floors. The stagnant water is also dirty, which is why you need to clean it regularly. You can wash the tank with warm water and soap.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the steps on hand dryer maintenance?

    The steps on hand dryer maintenace depend greatly on the model and type of hand dryer you have. But for a general basis, you can follow these steps:
    1. Create a schedule
    2. Clean the hand dryer
    3. Check the brushes; replace them if needed
    4. Check and replace the HEPA filter if applicable
    5. Clear out the water tank

  • What can I use for cleaning my hand dryer?

    When cleaning a hand dryer, make sure to use a soft cloth, a mild cleanser, and some warm water. Avoid using an abrasive cleaner such as bleach, alcohol-acid mixes, quaternary ammonium, alkali-bleach mixes, and foaming ingredients. After wiping it with the cloth with soap, wipe it again with a clean wet cloth.

  • Is ABIS Hand Dryer Professional easy to clean?

    Yes. ABIS Hand Dryer Professional’s casing is made up of high-quality glossy ABS plastic, providing a solid scratch-free and vandal-proof protection. Its motor is also from German technology that is powerful and reliable. Since the external case is made from plastic and has a powerful engine inside, it is effortless to clean and maintain.

Hand Dryer Recommendation

If you are looking for a high-speed hand dryer that is easy to clean, then ABIS Hand Dryer Professional is for you.

ABIS Hand Dryer Professional is a high-speed, energy-efficient hand dryer capable of drying hands in only 8 seconds. With that, it provides the best balance between power and limited consumption. It has a touch-free sensor that will automatically activate when hands are placed beneath it and automatically stop. Its mainboard, motor, and external case are made for long-lasting service with CE & RoHS compliance.

This hand dryer has a robust but elegant design. Its casing is made up of high-quality glossy ABS plastic, which gives a solid scratch-free, vandal-proof protection and a beautiful appearance. ABIS Hand Dryer Professional comes with four different finishes – Chrome, Gold, White, and Black. You can choose whichever fits your preference for the overall look of your washroom. The outer case makes this Storm Stainless Steel Commercial Hand Dryer ideal for places with high foot traffic. It’s effortless to clean, especially during maintenance.

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