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Excel-9 Chrome Hand Dryer – Why do You Want to get a Market Leader


When purchasing hand dryers for schools, it is ideal that you have options to choose from, especially if you are new to buying them. People often rely on the reviews made by those who surround them. It could be recommended by a friend or used by a relative for a long time. However, it is better to do a little research on your own to see the market leader in the hand dryer industry. You check several hand dryers, including the ABIS Excel-9.

Market leaders often outperform their competitors on many levels. They mostly have their consumers’ brand loyalty, good image, worth its price, and perceived as the one with the best value. In the hand dryers industry, the ABIS Excel-9 Chrome is one of the market leaders. They have reliable and robust hand dryers that are suitable for any environment, especially for schools.

What makes ABIS Excel-9 Chrome the market leader?

Here are the main features of ABIS Excel-9 Chrome and why you should get them:


The ABIS Excel-9 Chrome has a compact design. It has a curved shape casing made from high-quality stainless steel for complete durability and resistance. It can withstand time, heavy usage and unexpected damage while having an elegant look that blends well with classic and modern environments.

Touch-Free Automatic Sensor

Being an automatic hand dryer, ABIS Excel-9 Chrome has an infrared sensor that activates the hand dryer automatically when hands are placed beneath it and turns off when hands are removed. 


With ABIS Excel-9 Chrome, you will get to help save mother nature. You won’t have to dump hundreds of non-biodegradable used paper towels into landfills anymore.


The ABIS Excel-9 Chrome can help you save money as well. Paper towels are designed to be used once. After that, you have to dispose of them. With that, having paper towels would require you to restock, refill and replace them. Your annual costs for paper towels alone can go up to thousands of pounds. That cost is still apart from cleaning, disposing and other restroom costs. Having ABIS Excel-9 Chome can cut down those expenses. Once installed, the only thing you have to worry about next is its regular maintenance.

High-Speed Electric Dryer

The ABIS Excel-9 Chrome is a small device with a reliable motor that can provide excellent power. It is capable of drying hands fast in only ten (10) seconds.

Energy Efficiency

Since ABIS Excel-9 Chrome is an automatic high-speed hand dryer, it is highly energy-efficient. It gives the best balance between power and limited consumption. No energy is being wasted.

Easy to Install

You don’t have to worry about the installation process because it only needs a few steps. The required tools are all inside the package with the step-by-step installation guide. The ABIS Excel-9 Chrome is even easier since the hand dryer comes fully assembled already.


The casing of ABIS Excel-9 Chrome isn’t the only thing that’s reliable and durable. The mainboard, motor and external case are too. They are made for long-lasting service with original CE & RoHS compliance.

Polished Finish

Not only does the hand dryer have incredible power, but it also comes with a high-quality polished finish suitable for classic to modern pieces of furniture and the environment. It gives off an elegant and chic look with its neutral appearance. 


The ABIS Excel-9 Chrome has a 3-year warranty included when bought.

Why should you get the market leader, ABIS Excel-9 Chrome?

Market leaders usually hold the most significant share of the market in the industry that they operate in. It means that many customers have tried and tested that product and approved of it. Consumers are well aware that the market leaders will provide the best quality with minimal to no risk. In this way, market leaders can create brand loyalty while attracting new customers.

The ABIS Excel-9 Chrome can provide the best hand drying experience for your students. Many have tried ABIS Excel-9 Chrome and provided good reviews. It even received a five over five stars review on ABIS Electronics’ store. You should have ABIS Excel-9 Chrome in your school because everyone will benefit from it. You will get to save money, students will have better hygiene practices, and school takers will have less mess to clean among school restrooms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of hand dryer is ABIS Excel-9 Chrome?

The ABIS Excel-9 Chrome hand dryer is an automatic hand dryer with infrared sensors. The sensor can read any presence of objects. If you place your hands beneath the hand dryers, the ABIS Excel-9 Chrome will activate and automatically turn off once you remove your hands.

What should you look for in hand dryers?

When looking for hand dryers, make sure that the main features of the hand dryers suit your needs. If you have a highly-trafficked location, a high-speed hand dryer is recommended. If your area is prone to damages, a robust hand dryer with solid and protective cases are essential to have.

How long will your hand dryers usually last?

Most hand dryers can last up to seven (7) to (10) years. This estimation still depends on how much the hand dryers are being used. So if you want to save money and not buy new hand dryers now and then, make sure that you conduct regular maintenance to check up on your hand dryers.


Deciding what brand you choose when buying hand dryers for schools is still up to you. Just make sure that you have done your research and listed the best options available for you.