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Best Projector Screens for Schools, Students, and Universities

Best Projector Screens

Using a chalkboard or a whiteboard for teaching has been a staple to schools and universities everywhere. But as technology goes on, computers have been helping teachers and professors teach their lessons to class more efficiently. Schools often want the Best Projector Screens for School, Students, and Universities.

Today, many teachers or professors are using projectors and projector screens for teaching. These devices have been a great help not only for teachers or professors but for students as well. The widescreen projector screen allows students to fully see the presented materials wherever they are seated inside the classroom.

With that, it is better to have a projector screen at school that can cater to the needs of students. So here are the Best projector screens for Schools, Students and Universities that you can find:

Best Projector Screens: Epson Duet Projector Screen

For versatility uses, you can go with the Epson Duet Projector Screen. You have the option to either mount the projector screen to the wall as the brackets are included or simply use the given tripod stand if you prefer bringing around the projector screen. Epson Duet Projector Screen’s design lets users easily and quickly put up the projector screen for easy access.

You can adjust the screen of Epson Duet from the standard 4:3 aspect ratio to 16:9 viewing. The diagonal image size is up to 80 inches. The screen operation of the Epson Duet Projector Screen is manual, so you have to carefully pull down the screen when mounted up on the wall.

Best Projector Screens: Elite Screens Spectrum

The Elite Screens Spectrum is a motorized drop-down and up projector screen. It is quiet and easy to use that comes with remote control for convenience. The Elite Screens’ MaxWhite projection material gives wide viewing angles for clear viewing wherever the student sits inside the classroom.

The MaxWhite 2 material of Elite Screens strengthens the image quality and sharpness on the projector screen. Elite Screen Spectrum is compatible with standard UHD/HD projectors but not with any Short Throw or Ultra Short Throw projectors, so make sure that you’re not getting one if you plan to have an Elite Screen.

Elite Screen Spectrum is a user-friendly projector. It is easy to assemble and lets professors or teachers install it on walls or ceilings. The aspect ratio of Elite Screens Spectrum is 16:10 with a diagonal image size of 106” inches. It comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s and 3-year ENR-G warranty for educational, non-profit, religious, military, and government organizations.

Best Projector Screens: Da-lite 96×96 Tripod Projector Screen

The Da-lite 96×96 is a high-quality tripod screen. It is durable, perfect for classroom setups as it can withstand time and usage while being easy to use. The tripod is adjustable to let the user adjust the screen’s height to ensure that everyone in the classroom can see what is being projected. It has a self-locking extension that provides the screen to stay in its position when in use. Da-lite 96×96 comes with a fiberglass projection surface, so even if the school has too much ambient light, the color of the pictures being projected will stay accurate.

With an aspect ratio of 16:9, Da-lite 96×96 has a diagonal image of 110 inches. It comes with a one-year warranty when bought. Since it is an 8×8 feet large screen, it is perfect for educational usages as it has an aluminum frame that is heavy-duty for maximum use. It comes with extruded legs for complete stability and sturdiness.

Best Projector Screens: ABIS Electric Projector Screen 

The ABIS Electronic Projector Screen has only premium components as it follows the highest standards. It uses a top-quality white matte that guarantees you the brightest, most precise, and sharpest image while being highly resistant. It can withstand daily usage and continuous rolling up and down without losing its quality.

The ABIS Electric Projector Screen comes with a remote control that you can use to roll up and down the screen. This feature ensures the White Matte to be carefully rolled up and down to keep the projector screen long-lasting. The motor is extremely silent and is covered and protected by a metal casing that can blend well to a white wall. 

Its case protects the screen when not being used to keep it away from any dirt or debris. What’s impressive with ABIS Electric Projector Screen is its high-resolution feature. It avoids losing the resolution quality even when projecting 3D images in Full HD or even in 4K. 

The ABIS Electric Projector Screen’s aspect ratio is 16:9 with a screen size of 100”. The installation process is easy as the instructions are included within the box. You can choose whether to install it on a wall or the ceiling. It also comes with a one-year warranty. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best projector screens for schools, students and universities?

To know the best projector screen for your school, student, or university, you first need to know the different features and specifications of the projectors to see if they are suitable for you. Here are some projector screens that are designed for school or university usages:
Epson Duet Projector Screen
Elite Screens Spectrum
Da-lite 96×96 Tripod Projector Screen
ABIS Electric Projector Screen 

Why are projector screens important for schools, students, and universities? 

Today, many teachers and professors have upgraded their teaching styles from chalkboard or whiteboards to projectors and projector screens. Projector screens are essentials to those who opt to use projectors so that the students can see the projected materials clearly without any problem.

Can I use a white wall instead of a projector screen?

Technically, you can use a white wall if you are on a budget and don’t have a projector screen. However, the details and clarity of the projected image might not be that clear. Projector screens are designed to show good resolutions from the projector, so having a projector screen is better than a white wall.


The best projector screen will always be the one that is suitable for you and your students, so make sure that you can see all the different features and specifications of the projector screens listed above for you to choose correctly.