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ABIS Projector Screens: a Complete Comparison Guide

ABIS Projector Screens

You are probably here because you have been checking out the different ABIS Projector Screens. If you don’t know how to choose from the various ABIS options, here is a complete comparison guide about the ABIS Projector Screens.

ABIS Projector Screens Models

Currently, ABIS has four (4) projector screen models available in its store. ABIS caters to fixed and portable projector screens, so users have their options to choose from. Here are the four models:

  1. Electric Projector Screen 100” for only £119.99
  2. Electric Projector Screen 120” for only £239.99
  3. Manual Projector Screen 100” for only £119.99
  4. Portable Projector Screen 100” for only £109.99

ABIS Projector Screen Features

Before the comparison guide, the first thing you have to know about ABIS Projector Screens is their main features, so it will be easier to compare.

Top-quality White Matte and Black Background

All ABIS Projector Screens has a top-quality white matte that guarantees you the brightest, most clear, and sharpest picture. To top it off, the screens of ABIS have a double layer. It also comes with a black background to avoid light penetration from the screen for a better image.

While providing you with a good experience, the white matte is also highly resistant. It can withstand daily usage and continuous rolling up and down without losing its reflecting properties.


Whenever you project images in high resolution or even Full HD to 4K resolution, ABIS Projector Screens avoid losing any resolution quality. The screens can reflect accurate images as it ensures you no loss of quality, sharpness, brightness, and clarity.

Metal Casing

The ABIS Projector Screens are protected by a metal casing when not in use. It is perfect for keeping your projector screens clean from any dirt or debris they may get from daily usage.


For installation, the ABIS Projector Screens are all easy to do. The installation process and step-by-step guide are included in the package.


The ABIS Projector Screens are suitable for all types of projectors. May it be CRT, LCD, DLP, 3LCD, LED, 3LED, and are capable of projecting resolutions from Standard Definition up to 4K Resolution.


All of the ABIS Projector Screens come with a 12-month warranty.

ABIS Projector Screens Comparison

Given that there are four models, each has a few things that don’t have the others. Read through so you will know what suits your needs the best.

Electric Projector Screen

The Electric Projector Screen is a retractable fixed projector screen in two sizes – 100” and 120”. Both come with a low-noise electric motor that rolls up and down the screen for you, controlled by a remote control offering full convenience and safety for your screen. You can either choose if the projector screen will be mounted to a wall or your ceiling. 

Manual Projector Screen

The only difference between the Manual and Electric Projector Screen of ABIS is that, unlike the Electric Projector Screen, the Manual Projector Screen lacks the remote control and electric motor feature. However, the Manual Projector Screen comes with an easy manual mechanism so you can personally roll up and down the screen fast and smoothly. Every other feature is just the same.

Portable Projector Screen

Given that the first two projector screens of ABIS need to be installed on a wall or ceiling, the portable projector screen offers portability. It has a lightweight tripod that lets you transport the projector screen from one room to another or even outdoors. It offers versatility as with one purchase, and you can have a projector screen ready for any workload. The tripod is designed and built to be highly stable. The projector screen won’t hobble or fall over at the minimum gust of wind. Also, given that the ABIS Portable Projector Screen can be moved around and bought everywhere, it is highly susceptible to dirt which is why ABIS made sure that it is an easily cleanable screen. You can wet a cloth with water and mild soap and wipe the dirt away.

Which ABIS Projector Screen is for you?

Choosing the right projector screen for you depends on the one that you need. If you plan to build a home cinema with a designated room for it, you can choose between the ABIS Electric Projector Screen and ABIS Manual Projector Screen. If you need complete help for your home cinema, then check out this blog: You’re Doing It Wrong: How to Pick the Right Projector Screen for Home Cinema.

If, in any chance, you want to try outdoor viewing, the ABIS Portable Projector Screen is the right projector screen for you. This blog entitled “How To Have An Outdoor Cinema In Your Garden” might also help you check it out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different ABIS Projector Screens?

Currently, there are four (4) ABIS Projector Screen models available. 
ABIS Electric Projector Screen 100” for only £119.99
ABIS Electric Projector Screen 120” for only £239.99
ABIS Manual Projector Screen 100” for only £119.99
ABIS Portable Projector Screen 100” for only £109.99

What are the differences between ABIS Projector Screens?

Most of the features of ABIS Projector Screens are the same. The only thing that varies from one another is its installation and controllability. The Electric Projector Screen and Manual Projector Screen differ in controllability since the Electric one has a remote control. On the other hand, the Portable Projector Screen has a free-standing tripod so you can move or bring it around.

What are the ABIS Projector Screens’ main features?

The main features of ABIS Projector Screens are:
They have a Top-quality White Matte and Black Background for bright, sharp, and clear images while being highly resistant.
They are capable of projecting accurate images.
They come with a metal casing for protection.
They are all easy to install.
They are suitable for all projectors.
They all come with a 12-month warranty.