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The Best Massage Guns Used by Athletes

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Best Massage Guns: Used by Athletes

Being an athlete means you need to keep a good diet and maintain scheduled workouts and training. As a result, body pain or muscle soreness from massive body stretches and intensive exercises are inevitable. Since working out is already part of your routine, muscle soreness can get tolerable over time because you are already getting used to the discomfort, but admit it, being relieved from the pain is such a heavenly feeling.

Getting a full-on body massage from a spa requires a lot of steps. You have to book an appointment, confirm the date, go to the store, and finally drive back home where you can rest. It just adds up to the exhaustion. This situation is where massage guns come in.

What is a Massage Gun?

Massage guns are handheld devices specifically designed to give strokes, pulses, and pressure that serves as deep tissue massage for your muscles. The device uses vibration and percussion therapy to generate force and release tension within the muscles. This procedure helps enhance blood flow and range of motion. Electric massagers are handy, especially when you can have one at home and ready to use whenever you need it.

Best Massage Guns

How To Use Massage Guns?

Using massage guns are relatively easy. It’s a plug-and-play appliance. But to make it even easier for you, here is a step-by-step process.

  1. If the massage gun is corded, make sure to plug it in. Most of the models nowadays require batteries to run and just need to be charged before using. 
  2. Check the manual and connect the required attachments for the device.
  3. Turn it on.
  4. Place the head of the massage gun to the muscle areas that sore and often tense.
  5. Make sure not to place it on areas where your bones stick out.
  6. Start with the lowest intensity and slowly increase it. 
  7. Keep moving it around to make sure that the muscles will relax and leave a bruise.
  8. Once relieved from the tension, you can pack it up and hide it safely. (You can also charge it before storing it so you won’t have any problems using it again the next time.)

Now that you have learned the basics, listed here are the best massage guns used by athletes. If you want to know what they prefer, continue reading the blog.

Hmount Handheld Massage Gun

Hmount is a multifunctional massage gun that can help the user relieve muscle stiffness, soreness and increase blood pressure. It has six different vibration speeds that can reach from 1500-3200rpm depending on the state of your muscles. In addition, because of its upgrade in 2019, it is now quieter than its original design.

It now uses six series circuit battery that can offer a 2600mAh battery, which can work for 4-6 hours. It has a 24V brushless motor and a quiet glide for noise reduction technology too. Hmount has an easy-to-use LCD touch screen. With the icons, you can adjust the speed levels and make it stop. It is portable and wireless for more convenience.

Bozaap Handheld Electronic Massage Gun

Bozaap Handheld Electronic Massage Gun promotes its quiet glide noise reduction technology that brings a high power experience. In addition, it comes with 3-speed choices that will start to vibrate once it touches the body part. It is also equipped with four different shaped massage heads for the user’s preferences. 

Bozaap is a cordless massager with a 2500mAh high-quality lithium battery to keep it working for 3-5 hours after per charge. Adding to that, it has to overheat protection to ensure your safety and the massage gun’s longevity.

Jane Choi Handheld Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Jane Choi Handheld Deep Tissue Massage gun can help its users’ relieve muscle stiffness, soreness, increase blood pressure, and improve the overall health of the body’s tissues. It is equipped with six different shaped massage heads for the comfort of the user. Furthermore, it comes with 20 adjustable speed strength levels ranging from 1800 to 3200r per minute. In addition, you can adjust the intensity and torque with 12 mm amplitude based on what your body needs.

Like Hmount, Jane Choi also has an LCD Touch Screen to understand the massage gun’s status better. This feature allows you to access how much power is left and what attachment you are using. Its battery is rechargeable and is equipped with a standard UK plug for more convenience. Jane Choi also has a 12V brushless motor and a quiet glide noise reduction technology to bring high power but low noise experience. However, take note that Jane Choi’s engine has a low stall force.

DJRoll Handheld Deep Tissue Massage Gun

DJRoll is made from high-quality material with a brushless high-torque motor and a deep beating massage with six adjustable speed settings. It is suitable for relieving muscle tensions, soreness, pain and accelerates body repair. The six different head attachments are based on an ergonomic design that you can choose from for your body to experience the right muscle massage therapy. With the adjustable speed, the range can start from 1500 to 3100 percussion per minute. 

DJRoll has a portable 2400mAh high-quality lithium battery that can work for 6 hours per charge. There is also a LED electronic display screen that will show the battery information. After-sales customer service of DJRoll is highly recommended; however, keep in mind that it is slightly heavier than other massage guns.

ABIS Electronics

ABIS Deep Tissue Massage Gun SCM19

ABIS Deep Tissue Massage Gun SCM19 applies pulses of concentrated pressure deep into your muscle tissue. It improves your blood flow and quickly enhances your range of motion. In addition, it can shorten the recovery time by relieving some pain, tension, and soreness when appropriately used. It comes with four interchangeable head attachments to fit your preference. ABIS SCM19 also has a powerful 24V brushless motor that can deliver up to 3,300 percussions per minute. It is also designed to be 40% quieter than other popular percussion massage guns.

ABIS SCM19 has an ergonomic design that minimises any external vibrations. It comes with a durable anti-slip silicone grip that makes the massage therapy comfortable to use. It has a 2500 mAh high-quality lithium battery that can allow you to use it for 5 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a massage gun?

    Massage guns are handheld device mainly used by athletes to relieve any muscle soreness, tension and improve their body flow. It also helps the body reduce joint pain, and release trigger points for overall health. You can also use massage guns instead of 

  • What are the best massage guns used by athletes?

    There are many brands and models of massage guns in the market; however, here are the best five massage guns used by athletes.
    1. Hmount Handheld Massage Gun
    2. Bozaap Handheld Electronic Massage Gun
    3. Jane Choi Handheld Deep Tissue Massage Gun
    4. DJRoll Handheld Deep Tissue Massage Gun
    5. ABIS Deep Tissue Massage Gun SCM19

  • Can I use a massage gun even though I am not an athlete?

    Definitely yes. As long as you are experiencing any muscle soreness or tension that you could get from workouts or just by sitting on your work chair doing your job, you can use a massage gun to relieve the pressure from your muscles.


Out of the five massage guns, ABIS SCM19 stands out the most. With only £89.99

(VAT included), you can have a high-quality massage gun with different options and settings to help you relieve any muscle soreness.

To see more of ABIS SCM19, visit ABIS’ store.

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