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Why ABIS Massage Guns are the Best for Their Price

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Massage Guns on the Market: Why ABIS Massage Guns are the Best for their Price

If you are having a good massage after a workout, that sure feels like heaven. With just a few elbows pressing on your back, some hits at the pressure points, and then suddenly, you are now all relieved from stress.

But of course, massages can’t happen all the time. It takes time, effort, and money before getting one. This is where massage guns come in. It is a good investment, especially if you have an active lifestyle that comes with muscle pains at the end of the day.

ABIS Massage Guns

How much is a Massage gun?

Just like any appliance, massage guns have varieties too. So if you are looking for high-end massage, guns are expensive. Expect price ranges from £300 to 500, especially if it has extra features. However, there are affordable ones that can range from £20 to £50. It can also get the job done. However, it is uncertain how long-lasting it could be.

With that, you need to look for a massage gun that fits your budget but won’t break in the long run. Now tons of options online can be overwhelming. So to make it even easier for you, here is a massage gun that is worth it.

Get an ABIS Massage Guns

With just £75 to £90, you can have a high-quality massage gun that is worth it. There are two models right now. The first one is ABIS Deep Tissue Portable Massage Gun FTM19 which is only £74.99 (Inc VAT), and the second one is ABIS Deep Tissue Portable Massage Gun SCM19 for about £89.99. 

So to know more about ABIS massage guns, and why they are the best ones to get in the market, here are the details:

How Does It Work?

ABIS Massage Guns have a deep tissue massage gun that applies pulses of concentrated pressure deep into your muscle tissue. It improves your blood flow and quickly enhances your range of motion. When used properly, the percussion massager can shorten your recovery time while relieving some of the pain, tension, and soreness that comes naturally from intense workouts.

Adjustable Intensity and Attachments

ABIS Massage Gun FTM19 has adjustable intensity. It has eight different massage heads that let you get the right and appropriate pressure to relieve your muscle pain. On the other hand, Massage Gun SCM19 has four interchangeable head attachments that work just like FTM19. It promotes circulation and improves range of motion. In addition, its ergonomic design minimises any external vibrations.

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Adjustable Speed and Power

To add up, ABIS Massage Gun FTM19 has an adjustable speed of up to 3,200 percussions per minute with three-speed levels that you can choose from. In addition, it has a high-torque motor that provides accurate percussion, which is about 0.47inches in stroke length. 

ABIS Massage Gun SCM19 delivers 3,300 percussions to relieve any stiffness, reduce inflammation and even speed up your recovery process with an efficient and robust heat dissipation function and equipped.


Accordingly, ABIS Massage Gun FTM19 has a lithium-ion battery that allows you to use it for up to 3 straight hours. Since the battery can deteriorate, ABIS created a technology for it to be long-lasting. ABIS Massage Gun FTM19 automatically adjusts the voltage, so the device is always charged at a constant rate. This ensures no overheating and extreme durability for the battery. 

What makes SCM19  better than FTM19 is that it has a 2500 mAh high-quality lithium battery that allows you to use it continuously for 5 hours.


ABIS Massage Guns are designed to be lightweight for easy holding and usage. Its ergonomic shape won’t strain your hand and arm while holding it during the massage. In addition, ABIS SCM19 has a durable anti-slip silicone grip that makes the massage gun comfortable to use.

Quiet Motor

Massage Gun FTM19 is also equipped with Unique Quiet Glide technology and a 24V brushless high-torque motor to keep it quiet while running. As a result, the active noise is only 35 dB-55dB. Also, ABIS made SCM19 40% quieter than other percussion massage guns.

ABIS Electronics

Frequently Asked Questions

Why ABIS Massage guns are the best?

Given its price, ABIS Massage guns are the best and proven to be worth it. With its unique features and built, you are getting more than what you paid for. For just about 70 to 90 pounds, you are getting high-quality and long-lasting massage guns.

How do ABIS Massage guns work?

ABIS massage guns apply pulses of concentrated pressure to your muscle tissue. This method greatly improves your blood flow and quickly enhances your range of motion. It can also shorten your recovery time while relieving pain, tension, and soreness when appropriately used.

Where can I buy ABIS Massage guns?

You can order online using your phone or computer through the ABIS Electronics website. Simply browse through product categories and look for massage guns. Next is, pick the model you want, add it to your cart, and fill out the billing method and address.

Final Verdict

After a long day of work and exhaustion, ending your day with a good body massage would make things better. This is why having a massage gun at home is handy. It is perfect for relaxation to relieve any muscle soreness, increase your blood circulation, release some trigger points, accelerate your recovery, and above all, improve your overall health. This is why you should get an ABIS Massage Gun. ABIS has a top-shelf quality massage gun for an affordable price. It is worth every quid.

For you to be able to pick between ABIS FTM19 and ABIS SCM19, check out our store.

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