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Essential Tricks to Hang Dry Clothes in a Small Bathroom

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Small Bathroom Tricks: How to Hand Dry Clothes

Small houses or apartments can be quite tricky especially when doing your laundry because of the space it is going to occupy. You might be one of the lucky few to have access to an outdoor space where you can hang dry clothes. However, some people might not even have a specific laundry area in their home where they can hang their clothes to let them dry after washing them and that could be a bummer.

If you don’t have any designated area to do the laundry, your option of course is to do the laundry in your bathroom. Keep in mind that having a small room doesn’t always mean you have to go all manual and handwash your clothes when doing your laundry. You just need to be a little creative for you to be able to hang dry your clothes indoors.

But what if the bathroom is too small and you can only fit a washing machine in it instead of having a drying machine too? You can always go with Air Dryers.

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Air Dryers over Drying Machine

To start off, choosing an air dryer over a drying machine is not a bad thing especially if you’ll be having really good air dryers. Air-drying can keep the quality of your clothes. Have you ever experienced using a drying machine for your clothes and suddenly afterward, it has shrunk? That happens on drying machines. It wears clothes fast however, on the other hand, air-drying takes less damage on fabrics since you just basically, hang them on the rods and let the air do its thing.

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Dry machines also take up much electricity since it spins and uses heat to dry your clothes whereas having an air dryer will cut off that part. It will definitely save you some money plus, it’s eco-friendly.

So now we have settled to use air dryers, now you have to consider how you are going to use them without taking too much space in your home.

1. Use Rods and Hangers to make space

You only need two things to hang dry clothes inside: A metal/wood rod and hangers.  Install a shower rod in your bathroom (or another one if you already have one). You can also place the rod onto your bathroom window ledge to another surface and just make sure it’s sturdy. Then put your clothes onto the hangers or if you want to save much more space you can also use a hanger with a clothespin to load up more clothes. After that just hang it on the rod, leave some space and let it dry.

2. Make use of the things

Be creative and maximize the things inside your home. You can use everything that lets you hang your hangers. You can use your door, on the doorknob, on the hooks at your bathroom wall, on the towel rack, on the window, and even the shower rod.

3. Let air in or place it near sunlight

Open the bathroom window or leave the door open when air drying. You can also put the drying racks near the window where there is direct sunlight. This would make the process much faster and keep the clothes smelling all fresh and it doesn’t wrinkle.

4. Install your air dryers on walls or ceiling

You can have your air dryers mounted on walls where you can easily unfold it open when you’re drying up your clothes and fold it back in whenever you’re done using it. Another thing is that you can have it installed on your ceiling so that it won’t take much of a space. You can have your clothes hanging from up there and have them down when it’s all done.

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5. Use an Electric Clothes Airer

To make your drying time a lot faster than usual you can upgrade your clothes airer and use an electric clothes airer. The difference between an electric clothes airer to a conventional clothes airer is that it uses up power to heat up the rods or rack which will make the drying process faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to hang dry clothes without wrinkles? 

    When using an air dryer, make sure to shake the clothes to remove excess water before hanging them up. Wet clothes from washing machines or manual laundry tend to clump up and have wrinkles so it’s better to shake the water off before hanging it.

  • How long does it take to hang dry clothes?

    It depends on the fabric, air temperature, and winds but with the 3-tier heated clothes airer, it can reduce the time spent in drying clothes by hours because its rods radiate heat that will spread out to the clothes which will make the drying time a lot faster.

  • How to hang dry clothes inside the house?

    Yes of course! You can definitely hang clothes inside the house using a clothes airer. It’s really easy to use and can save up space inside your home too. Most clothes airer or air dryers are foldable which can be easily stored once done using.


For an electric clothes airer, you can try ABIS 3-Tier Heated Clothes Airer. ABIS 3-Tier is UK’s Number 1 Electric Heated Clothes Dryer. It is foldable and portable which you can easily move around and keep for easy storage. It has a 20.5mm drying space and can take up to 15kg of drying capacity. Its radiator is proven to be energy-efficient and it has a waterproof power switch designed to avoid short circuits and your safety.

There could be a lot of other ways on how to hang dry your clothes inside with a small bathroom or space in it. You just have to be really wise and creative on how you’ll manage it.

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