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Signs You Might Require a Deep Tissue Massager

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Deep Tissue Massager: When Do You Need It?

Do you feel stressed lately? Maybe a little tired from all the work and household chores that you have been doing all day? Or perhaps you have some muscle soreness after working out. Either way, a deep tissue massage would be perfect. So if you are looking for signs to get that deep tissue massage gun you have been wanting, here it is:

Having a bad posture

Sitting most of the day working in front of your computer can be overwhelming. Having a proper sitting posture is ideal; however, that’s not always the case. Not everyone has a conducive working environment at home, or sitting straight with your legs on the ground isn’t your comfortable or productive sitting position. 

With this, having a sore back shoulder could be a problem. You can quickly relieve the tension using a deep tissue massager. Have it run for 2-3 minutes on the tensioned area.

Deep Tissue Massager

You can’t sleep

Sometimes, having trouble sleeping can be solved by receiving a massage. When your body is relaxed, you can sleep easily and better. Having your muscles massage will increase circulation and decrease stress hormones. You can use a massage gun and run it across your body where you will feel most relaxed.

You are new to training or workout

If you are new to training or working out, or you had a long pause, and you just came back, chances are, you’re going to have muscle soreness afterward. Working out means tearing and straining some muscles. After it’s healed, it’ll become more robust. The tearing and straining can put a lot on your body, so it is better to have a deep tissue massage gun with you.

After training, you can use it to restore range of motion, especially if your muscles got tight from it. Using a massage gun can also help you with blood circulation and speed up your muscle’s recovery.

Having no full range of motion or your muscles are stiff

Waking up with a body sore without doing anything beforehand is a bummer. Maybe you slept in a terrible position which put tension on a muscle in your body. Sometimes, you can’t turn your head or neck generally as you should. Or maybe you can’t lift your arm, and it hurts when you want to change shirts. This issue could limit your range of motion and be a severe problem if you left it untreated. It might get worse, or it might last a couple more days.

ABIS Electronics

You can quickly relieve this by using a massage gun. Use it for just a minute or two on the painful area to relieve pressure.

You are stressed most of the time

Balancing work and life with the situation today can be stressful. This occurrence can make you feel tired all the time, even though you think you’re getting enough sleep at night. You might not feel any soreness in your body, but you are physically and mentally drained. 

This kind of tiredness calls for a deep tissue massage. It will help your body and mind relax, which will ease the stress that you are feeling.

Suggested Deep Tissue Massage Gun for You

The ABIS Deep Tissue Massage Gun SCM19 is a great massage gun for just £89.99, including VAT. For you to know why ABIS SCM19 is the perfect deep tissue for you, read on.

How does it work?

ABIS SCM19 applies pulses to your muscle tissue. This device can work on muscle knots and tensions, improve your blood flow, and enhance your range of motion. It can also shorten your recovery time while relieving pain, stress, and soreness from muscles.

Powerful and quiet motor

ABIS SCM19 has a powerful 24V brushless motor that can provide up to 3,300 percussions per minute. ABIS ensured that it has a highly silent motor about 40% quieter than other percussion massage guns.


The ABIS SCM19 has four interchangeable attachments.

Easy and Comfortable to Use

ABIS SCM19 has an ergonomic design that minimizes any external vibrations for easy usage. It also comes with a durable anti-slip silicone grip to make it even more comfortable when using.


The ABIS SCM19 comes with a 2500 mAh high-quality lithium battery that lets you use the massage gun for up to 5 hours non-stop. It is also portable and low weight, so you can quickly bring it with you anywhere you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the signs that I need a Deep Tissue Massager?

    Here are the TOP 5 reasons why you need a deep tissue massage gun at home:
    1. Having a bad posture
    2. You can’t sleep
    3. You are new to training or workout
    4. Having no full range of motion or your muscles are stiff
    5. You are stressed most of the time

  • How much is a massage gun?

    Massage gun costs depend on its controls and feature. High-end massage guns are more expensive as they come with a lot of features and can be complex. However, there are excellent percussion massage guns priced lower than £100 that have good quality.

  • Can I use a deep tissue massage gun after a workout?

    Yes. You can use a deep tissue massage gun after working out. Using a deep tissue massage gun after a workout can help increase blood flow on your muscles and repair damaged tissues, reducing or preventing any post-workout muscle soreness.


A good deep tissue massage gun can easily relax your body whenever you need it. You don’t need to book an appointment. Wait for the schedule and go out just to go to a spa.

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