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How to Pick the Right Type of Clothes Airer

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Clothes Airer Guide: How To Pick The Right Type For You

Choosing a clothes air dryer over a drying machine is probably one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your life because it reduces your monthly electricity consumption. According to the Environmental Protection Agency or EPA, your drying machine uses more energy or electricity than your fridge or your clothes washer. 

To add up, you’re being really eco-friendly because using the drying machine has a really harsh impact on our environment. Some drying machines use chemicals for the drying process that have been proven to harm the environment when used.

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Plus, it’s going to save you some room space especially if you are staying in a small house or maybe an apartment that doesn’t have a laundry area, and the only place you can do your laundry would be your bathroom. 

Now before rushing to your nearest local store to buy your drying rack, you still have to settle a few more things to consider. You need to have the right type and quality build because having a clothes airer at home will be an investment. After buying one, you can hang dry your clothes indoors without any problem.

What to consider for a clothes airer

So here are some of the few questions you need to ask yourself whenever you are choosing the right type of clothes airer for you:

1. How big or small is the rack?

Size is really important when you are choosing a clothes airer. You need to check the size of it when you are using it and also when it’s folded for storage. You have to make sure that it’s big enough for your laundry to fit in but just the right size for you to easily store it inside your home. Also, keep in mind to leave a little room for you to move in.

2. What material is the rack made from?

There are different kinds of materials that can be used for air dryers. You might have your own preference in different conditions. Here’s a comprehensive list of materials to help you choose the best kind of clothes airer for you.

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Different Kinds of Materials for Clothes Airer 

  • Plastic drying racks are the most common ones. It’s very lightweight which you can easily move around inside your home. Another good thing about it is that you won’t worry about molding or corrosion or rusting since it’s plastic.

However, you have to be careful when using plastic clothes airers because they are delicate and easier to get damaged or cracked. Once that happens, you will need to buy a new one.

  • Another material a clothes airer can be made of is metal. Metal clothes airers are more popular because they are sturdier than plastic ones. They are a little bit heavier than plastic so they can hold more weight.

The stainless steel ones don’t rust and are easy to clean. However, if in any case it will be exposed to different fluids and cleaners, it can cause the steel to corrode. There are also aluminum rods for some clothes airers, which are lighter compared to stainless steel. 

  • Mesh might take up space but it’s really good for flat, laid-out drying and it also dries out evenly. Sliding off won’t be a problem either. If your fabric gets stretched out when hanging it on a rod, mesh eliminates that since it distributes the weight proportionately. 
  • And last but not least, there are ones made from wood which are really beautiful and eco-friendly but at the same time prone to getting mold and will age faster.

3. Can it carry my laundry? 

What you also need to consider is the capacity of the rack. How much weight can it hold? Can it bear the weight of those wet clothes? You really have to take note of this one because it is quite important especially if you will be having tons of clothes or fabrics to wash in a single round. 

4. Is it stable? 

You don’t want your air dryer to be tilted over or collapsed once you have hung your clothes up already.

You have to take note that the drying rack you buy should be sturdy enough to hold your laundry, especially if you plan to do big loads. Sometimes, there are lock mechanisms as special features for the clothes airers to keep standing upright. There are also rubber sleeves for air dryers that add traction so they won’t slide or tip over.

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5. Is it just an ordinary rack?

Of course, there are drying racks out there that have a little extra trick up their sleeve. Manufacturers need to step up their game so that their clothes airer will be more innovative and efficient, helping the consumer with their needs and making their lives much easier. 

6. Can I fold it? 

There are clothes airers that you can fold up multiple times to be small in size for ease of storage, but they can be unfolded multiple times too and can hang a lot of your laundry.

7. Can I adjust it? 

Another feature is having adjustable wings, sometimes, it can be folded or a sliding one. You can adjust the length of the wings depending on what you need. This feature is very versatile, it’s like having multiple sizes in just one clothes airer.

8. Can I move it around? 

Some other clothes airers also have wheels. Don’t worry you might be wondering what if it rolls. They do have lock mechanisms to avoid that type of accident. You can easily move it around, especially if you already have the clothes hanging on it and you decided that you want to move the drying rack to a different room. 

9. Can I  clip items in it? 

There are clothes airers that come with clips for socks and underwear for your own convenience.

10. Can I make my laundry dry faster? 

 Lastly, there are electric clothes airers. At first, you might wonder, why is it electric? Why does it need electricity? The electric clothes airer is also known as a heated clothes dryer. It usually needs to be plugged in and then the drying rack will radiate heat to make the drying process a lot faster than the usual drying racks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the things you need to consider when choosing a clothes airer?

    There are quite a few things to consider when buying or choosing a clothes airer. Such as the size, the material it’s made of, the capacity it can carry, the sturdiness, and some other features that you might want such as wheels, wings, clips, and an electric one.

  • What is the best electric clothes airer?

    ABIS 3-Tier Heated Clothes Dryer is considered as the UK’s number 1 electric clothes airer. It has rust-free aluminum rods, a waterproof power switch, a maximum drying capacity of 15kg, and a 20.5mm drying space. It’s ideal for the winter season and its radiator is energy efficient.

  • Is an electric clothes airer better than a regular clothes airer?

    If you want a faster drying process for your clothes, then yes! It’s better since it will radiate heat to dry your clothes faster than the usual drying time. Though of course, since it’s being run by electricity, you might have to pay a little extra for it but there are electric clothes airer that is energy-friendly.

The final recommendation

There are tons of clothes airer out there that can definitely help you based on your own preferences. ABIS 3-tier Heated Clothes Dryer is the best one in the market. It has rust-free aluminum rods which makes it extremely durable and a waterproof power switch to avoid any short circuits. It’s foldable and portable for easy storage and can provide 20.5 mm of drying space that can hold up to 15kg of drying capacity.

ABIS is also built for different seasons especially for winter since it usually takes longer for clothes to dry. The base of the rack is made of top-quality anti-slip material to make sure that your rack won’t move, hobble or slide whenever you’re hanging your clothes. And by the way, since you need electricity for it, don’t worry about the consumption because the radiator is extremely energy efficient. All of the things we need to consider for a drying rack are within ABIS 3-tier Heated Clothes Dryer.

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