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Why You Need to Get a Heated Clothes Airer for Your Household

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Heated Clothes Airers: Reasons to Get One for Your Household

If you are thinking of ways to save up money, the best place to start is by looking around your home. You’ve got the drying and washing machines. Both appliances are big and they consume energy. You take a look at your bill and see that it’s one of the factors your bill is high. A heated clothes airer is one of the most practical ways to cut down your monthly expenses and it does the job better than a drying machine. Not only does it cut down costs, but it saves up space too.

To break down a few things about your expenses first, doing the laundry is one of the household chores that consumes plenty of energy and money. From heating the water, then washing your clothes to drying your clothes. That’s a lot of energy consumption. You might ask, “How am I going to lessen my expenses on my laundry?” Don’t worry, you won’t be needing to hand wash all your clothes. But one thing you can do is switch from a drying machine to a heated clothes airer.

Heated clothes airer

Before you think that you might be better off using a drying machine, checking the benefits of what you can get from using a heated clothes airer over a conventional drying tub won’t do you any harm. It is always better to see and check your options before deciding.

What is a Heated Clothes Airer?

A Heated Clothes Airer is just like any other clothes airer rack. However, the difference between this one and the conventional ones, is that it is powered by electricity. Each rack will radiate heat so that your clothes will dry faster than the usual rate of just using a normal drying rack.

So why use a heated clothes airer?

1. It is way cheaper

A heating drying rack is much cheaper compared to your conventional drying machine, saving you plenty of quids every month. You might think that a drying machine and a heated clothes airer both consume energy, and cost you money. What’s the difference between just using the drying machine? It’s simple.

Big appliances take higher kilowatts to work which means higher monthly bills. Heated clothes airer takes much less kilowatt usage compared to a drying machine. So what is the electricity for then? The electricity is needed so that the rods or the rack would radiate heat to speed up the drying process. Yes, it isn’t as fast as a drying machine but it is definitely cheaper and it’s good for the fabric. It will make your clothes last much longer.

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2. Versatile

A drying machine is not mobile. You can’t just bring it around unlike a hanging clothes airer which is light and can be easily moved. Yet it’s sturdy and much more efficient than a machine. It also can save you up room or space since heated clothes airer is mostly foldable and portable. You can easily collapse it when not being used and place it under your bed or slide it behind your door

3. Convenient

Heated clothes airers are very convenient. Whatever season you are in, you can definitely use it. During the summer, you can just use it like a normal drying rack and put it outside or near your window indoors for direct sunlight. During the rainy or winter season, you can have your clothes dry indoors and turn on the power to make the drying process faster since it’s going to be cold and it’ll take more time if there isn’t any source of heat. Using heated clothes airer would not get all your clothes jumbled up inside too. You can place them however you like and it will stay like that until the clothes are dry.

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4. Environment and fabric-friendly

Drying machines use up chemicals in order for them to work and dry your clothes at a faster rate. That has a direct bad impact on your clothes and on our environment in the long run. 

To add up, have you ever wondered why your favorite shirt suddenly shrunk? That is the result of heating it up repeatedly in a closed area, constricting the fibers and thus, shrunken clothes. See the damage it can do to your clothes? Using a heated clothing airer is a lot better for your clothes since you just need to hang it up and let it dry. Also, there will be less wrinkling if you just hang up your clothes to dry. Less ironing them and most of the time you won’t even need to.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a heated clothes airer?

    A heated clothes airer is a drying rack which uses electricity. Once plugged in, its rod or racks will radiate heat to make the drying process a lot faster. Heated clothes airers are actually suitable and really helpful during cold and wet seasons since they make your clothes dry quickly.

  • Is a heated clothes airer cheaper than a conventional dryer?

    Heated clothes airers are way more economical than dryers. According to research, you can save up to 60% of energy and cost savings when using the heated clothes airer instead of your usual drying machine.

  • Can I hang dry my clothes indoors?

    Definitely, yes! You can use a usual drying rack to hang your clothes up or you can also use a heated clothes airer especially during the winter season to fasten the drying process. During summer, you can just put the rack beside the window where the heat of the sun can reach it.

Final Recommendation

With everything that has been said above, you should definitely get that heated clothes airer. You can now grab your phone, browse to your favorite online shop and add one to your cart. As a recommendation, try to use, ABIS 3-Tier Heated Clothes Dryer.  It is considered as UK’s No. 1 Heated Clothes Airers Drying Rack Horses.

Its premium aluminum rods allow it to be rust-free making it extremely durable. It has a waterproof power switch for your own safety and it’s also foldable and portable. It has a 20.5mm drying space and a 15k drying capacity too. Don’t worry about the electricity consumption because its radiator is extremely energy efficient and the overall monthly cost is low compared to conventional dryers.

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