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Tips For Busy Professionals on How to Dry Clothes Faster

Dry Clothes Faster

Being a busy professional and having a household to run is tiring and exhausting. Since most are already working from home, job orders from work and household chores would probably clash with your time. However, fear not because there will always be tips and tricks on making things easier, here’s how to dry clothes faster. 

To make it easier, here are different tips to help you out. Be sure to take note of all the information here and apply them to your next laundry session.

Tips and Tricks to Dry Clothes Faster

Here are some tips and tricks to help you dry clothes faster and effective while short on time. 

Dry Clothes Faster Tip #1: Plan Your Laundry System

Sorting dirty clothes can take up time during your laundry. So instead of doing them before washing them, you can prepare to sort baskets beforehand to dry clothes faster. Have one for whites, dark clothes, and even coloured ones. This way, you can wash, dry, and fold the clothes by batch. If you ever live alone, it is more efficient to clean everything all together. Remove new garments separately the first time to avoid colour bleeding.

Dry Clothes Faster Tip #2: Schedule Your Wash Day

Create a fixed schedule for when you are going to do your laundry. Decide whether you think it is practical to do your laundry every week or do it every after three days so that the laundry won’t pile up that much. Be sure to follow the schedule so it won’t affect your routine schedule.

Dry Clothes Faster Tip #3: Observe Strict Laundry Rules

Going around the house, checking under the beds, and picking up dirty clothes are a hassle before doing the laundry. So instead of doing that, give each family member their laundry baskets. Strictly have them put the clothes that need to be washed in the baskets and sort them out during laundry day. This rule will significantly help you do the laundry quickly and increase your children’s sense of responsibility. 

Dry Clothes Faster Tip #4: Use Tumble Dryer Balls

You might also have some tumble dryer balls if you use a tumble dryer. Tumble dryer balls help dry clothes even faster. They also soften them while drying. According to research, these balls hit against the clothes as they spin, and they help stop the clothes from forming knots in the spin. Adding up, these balls also keep the heat from the dryer, which then boosts the drying process of the clothes. 

Dry Clothes Faster Tip #5: Hang Clothes Immediately After Washing

If you are more on saving money and energy, hanging and drying clothes immediately after washing them will let you save time from ironing the clothes. 

Simply wring the clothes and hang them on a clothes airer. Hanging the clothes to dry instead of drying them on a dryer machine will avoid wrinkles; thus, there is no need to iron them. 

If you need to dry the clothes faster, you can always use an electric clothes airer, like ABIS 3-Tier Heated Clothes Airer. It has 20.5mm of drying space and 15kg of drying capacity. 

Maximise ABIS 3-Tier’s drying space and ensure that there are spaces between the clothes when you hang them so that the heat from the clothes airer can radiate freely across the clothes. Spread the clothes evenly and open everything up. Undo the zippers and buttons so that they’ll help the drying process.

Dry Clothes Faster Tip #6: When Hanging Indoors, Void Busy Areas in the House

To avoid taking up space in your home, keep your clothes dry in areas you mostly go to, like the living room, bedroom, or kitchen. If you don’t have a laundry room at your place, you can always use the bathroom. In this way, the clothes airer won’t get in your way whenever you need to get something in the busy rooms, and there won’t be any water drip on the ground.

Dry Clothes Faster Tip #7: Don’t Be a Hero and Get Some Help

Juggling work and household chores can be overwhelming. Especially today, with the pandemic, most jobs are being done at home.

It is impossible not to be disturbed at home while doing your work, so instead of doing everything yourself, get some help doing household chores, especially laundry. Ask your kids to do the laundry. 

Teach them how to load the washing machine and hang clothes properly. They should learn as early as possible to eventually grow up doing it without any problem.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have further questions regarding how to dry clothes faster, you might find your answers down below. 

How Do Tumble Dryer Balls Work?

According to research, tumble dryer balls reduce drying time and avoid clumping the clothes inside the dryer. 

The ball absorbs the heat from the dryer, and as it goes against the clothes, it boosts the drying process. It is proven that tumble dryer balls reduce drying times in doing the laundry.

What Is a Good Electric Clothes Airer That Has a Lot of Space?

ABIS 3-Tier Heated Clothes Airer has three levels with 20.5mm of drying space and a 15kg drying capacity. It can carry a full load of laundry without any problem. You can spread clothes evenly and even lay flat garments on the racks if needed.

Why Do I Need to Hang Clothes Immediately After Washing Them?

Hanging clothes immediately after washing prevents bacteria from building up on their clothes, making their clothes start to smell. 

By hanging them dry immediately instead of using a dryer, your clothes won’t most likely have any wrinkles. You won’t have a problem ironing the clothes, or you won’t need to iron them at all.


Fortunately, there are plenty of effective and efficient ways to dry your clothes even if you’re short on time. As we’ve layered those tips above, be sure to be disciplined and religious when drying your clothes this way.