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Kickass Ways to Dry Clothes Like a Ninja

kickass ways to dry clothes

Soon, you’d be on top of our laundry all the time. You will always have clean socks to wear, getting ready to go out with the outfit you want, even if it’s in the laundry basket. You’d laugh at last-minute plans or business presentations with specific outfit requirements.

Kickass Ways to Dry Clothes

Alas! the truth is more likely to involve panic while you’re rummaging through crumpled piles of deodorant-stained polos and shirts and sniffing them to check if it’s okay and leaving the house with damp clothes because you’ve got no choice. 

Your frantically washed clothes didn’t dry in time, so now you’re hoping they’ll dry on your way to your destination.

There’s a way to make life better. You dry your clothes quickly without resorting to buying the chemical-filled tumble dryer, avoiding soggy underwear and wet pullovers for good. Follow these awesome tips and tricks and hop into your ensemble like a ninja.

Kickass Ways to Dry Clothes: High-Speed Spinning

Does a washing machine dry your clothes? Yes, they definitely can, in a way – the high spin cycle at the end of a wash extracts moisture from your clothes, leaving them just damp instead of dripping wet. If your washing machine has a spin dryer, then that’s what it exactly does. 

Use a high spin setting when using your washing machine so that water is removed as much as possible from your clothes before they’re even ready to dry. Use low spin speeds for delicate fabrics. This method saves a lot of time, and some energy, the high-setting spin used to do this is nothing compared to the energy needed to run a tumble dryer.

Two Towel Method

Once your clothes are out of the washing machine, try this towel trick to remove even more water that’s sitting in your fabric:

Put a large towel down. A towel you use when you take a bath is preferred and lay the clothing on top. 

Then roll up the towel into sushi and twist it tightly, starting at one end, and wring it with all your might. You’re doing this like a ninja, remember? This application squeezes excess water out of your clothes and into the towels.

Towel and Iron Combination

The other method is to put your garment on an ironing board, lay it flat, but lay a towel over it. If you have a thin one, that’s better.

Iron the towel using high heat, then turn the garment over so both sides are ironed. This heat dries into the fabric without causing any damage associated with putting a hot iron directly on it while it’s wet.

Use a Heat Source

If you put a garment over a radiator, be sure not to place it too close and to remove it as soon as it’s dry. Otherwise, you’re wasting heat, and it might damage the fabric.

On the other hand, if you own a handheld blow-dryer in dire straits, you can quickly and intensely dry your clothing. First, you must wring out the wet garment and lay it on a flat, dry, and clean surface. 

Turn the hairdryer to a warm or high setting. It depends on the garment if it’s thick or thin. Hold the hairdryer near the clothing, and dry it very evenly. 

You don’t want it to be too heated in one spot. Dry it with quick blasts of hot air. Work your way around the entire surface of the garment, front and back, inside and out, until the whole thing is completely dry. You have to pay attention to your hairdryer. You don’t want it damaged because it overheated.

Using a Tumble Dryer

If you don’t have a choice and only tumble dry is available, then that’s alright—dry a wet garment with a clean, dry towel. The towel will absorb the moisture from your clothing. You can use one towel or as many as five. 

The more towels you use, the more quickly your clothes will dry. Note that this trick works best when you only need to dry one or two pieces of clothing swiftly. 

Put your garment in the tumble dryer along with the towels. Beware that towels are often lint-heavy, so there’s a chance that lint will build upon your clothing.

If lint is a concern, you can use other cotton options, like oversized dry t-shirts, in place of the towels. T-shirts aren’t as absorbing as towels, though. You can also check and clean out the lint trap. 

When lint builds up, it can block and prevent your dryer from air passage, making it work harder and use more energy to dry your clothes. 

After drying, wait fifteen minutes. You should find your garment primarily dry. If not, put it back in place with new dry towels or cotton shirts and run it for a few more moments.

An Electric Clothes Airer’s Power

If you are saving money while wanting to dry your clothes, then using an electric clothes airer is a good option. An energy-efficient drying rack like ABIS 3-Tier, Heated Clothes Airer, is an excellent choice. The radiator will diffuse heat to its aluminium rods to make the drying process of your clothes even faster.

When using, make sure you hang the clothes with gaps or spaces to each other; maximise ABIS 3-Tier’s racks and 20.5mm of drying area. It can also carry up to 15kg to have a full load on the rack. 

If you’re drying just a few clothes overnight, you can have them on the shelves so they will dry much faster. Once done, you can simply fold the clothes and slide them under your bed or behind the door for easy storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions about how to dry clothes quickly, you might find the answers below. 

How to Dry Clothes Using Two Towels?

Lay your clothes down on top of a large towel. Roll up the towel from the ends like sushi and twist it tightly. Make sure to start wringing from one end to the other several times. This method removes excess water from the clothes and has the towels suck them.

Can I Iron My Clothes Even if It’s Wet?

You can iron clothes even though it’s still wet. However, there is still an instance that it won’t be completely dry. If you aim to wear the clothes after ironing them, instead of ironing them directly, place a towel on top of the clothes and iron them. This way, the towel will soak the excess water.

Can I Leave an Electric Clothes Airer Overnight?

It depends on the electric clothes airer that you have. Some heated drying racks have a unique feature like a timer which you can set. 
You can have it turned off automatically after the amount of time you input. If not, make sure that the electric clothes airer is not prone to overheating so you can sleep soundly at night.


Doing your laundry sometimes also requires creativity, especially in different situations. Take note of these kickass ways so you can quickly review them again if you ever need them.