Clothes Airers

Different Ways to Use Clothes Airer

Ways to Use Clothes Airer

There are many ways to use clothes airer to dry your clothes. It is a very versatile piece of household equipment that you can use.

A clothes airer can make your laundry routine more efficient regardless of the season, whether during summer or winter. 

Drying Clothes Fast: How?

There are a lot of methods and techniques on how you can dry your clothes fast. Below are some of the most tested and proven methods to dry fast. 

Ways to Use Clothes Airer: So Why Should You Air Dry Your Clothes?

There are a lot of benefits to using an air dryer for your clothes; this includes: 

  • First, a clothes airer uses little to no energy. As a result, it can significantly reduce your utility costs, saving you money every time you do your laundry. 

Some electric clothes airers use electricity to radiate heat and make drying faster.

However, do not worry because this type of electric clothes airer uses less energy than conventional drying machines. Therefore, it is also a good way to trim your monthly expenses.

  • Second, using a clothes airer is safer for the environment. It might not directly benefit you, but you could help lessen the negative impact on the environment by not using a drying machine. It grinds up bentonite, a harmful chemical that can be highly polluting to water.
  • Third, Air drying your clothes, especially outside, gives your clothes a fresh and clean smell. 
  • Lastly, it extends the lifetime of your clothes. Using a drying machine means heating the clothes and repetitively spinning them to suck the moisture. This procedure can pull the fibres together tightly. It can result in tearing or shrinking your clothes.

Upon knowing the reasons why you should air-dry your clothes, here are now the different ways how you can use a clothes airer:

Here are Ways to Use Clothes Airer For You

Ways to Use Clothes Airer: Use It Outdoors

One of the ways to use clothes airer outside and let the natural sunlight dry your fabrics.

When it’s summertime, it is ideal to do your laundry in the morning, place your clothes airer in your backyard or on your lawn, and hang your wet clothes to dry. 

This method dries up clothes quickly since the heat from morning to afternoon is high enough to dry most fabrics. 

When hanging outdoors, you should use a clothes peg. This technique would ensure that your material won’t be blown away by the wind.

It would most likely slide down if it’s a heavy piece, so securing it with a clothes peg would prevent that from happening. 

Ways to Use Clothes Airer: Take Advantage of a Fan

If you hang dry your clothes inside your house, a gentle breeze will help a lot in air-drying your clothes.

It will blow away moisture faster and more evenly. It also creates a good airflow around the hanging wet laundry. 

You can make one for an indoor clothesline or drying rack by turning on a ceiling fan or portable fan in the same room where you’re hanging your laundry to dry.

If by any chance you don’t have a portable fan, you can always place it near the window and keep it open so that the air can enter.

Ways to Use Clothes Airer: Use the Whole Drying Rack for Large Items

One of the Ways to Use Clothes Airer is to use the whole drying rack for larger items. If you’re washing blankets, towels, and comforters, you can lay your items flat on the hanging clothes airer and make sure you lay them all flat and even. 

Think of it as if you are using a drying mesh. Heavy items can take time if you don’t hang them properly.

Make sure that you leave them a few inches apart, so they’re nicely separated, and with some excellent airflow, it will speed up the drying process.

Ways to Use Clothes Airer: Rainy or Winter Season? No Problem!

There are ways to use clothes airer even if it’s raining or even if it’s winter. Just place it in your laundry room or, if you don’t have one, in your bathroom. This way, you won’t have to wipe the floor.  This is just one of the ways to use clothes aierer.

Also, give each piece a wring and an aggressive shake to avoid stiffness that can occur when your air dries your clothes.

Ensure most of the water is out before hanging it on the rods. Doing this immediately after washing helps fluff the fibres and prevents wrinkling and stiffness.

Using an electric clothes airer is a great help during this season. It will make the drying process a lot faster since it will be hard to dry your clothes because of the cold weather.


An electric clothes airer like ABIS 3-Tier, Heated Clothes Airer, is the proper clothes airer for the job. It has three racks with 20.5mm of drying space and 15kg of drying capacity. 

ABIS 3-Tier is ideal for the rainy or winter season because it radiates heat enough to make the drying process faster but not too high that it burns when you touch it. 

The radiator is also energy-friendly and has a low monthly cost compared to conventional dryers.

It also has a waterproof power switch to avoid any short circuits for the safety and longevity of your clothes. 

Think of all the ways to use clothes airer with ABIS 3-Tier.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions regarding the different ways to use clothes airer, you might find them below. 

  • Will the Clothes Airer Rust if Placed in a Wet Room?

    The most common materials used in clothes airer are plastics, wood, and metals like aluminium and stainless steel.

    All do not rust. However, when exposed to chloride or liquids high in salinity, stainless steel corrodes.

    On the other hand, clothes airers made from wood, when exposed to wet environments and not taken care of, expand and become soft.

  • Is It Okay to Place the Clothes Airer in Direct Sunlight?

    Yes. You can place the clothes airer under direct sunlight because sun rays won’t damage the aluminium or stainless rods.

    However, it can change in colour. This change happens slowly over a long time. You can always choose a clothes airer with a different material if this is too crucial for you.

  • Is It Okay to Place the Clothes Airer in Direct Sunlight?

    Always check the drying capacity of the clothes airer because It depends on it.

    However, most metal or heavy-built clothes airers are designed to carry heavy loads such as comforters, blankets, and towels. Make sure to put them evenly on the rack so they won’t fall.


Finding the means and ways to dry your clothes has been plenty. Fortunately, having a clothes airer dying rack is one of those drying-solutions that can fast track drying clothes. This article should give you plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t be able to dry your clothes quickly.