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Guide to Choosing the Best Clothes Airer

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Best Clothes Airer: Complete Guide to Choosing the Right One

Like other furniture and appliances, clothes airers vary in sizes, models, structures, and designs. However, some models have extra features to make them stand out from their competitors. But, of course, just like any other thing, it all narrows down to your personal preferences. There are all sorts of things to consider before choosing and buying a clothes airer.

This guide will help you find the best worth for your money, which will suit you most.

Things to remember when choosing the best clothes airer

There are a few things that you need to check before buying the best clothes airer. This is a compiled list that you can check and consider what will be the best for you.

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Location of the Clothes Airer

Today, many households use their clothes airer indoors since it is easier that way. It is also ideal during the winter season because it is hard or even quite impossible to dry clothes outdoors. Drying clothes indoors with a clothes airer means that it will take up space inside your home which is not ideal for some, especially those who live in a small flat or a small house.

So first, make sure to choose the best clothes airer that is just right for the location where you want to put and use it. If it is indoors, make sure it won’t occupy much space but if you do have an outside space, maximize it and let the clothes dry from the heat of sunlight.

Laundry Size

Whether you are living by yourself or not, take time to consider how much laundry you will be doing and check if all can fit on your clothes airer. Make sure to know how much drying space is needed when hanging your laundry size for it to dry efficiently. Overcrowding your clothes airer won’t do the job it’s intended to do.

Materials of a Clothes Airer

Next is to consider the materials the clothes airer is made out of. There are models made from galvanized steel, stainless steel, iron, aluminium, plastic, and wood. These materials do have their respective pros and cons, so be sure to do some research on what material is best and will suit you the most.

Clothes Airer’s additional features

There will always be products that stand out from the rest of the group, and the same goes with clothes airers. Some clothes airers have different additional features designed for your convenience. Some have wheels, wings, and built-in clips.

Types of Clothes Airers

There are two types of clothes airers: the regular clothes airer uses natural airflow to dry your clothes. And then there’s the electric clothes airerThe electric clothes airer uses energy to radiate heat to their rods to make the drying process of your clothes faster than a regular clothes airer.

Best clothes airer

What’s the best Clothes Airer to choose?

There are a lot of different kinds of clothes airers, available in your local area’s store or your favourite online shop. Almost every furniture shop has one and is ready to be taken home. However, if you are looking for a clothes airer that has more benefits for you than other clothes airers, ABIS 3-Tier Heated Clothes Dryer is for you.

ABIS 3-Tier is considered as UK’s Number 1 Heated Clothes Airers and has a five-star review which proves its quality.

Why is ABIS 3-Tier Heated Clothes Dryer the best clothes airer?

1. Rust-free Aluminum Roads

Some manufacturers or companies sell clothes airer for a cheap price but it’s not built to withstand the wear and tear of being wet and also heat up at the same time. ABIS took care of that.

The ABIS 3-Tier is designed with premium rust-free aluminium rods to keep your clothes clean while drying. This also makes the dryer extremely durable.

2. Waterproof Power Switch

It is dangerous for your electric clothes airer to get wet especially its cords and power switch because a short circuit might happen.

To avoid that, ABIS made sure that the power switch of ABIS 3-Tier is 100% waterproof for your safety and your Clothes Airer’s functionality.

3. Amazing Stability

Most clothes airers experience stability problems especially if the wet clothes are not balanced out. Sometimes, clothes are hung heavier on one side, tipping over your clothes airer, some slide down on one side, and you’ll find it lying on your floor.

But with ABIS 3-Tier, that is not a problem. Its base is made from top-quality anti-slip material so that the clothes airer would not move around or slide whenever you are hanging your clothes to dry.

4. Energy Saving Feature

ABIS Electronics

By simply using an electric heated clothes airer compared to a conventional dryer is already a huge energy-saving step that you have done.

With ABIS 3-Tier, you wouldn’t have to worry because even as an electric clothes airer, you are still saving energy. After all, its radiator is extremely energy efficient. It is proven that the overall monthly cost is low compared to when you are using a conventional dryer machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I put my clothes airer?

    If you are drying your clothes indoors, make sure to put your clothes airer in a room where there is direct sunlight preferably next to a window or door so that your clothes will dry faster.

  • Where can I buy a clothes airer?

    You can go to your local appliance store or mall. A clothes airer is a very common household item. You can also search online and tons of brands and results would come up. From there you can choose a wide array of clothes airer. 

  • What is the best electric clothes airer in UK?

    ABIS 3-Tier Heated Clothes Dryer is considered as UK’s No1 Electric Heated Clothes Airers Drying Rack because of its premium 3-tier design, rust-free aluminum roads, waterproof switch, foldable and portable drying rack, top-quality anti-slip material of a base, and lastly, its energy-saving radiator.

So why is ABIS 3-Tier the best clothes airer for your home?

To conclude, your home is a place where you shouldn’t worry about anything because it gives you comfort and safety. The same goes for your laundry area. Doing the laundry might cause you a little stress.

However, you should have an appliance that can give you convenience and less hassle. ABIS 3-Tier Heated Clothes Dryer is built with those things in mind. It ensures you are energy-efficient, convenient, and your safety while being used. 

You might have thought about ABIS 3-Tier Clothes Airer by now so go check our store out by clicking here.

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