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Benefits of Heated Clothes Airer over Regular Drying Rack

benefits of heated clothes airer

There are multiple ways to dry your clothes at home. Using a drying rack over a tumble dryer is better if you want a cheaper version.

However, since many drying racks are available today, you might encounter the heated clothes airer. 

If you are still deciding whether to get a heated clothes airer or just a regular drying rack, here are the benefits of heated clothes airer and a regular drying rack so you know what to pick before you hit the store.

Reasons Why You Need A Clothes Airer More Than a Regular Drying Rack

There are many reasons why a clothes airer is more valuable than your regular drying rack. If you want to know what separates them, read below. 

What Are the Benefits of a Drying Rack?

Drying racks are beneficial to every household. Here are just some of but most important benefits that you can experience if you opt to use a drying rack:

A Clothes Airer Doesn’t Require a Fixed Location

Unlike a tumble dryer, one unique selling point of the drying rack is portable and foldable. When not using the drying rack, you can simply fold it and slip it under your bed or behind the door. 

Unlike your drying machine, a clothes airer won’t require putting a specific spot in your house. It needs to be placed in a laundry area or your bathroom, which will take up space.

You can dry your clothes wherever you want. If you have a backyard, you can move your clothes airer and dry them under the sun’s heat.

If you don’t have that kind of space, you have to put your clothes indoors and place them in a hotspot in your house where you think the clothes would dry the fastest.

Drying Clothes No Longer Require Luxury

Only some have the luxury of having a backyard, a veranda, or an open space for their clothes to dry. 

You wouldn’t need that luxury with a clothes airer because you can quickly dry your clothes indoors.

This appliance is suitable for those living in a small flat with little to no space for a tumble dryer.

Using a Drying Rack Can Save You Money and Time

Drying racks can save you money because it has little to no operational cost, unlike a tumble dryer. They are also way cheaper compared to a conventional drying machine. 

It is also ideal for those who are busy and don’t have the time on their hands. You can leave your clothes airer overnight to dry your clothes.

Leaving your clothes overnight inside a tumble dryer can make your clothes smelly, while a clothes airer can keep your clothes smelling fresh.

What Are the Benefits of Heated Clothes Airer Over a Regular Drying Rack?

Remember that a heated clothes airer is a drying rack with an extra feature. It simply means that a heated clothes airer can still have the benefits listed above, but a regular drying rack won’t have the benefits listed below. 

Ideal for Different Seasons

Heated clothes airer has a radiator capable of emitting warm air or heats around the rack so your wet clothes can dry even faster.

It uses electricity but far less than what a conventional tumble uses.

With the capability to emit warm air, heated clothes airer is ideal for different seasons, specifically during winter.

You won’t struggle to dry your clothes in the wet and cold season anymore. You can also utilise the heated clothes airer during summer.

You can turn it off and use it as a regular drying rack to save even more money.

More Durable Than a Regular Drying Rack

Given that the drying rack’s frame should handle the warm air or heat that the radiator emits, a heated clothes airer is usually more durable than a regular drying rack.

The materials used to create a heated clothes airer are better and heavy-duty than standard drying racks.

Recommended Heated Clothes Airer

If you want the best-heated clothes for your household, then the UK’s No. 1 Electric Heated Clothes Airer is what you are looking for.

It is ABIS Heated Clothes Airer Drying Rack 20.5m. If you live alone and think that a 3-Tier is too much for you, the winged type version is suitable for you. It is ABIS Heated Clothes Airer Drying Rack 15m.

ABIS Heated Clothes Airers have premium aluminium rust-free roads that ensure extreme durability while keeping your clothes clean while drying. 

For the 3-Tier version, you can have 20.5m drying space and a 15kg drying capacity. On the other hand, the winged type has 15m of drying space and the same drying capacity.

Both are designed to be low-weight and portable so that you can move them around the house quickly and for easy storage. 

They also have a stable base because it is made from top-quality anti-slip material. This feature ensures that both racks won’t move or wobble while in use. 

ABIS Heated Clothes Airers also have a 100% waterproof power switch, so users won’t have to worry about the clothes airers’ functionality and their safety.

They also come with a highly energy-efficient radiator at a low cost compared to conventional dryers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Are the Benefits of a Drying Rack?

    The benefits of drying racks are they don’t require a fixed location. They are portable and lightweight. 

    You don’t need a backyard or an open space anymore because you can dry indoors with a drying rack. You can save time and money as well when using a drying rack.

  • What Are the Benefits of a Heated Clothes Airer Over a Drying Rack?

    The drying rack’s benefits are the benefits of a heated clothes airer as well. However, electric clothes airers have few advantages since they have a particular function. 

    These benefits are their capability to emit warm air or heat, their ideality for different seasons and their better durability than a regular drying rack.

  • What Are the Available Models of Abis Heated Clothes Airer?

    The available ABIS Heated Clothes Airer models are the 3-Tier Electric Clothes Airer with 20.5m of drying space and the winged type heated drying rack with 15m of drying space. For only £149.99, you can have a bundle of the two models.


A heated clothes airer is definitely one of your best options over your regular drying rack. This is true, especially if you want to dry your clothes fast and effectively. Hopefully, this article explained everything why it’s best to have a clothes airer than a regular drying rack.