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Types of Portable Massagers on the Market

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Types of Portable Massagers: Different Portable Massagers You Can Use

Massage is one of the oldest ways of healing. Around the world, it is believed to relieve one’s pain and other ailments. Massage is the practice of kneading and manipulating a person’s musculature and other tissues like the ligaments, tendons, and fascia in a specific method to alleviate the aching body or improve well-being.

A massage can also reduce stress hormones, such as adrenalin, cortisol, and norepinephrine. Researches indicate that high levels of stress hormones weaken the immune system. Unfortunately, it’s risky to book a massage session nowadays, and costs quite some. Why not invest in something that is easily accessible to you anytime and anywhere.

Massage Mats

Nowadays, massage chairs are costly, and you can’t even bring a massage chair along on overnights or on vacation. Perhaps you’re an athlete, and you need to get a massage often. You can obtain a massage mat instead. It’s cheap and portable compared to massage chairs.

It boasts many levels of vibration, high-quality motors, and heat therapy techniques or instead options. All these while you’re relaxed. Once you unravel the mat like a futon, just lie down on the warm, inviting mat and get all your sore muscles and joints treated with a gentle and precise massage. It comes with full-body heat therapy and localized heating machines for the neck, upper and lowers back, lumbar, thighs, and legs.

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Neck and Back Massagers

Another tremendous portable massage device is the neck and back massager. Suppose you want a hands-free massager that is small and suitable to use in your car or office. This type can directly control where the massager is working and apply the exact intensity that you desire. It can be placed anywhere along your neck, shoulder, or back, allowing for much more precise and fluid control than a massage mat.

This massager also means that it could target particular muscles on our neck and back. It is ideal for reaching deep and challenging knots that would otherwise be difficult, if not impossible — to get.

Massage Guns

Massage guns are the most popular type of muscle recovery tool that brings massage sessions to your home, and for quite a while, massage guns are seen as a luxury item. Massage guns weren’t as needed as before the pandemic happened. 

While celebrities popularized the massage gun, the events of the pandemic made spa and massage centers close. This event paved the way to make the massage gun cheaper and more accessible. This type works by repeatedly applying bursts of pressure to the targeted area at high speed, like a tiny jackhammer. It creates what’s known as percussive or vibration therapy.

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Vibration Therapy

Vibration uses high-frequency or vibrating movements to relax your body. If you want complete relaxation, you can use a massage gun that uses vibration therapy for up to 30 minutes. If you are experiencing any cramps or muscle tensions in a specific part of your body, you can use it for up to 45 minutes for it to recover quickly. Vibration therapy reduces stress, improves muscles’ flexibility, increases blood flow, and soothes soreness in your muscles.

Percussion Therapy

Percussion therapy or percussive uses general pressure or force on a specific muscle. With that, it goes more profound to your muscle to resolve any muscle soreness. Since a percussive massage gun uses extreme power, you must not overuse it in a single body area for more than 15 minutes.  This method allows better blood circulation and improves the body’s range of motion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the different types of portable massagers in the market?

    The different types of portable massagers in the market are massage mats, neck and back massagers, massage guns, a percussive or vibration massage guns. There could be some more. However, these types of massagers are the most prominent and known ones.

  • What is the difference between percussive and vibration therapy?

    The difference between percussive and vibration therapy is that vibration therapy uses high-frequency or vibrating movements for your body to relax. In contrast, percussive therapy uses forces or pulses deep into your muscle. Both release muscle soreness and improve blood flow.

  • What type of massage gun is ABIS FTM19?

    ABIS FTM19 is a Deep Tissue Massage Gun. Like a percussion massage gun, it uses pulses of pressure on your muscle tissues. This method work on knots and tensions in your muscles. It improves blood flow and enhances your range of motion. When used correctly, it can also shorten your recovery time from any muscle soreness.


If you are looking for a portable massager, better get ABIS Deep Tissue Portable Massage Gun FTM19. It’s a Deep Tissue Massage Gun that applies pulses of pressure deep to your muscle tissues. This massage gun greatly helps your blood flow and enhances your range of motion. It comes with four interchangeable head attachments and eight different massage heads to adjust the strength level depending on what you prefer. It also comes with an adjustable speed that can reach up to 3,200 percussions per minute.

ABIS FTM19 comes with a Unique Quiet Glide technology and a 24V brushless high-torque motor which ensures a quiet yet unique massage gun experience. It’s lightweight and has an ergonomic shape, so it won’t strain your hand while using it. It also uses ABIS technology so that the battery would last longer. This technology allows the massage gun to automatically adjust the voltage received to charge at the same rate. You won’t be needing to worry about overheating. With this, you can use ABIS FTM19 for up to three hours of continuous use.

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