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Smart Clothes Airers: Life with ABIS Airers

Smart Clothes Airers

ABIS Electronics has made it easier for everyone. So, how did we come up with our long line of heated clothes airers to smart clothes airers? Continue reading.

Types of Clothes Airers: Clothes Airers Started Simple

Creating products that solve modern problems efficiently starts with simple concepts.

The beginning of clothes airers is relatively simple: everyone washes their clothes and has been washing and drying them since humans had them. The traditional way of drying clothes is using a simple washing line. Just hang the clothes on the clothesline tied to two poles and dry them outside.

Using traditional washing lines would mean letting the weather and heat outdoors do the work. So, there are traditional forms of airers that are different from the modern ones in the market.

But, humans seek more convenient ways to dry clothing. That is why they soon came up with outdoor standalone washing lines. 

Inventing Game Changers through Clothes Airers

Outdoor clothes airers are invented to seek more convenient ways of drying multiple loads of clothes and saving space.

A single, long washing line can dry clothes less than an outdoor airer could. When it comes to these outdoor airers, you can use a lot of space provided to dry out your clothes.

These traditional airers are good, but traditional indoor airers are invented in search of innovation. 

Indoor and outdoor clothes airers come in different forms. They come in plastic or metal, and you can set them up indoors or outdoors.

Stability became an issue once placed outside. In addition, these airers are not attached to the floor, making them wonky. 

Aside from the common issues, people started to have unaddressed needs regarding clothes airers. Some needed slim and convenient clothes airers, so wing-type clothes airers were invented.

Some had more children and clothes to dry, so tiered clothes airers were created for people to choose from. 

The weather in Britain wasn’t great, so it needed innovation

The weather wasn’t great for drying clothes overall. But clothes needed to be dried, so this issue needed resolution.

You couldn’t just put the clothes on the radiator since this created a lot of condensation, and condensation invited mould growth.

So, drying clothes on radiators was never encouraged since mould can get dangerous. Aside from that, drying clothes on radiators wasn’t convenient and cost a lot more money. 

So they moved on to creating heated clothes airers. This design began to be the most commonly used clothes airer design.

The idea of its creation was placing a cord inside that would heat the metal rods of the clothes airers and, in turn, heat the clothes to dry them up.

So, a steady demand for heated clothes airers was made. The electric clothes airers business is the business we at ABIS Electronics have participated in since we develop electronics and tech. 

Energy cost and safety were issues.

People wanted a piece of equipment that would work efficiently yet save energy. However, the convenience that heated clothes airers offered came with many pressing issues.

Number one was fire riks; heated clothes airers could only heat up to specific degrees.

But, leaving the clothes airer turned on for a long time posed a considerable risk of starting a fire.

Aside from that, electricity became an issue due to the rising cost of electricity. The cost of electricity was too high due to inflation and other international issues.

However, we at ABIS have already made a solution for the running costs. We came up with innovation after innovation that led us to what we have now: ABIS Smart Clothes Airers. 

Life Before Clothes Airers

Limited Space and High Costs

Before clothes airers became available to the market, it was evident that the users had a limited lifestyle.

One of these was the need for more space available at home. Not everyone had the space to attend to drying clothes outdoors, and not everyone had the space to cater to drying large batches outdoors.

Most consumers also lived in block apartments where tenants shared the community garden.

People would see all your stuff hanging outside. Aside from that, everyone knew that the weather wasn’t conducive and reliable enough to rely solely on it to dry clothes. 

Aside from the limited availability of space, energy costs were another prominent issue.

Everyone could see the constant rise of energy costs within the UK and never going down.

Your clothes airers could be used for a limited time, yes. But, not everyone had the time to set up an alarm or turn their heated clothes airers off when they had their hands full with at-home responsibilities. 

Health and Fire Hazards

You could leave your clothes airer running for an extended time. But, once left running for days, then it would pose a fire risk and could lead to fires.

Excessive use of heated clothes airers with the idea of thoroughly drying your clothes did more harm than good. Before our Smart Clothes Airers, people used to buy manual timing plugs.

You could settle with having one attached to your clothes airers, but these devices could sometimes be inaccurate.

Life after ABIS Smart Clothes Airers

Smart Control

Smart Control is what its name means; you won’t need a connection hub for the clothes airers; you only need a stable WiFi connection.

In addition, the ABIS Smart Clothes Airers are standalone; you won’t need to buy any device to help the clothes airers to your at-home WiFi.

Simply connect to your WiFi directly to access the intelligent control. You can download the app through Google or iOS if you have ABIS Smart Clothes Airers at home.

Enjoy the convenience of managing your clothes drying without needing all of your attention. Deal with your laundry in the comfort of your phone.

Complete Control Over Your Bills

Electric bills and the cost of using electric clothes airers will always be a pressing issue due to the constantly rising cost of electricity.

Now, the ABIS Smart Clothes Airers come with an energy monitoring device. You can also access and monitor the energy consumption of your ABIS Smart Clothes Airers through the app.

You can get updated monitoring of how much you spend on drying your clothes and how long you have been using the clothes airer. 

The best perk of having a Smart Clothes Airer is you can access the equipment without needing to tinker with it manually.

Through the app, you can turn your clothes airer off. If you forgot to turn your clothes dryer off and won’t be at home for a long time, any form of connection will grant you access to your equipment at home. 

Schedule Drying Time

Clothes can dry at different times depending on the fabric and the moisture in the clothes.

Enjoy the comfort of scheduling the drying times of your ABIS Smart Clothes Airers through the app. You can also schedule multiple drying times ahead of time if you want to plan out your laundry. 

Countdown Drying Time

You can set up automatic switch-off throughout the day using the app.

Create a schedule for how long you would like the clothes dryer to work. 

Cost Less Than Traditional Heated Airers

You can save much more with Smart Clothes Airers than the more traditional options in the market.

You can monitor your expenses on clothes drying through the app. This function will help you weigh in on your spending, giving you more control over your budget. 

Set Weather Scenes for Automatic Drying

The temperature depends on the weather. For example, winter brings colder temperatures, so you know your smart heated clothes airers will need to work harder.

On the other hand, summer brings warmer temperatures so you might need a lot less help from your clothes airer. You can set up Weather Scenes for your clothes dryer. 

This means that you can set up a parameter for temperatures that, once reached, will automatically turn the clothes dryer on.

If the temperature goes under the set parameters, the ABIS Smart Clothes Airer will shut off automatically. This does short work of using energy when you need it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I access my ABIS Smart Clothes Airers even if I’m out or away from home?

    The ABIS Smart Clothes Airers can be accessed through a WiFi connection. This accessibility development made it possible for you to turn the clothes airer while you are away. You can also take advantage of its scheduled drying time feature to plan your errands and day.

  • The UK weather can get unpredictable, and I don’t want to ruin my drying session. How can ABIS Smart Clothes Airers help?

    The UK weather can be a piece of work due to fluctuating temperatures. You can access the ABIS Smart Clothes Airers’ weather scene setup features. This smart feature allows you to set temperature parameters that signal the clothes airers to turn off or on. 

  • Can the ABIS Smart Clothes Airers help me manage my energy expenses better? I will be adding another appliance at home through a clothes airer.

    We understand that buying a clothes airer means another addition to your monthly expenses. The ABIS Smart Clothes Airers help you resolve this by letting you view the length of drying times and how much energy it is currently consuming. You can now plan out your drying times to ensure you’re not over budget.


The ABIS Smart Airers are products of constant innovation over the years in hopes of catering to all your needs.

Imagine an intelligent device that takes care of your laundry and is practical, efficient, and highly versatile.

The ABIS Smart Clothes Airers series eliminate the risks that were once related to electric clothes airers by developing top-of-the-line features.

Aside from that, these features come with a relatively value-friendly clothes airer which most of the choices in the market at the same price point lack. 

Enjoy having fewer worries about the safety of your home using the ABIS Smart Clothes Airers.

Manage your drying time through the app, and you can ensure that you are on top of things, even if you’re away from home. Have the power of modern technology in your hands.