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How To Quickly Dry your Clothes Overnight

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Have you ever felt the sense of dread later that evening when you realise you need to wear that shirt tomorrow, but it’s still in a heaping pile of laundry? With not enough time to even wash it, you need it dry by tomorrow.

If you’re doing an emergency wash and it’s just one-item fabric, running an expensive tumble dryer would be uneconomical, or you may not own a tumble dryer. Don’t worry. The following tips can help you get your freshly washed clothes in no time.

Quickly Dry your Clothes: Tips

Quickly Dry your Clothes With a Towel

Towels are not just for drying you up but also for drying hacks for your clothing if you’re running late. They are instrumental if you are on vacation or travelling and can’t bring wet clothes in your baggage.

Quickly Dry your Clothes

How it works is that the more water you can get out, the quicker your clothes will dry. This hack may cause some creases in your garment, so make sure you’re suitable to iron it afterwards. What you’ll need are two big bath towels, and an iron. Also, make sure that you use clean towels.

Now to dry your clothing, layout the towel flat on the ground or any flat surface. Next is to place your wet garment on top. Start from the bottom of the towel and roll it up like sushi. If you can, have somebody strong to hold the other end.  Twist the towel to wring out that excess moisture. Now here comes the second towel. Use that to repeat the process. Simple as that. After doing so, you can iron it to remove that last bit of moisture and get the creases out.

Dry Clothes With A Hairdryer

Just like towels, a hairdryer can be used not just on your hair but on your clothes too. When you use a hairdryer, please don’t dry your clothes while you’re wearing it as the air won’t pass through and that, of course, it’s hot.

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Aside from a hairdryer, you’ll need a coat hanger too. First, you need to hang your clothes on a coat hanger and set your hair dryer to medium and after a minute, turn it to high heat. Move the hairdryer evenly across the surface of your clothing. Make sure you don’t stop on the spot too much, or it’ll damage the fabric. You can also try turning it inside out to get out all moisture.

Use A Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier can also be a good investment if you’re regularly drying clothes indoors. Keeping moisture out of the air doesn’t just help clothes dry more quickly; it also keeps your home healthier.

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It’s a simple yet ingenious appliance that removes moisture from the air. It draws the warm moist air in and cools it quickly. It can be used to lower the humidity, and as we all know, clothes dry much faster in drier environments. This is the reason why your clothes dry so slowly on damp winter days outside. The dehumidifier lets you cheat nature and create a dry environment indoors. This hack is perfect for drying clothes inside. Moisture will evaporate very quickly from your damp washing in a dry room.

Hang It Dry with an Electric Clothes Airer

Instead of hanging your clothes on a traditional clothes airer, you can do an upgrade and use an electric clothes airer like ABIS 3-Tier Heated Clothes Airer. It uses power to radiate heat on its rods to make the drying process faster than just hanging it on a traditional clothes airer. ABIS 3-Tier has an energy-efficient radiator so that you won’t worry about the monthly expenses. It is proven to have a lower cost than using a conventional dryer.

ABIS Electronics

Make sure to hang the clothes with spaces in between so that they will dry even faster. You can also use an electric fan to speed up the drying process if you are really in a hurry. ABIS 3-Tier provides 20.5 mm of drying space and 15 kg for drying capacity. It is a good investment, especially if you want to trim down expenses by not using a drying machine or tumbler.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I dry my clothes overnight without the use of a dryer?

    Yes. You can definitely dry your clothes overnight without a dryer. There are different ways you can do so, but one of the best investments you can have is having an electric clothes airer at home. This device speeds up the drying process because it radiates heat to its rods.

  • Can I use a towel to dry my clothes?

    Yes, you can use a clean towel to dry the clothes. Simply put the wet clothes on top of the towel, roll it and wring it. The towel absorbs the water from the wet clothes, which helps the drying process of the clothes. You might need to iron the clothes afterwards since there will be creases after doing this hack.

  • How can I use a hairdryer to dry my clothes?

    Hang your clothes using a hanger. Now plug in the hairdryer and start blow-drying the wet clothes. Ensure that there is a rag below the clothes or a small basin to catch the water droplets. This method might take a while, so make sure to put the hairdryer on its highest mode. If it starts to heat up, let it rest for a while and continue doing it again.


Drying your clothes in a prepared manner is still better than rushing the drying process since it will require you more effort. However, these instances are unavoidable. There will always be times when you will need to dry clothes overnight. These different hacks to quickly dry your clothes overnight still vary on how urgent you need to dry your clothes. If you want less effort but with a faster drying process, you can invest in an electric clothes airer like ABIS 3-Tier Heated Clothes Airer.

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