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How To Decrease Clothes Drying Time in 3 Easy Steps

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Doing the laundry takes time and effort, and only some people have the luxury of time to do that. The worst experience is when you think you will be able to wear the clothes you need after drying them, but once you pull them out of the dryer, they are still damp, and some parts are still wet.

Here are three simple, easy steps to decrease clothes’ drying time to prevent that kind of problem from reoccurring again. Ensure to take down notes 

Decrease Clothes Drying Time in 3 Easy Steps

Did you know you can dry your clothes in just a few steps? Read the steps below if you want to know these tips to make your day smooth and hassle-free. 

Step 1: Spin It Again, or Do Not Overstuff It

To decrease drying time, instead of using your tumble dryer, which will surely take a lot of energy and cost a lot, it is better just to spin it again. 

Don’t remove your clothes yet from the washer. Rerun them using the spin cycle. The spin cycle is only for a few minutes; however, this will make your clothes dry much faster. It is like wringing the water out but with the use of your washer.

If, in any case, you still want to use your dryer, do not overstuff it with clothes when you are using it. Not only will it take longer to dry, but there is also a high chance that some clothes will dry and some won’t. 

This incident happens when your drying machine is overstuffed. There is too much moisture inside, and the clothes won’t spin or move around inside, making it harder for warm air to move through them. Chances are, your clothes will end up having damp spots afterward.

Step 2: Use an Electric Clothes Airer

Using an electric clothes airer can significantly decrease the drying time of your clothes than just the conventional clothes drying rack. How, may you ask?

An electric clothes airer uses power to radiate heat that circulates on the clothes. The heat will help vaporise the water on the clothes, making the drying time even faster. 

Electric clothes airer might cost a lot more than a regular clothes airer, but it is a good investment in every household. You can drop off using your conventional drying machine and switch to an eclectic clothes airer, mainly if you want to decrease household expenses.

Step 3: Wring It, Spread It Out, and Put Them Under Direct Sunlight or Add a Fan.

When hanging your clothes to dry, ensure you have wrung the excess water out. After that, ensure that the clothes are well-spread on your drying rack. Give them spaces in between, and do not overcrowd them. This will ensure decreased drying time.

In this way, if you use an electric clothes airer, the heat from the clothes airer can spread across all of your clothes. This feature is why investing in a drying rack with more drying space is better.

If you cannot put your drying rack outside for direct sunlight, you can put it inside your house near a window where the sunlight is at. If drying at night, you can turn on an electric fan and have it face the drying rack. Adding heat or air can decrease drying time significantly.


ABIS 3-Tier Heated Clothes Airer is one of the competitive electric clothes airers in the UK market today. It is considered as UK’s Number 1 Electric Heated Clothes Airer. 

Why ABIS 3-Tier?

ABIS 3-Tier is ideal when it comes to optimising space in your laundry.  Its volume is only 1480 mm x 705 mm x 730 mm, which provides 20.5 mm of drying area and 15kg for drying capacity. It has three levels that can carry one full load. 

You can spread out clothes here because there is a lot of space for you to utilise. It is lightweight and portable for easy moving and storage. Its base is also made from top-quality anti-slip material, so it won’t move or slide while you’re using it.

ABIS used an extremely energy-efficient radiator to ensure that ABIS 3-Tier won’t take up too much energy. It is proven that the overall monthly cost is low when compared to conventional dryers. 

It also has premium aluminium roads that are rust-free to ensure that your clothes remain clean while being extremely durable. You won’t worry about buying a new one every once in a while. ABIS 3-Tier also comes with a power switch that is 100% waterproof to ensure every utiliser’s safety.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have further questions about reducing drying time when washing clothes, find the answers below.

What Are the Steps to Decrease Clothes’ Drying Time?

Step 1: Have the clothes spin again on the washer but without the water. If you’re using a dryer, make sure not to overstuff it.
Step 2: use an electric clothes airer instead of a conventional drying rack.
Step 3: if you’re not using a dryer, wring out the water of the clothes manually, spread them out when hanging, and them under direct sunlight or add a fan for them to dry even faster

Why Are My Clothes Still Wet Even I Put Them in the Dryer?

Your clothes are still wet even if you had them run in the dryer if you probably overstuffed them. Ensure that you don’t overload the clothes inside the dryer so that whenever it spins, there are still spaces where heat can go through.

How Does an Electric Clothes Airer Work?

Unlike conventional clothing drying racks, electric clothes airer uses electricity or power for you to utilise its feature. Electric clothes airer comes with a radiator that will emit warm wair or heat so that whenever you have hanging clothes on inherit will have shorter drying time.


Over the years, people constantly search for cost-effective ways to dry their clothes and shorten drying time without relying on appliances. Fortunately, a clothes-airer drying rack is one of the few products capable of doing that. 

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