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Foldable Clothes Airer: Things You Didn’t Know About

Foldable Clothes Airer

Did you know that there are a lot of types of foldable clothes airer? It comes in all different shapes and sizes. Clothes airers can be unique because of their modification and distinct materials. 

It may be just a simple appliance. But just like a smartphone, clothes airers have plenty of different features that can help you do your laundry, and the aspects you choose to purchase can make a huge difference and make your life easier.

So if you’re planning to buy one for yourself, here are the things you didn’t know about foldable clothes airer.

What is a Foldable Clothes Airer? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

In this day and age, there have been a lot of technological innovations, especially in the world of drying clothes. One of those is a foldable clothes airer; what are clothes airers? Let’s get to know more about this space-saving product. 

Two Kinds of Foldable Clothes Airer

Just like any other appliances, clothing airers also have different kinds. Specifically, there are two – the conventional clothing airers and the electric clothes airers.

Foldable Clothes Airer: Conventional Clothes Airers

Conventional clothes airers are the basic clothing drying racks. These are the one that usually pops up whenever you google them. So for you to be able to pick what you think is the best and most applicable regular clothing airer for your home, here are the different types of it:

Foldable Clothes Airer: Freestanding Clothes Airer

In most households, foldable clothes airer, like freestanding clothes airers are the common ones that you can see. It has variations in sizes and is perfect for a family that relies on a clothes airer for drying their laundry. 

You can expand and fold down most freestanding clothes airer when not in use for accessible storage space. 

These racks need enough space around them for the air to circumvent. When looking for a freestanding clothes airer, you may want to consider getting one with wheels so you can move it around without hassle.

Foldable Clothes Airer: Wall Mounted Clothes Airer

Foldable Clothes Airer: Wall-mounted clothes airer are more permanent because they are screwed into the wall of your flat or home, making it difficult to relocate them if you want or need to. This type offers the same benefits you will get from a freestanding rack but are great if you don’t have a lot of floor space in the area. 

In most households, wall-mounted clothes airer are retractable, meaning you can just pull it out if you will use it or retract it back to the wall after utilising it. It lets you save space and keep the floor free and clean from any items.

Foldable Clothes Airer: Ceiling Mounted Clothes Airer

Ceiling-mounted clothes airers take advantage of the fact that warm air naturally rises. With your clothes hanging up from the ceiling, it dries faster than placing them on the ground. 

Since these mounted clothes airers are upon the ceiling, they also don’t take much floor or room space when used. 

But, you might wonder how you will use and reach it if it is above there. You can easily pull down the rack when you use it and hang your wet clothing on it, raise it to place it back, and let your clothes hang dry.

Foldable Clothes Airer: Over-the-door or Hanging Clothes Airer

Not everyone has enough room in their home to place a freestanding clothes airer or even have a wall or ceiling-mounted drying rack. 

If you want to dry your clothes on a drying rack from time to time but don’t want to have a large one, then a clothes airer that hangs over the top of your door or your shower rod may just be the one for you.

They will fold up flat against the door when it’s not in use. If you need the help of this clothes airer, you can easily fold it down to hang at a 90-degree angle from the door. 

You can then turn your wet clothes on the rack. The only downside is that, of course, you cannot press your door flat against the wall when you are using the frame. You have to keep it closed so your clothes can dry.

Foldable Clothes Airer: Electric Clothing Airers

Electric clothing airers has a minor modification to step up its game as a drying rack. Obviously, its term uses power to radiate heat to the drying rack so that your clothes would dry faster. 

It is a beneficial feature, especially when you do your laundry during the colder months. You might not be able to hang dry your clothes outside on a regular clothes airer, but you can let an electric drying rack heat up and emit warm air to your clothes indoors. 

Sometimes, electric clothing airers have a few more tricks up in their pockets, just like ABIS 3-Tier Heated Clothes Airer. Aside from having an energy-efficient radiator, it also comes up with a waterproof power switch. This feature ensures its users’ safety by significantly avoiding any possible short circuits. With this, you also wouldn’t have to worry about buying a new one to replace if it gets broken. 

Still, Wondering About Abis-3 Tier?

Well, you might ask, what else are the things you didn’t know about ABIS 3-Tier?  Adding to its unique features, ABIS 3-Tier Heated Clothing Airer has premium aluminium roads to keep it rust-free. 

It ensures the drying rack is highly durable and keeps your clothes clean from rust and dirt. ABIS 3-Tier has 20.5m of drying space that can carry 15kg of drying capacity. 

It is also portable and lightweight to quickly move it around and keep it somewhere when unused. It is also very stable because its base is made from top-quality anti-slip material to keep the drying rack from wobbling or sliding.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have further questions regarding the things you don’t know about foldable clothes airer products, you might find them down below. 

Are Freestanding Clothes Airer Hard to Assemble?

The freestanding clothes airer is relatively easy to assemble. Most of these drying racks are designed as portable and usually comes in already made. If not, they are commonly effortless to build and won’t take too much of your time. Sometimes, it comes with a manual on how to make it too.

Is It Hard to Install Clothes Airers on Walls?

Installing a wall-mounted clothes airer is not that hard, but it is also not easy. It might take you some time to mount it. You might also need help from someone since you need to drill the rack evenly on the wall and ensure it is level.

Which Is Better, Regular Clothes Airer or Electric Clothes Airer?

It depends on what is most likely preferred or needed. Electric clothes airer just have an edge since they radiate heat to emit warm air and make the drying process faster. On the other hand, you can save a few quids on a regular clothes airer since it doesn’t take up energy, unlike an electric clothes airer.


This article should pretty much sum up what clothes airers are all about. Are you interested to pick one for your clothes-drying needs? If so, Check out our store to have a good look at this fantastic product.