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Other than Typical Clothes Dryers: 3 Alternative Solutions for Drying Clothes Indoors

Drying Clothes

Urbanisation made it difficult for drying clothes. When most of the population lived in villages, this problem never appeared because houses usually had a space in their backyard where clothes could be dried easily on an open clothesline. 

But gradually, as large cities with limited space appeared in small or high-rise apartments, drying clothes became challenging.

Households have seen typical clothes dryers as essential appliances in their laundry room, but that only applies to some, given that it is expensive to have and run. 

So instead, you can still consider air-drying your clothes, and here are some alternative solutions you can do when drying clothes.

Drying Clothes Indoors: 3 Alternatives

There are definitely plenty of ways to dry your clothes inside. All hope is not lost! If you want to learn more about the best alternatives for drying clothes indoors, read further down below. 

Drying Clothes: Shower Rod Method

Shower rods are helpful not only to keep your floor from getting wet but for laundry as well. Mostly among small flats, shower rods can be utilised as an alternative to a clothes dryer. Having your wet clothes dry inside your bathroom is ideal because it is okay to get the floor wet.

To make drying clothes easier when using this method, it is better to give them a good wring before hanging them. Make sure that excess water has been removed before letting them dry. If your bathroom also has a window, you can leave it open so that air or even sunlight can reach your clothes which can help the drying process.

Drying Clothes: Indoor Line Method

The indoor line method calls for a larger space. If your bathroom is too small for the number of clothes you need to dry, you can be creative and have an indoor line instead. You can install them in your basement or any place inside your home that isn’t busy so that your drying clothes can occupy them. 

Like the shower rod method, give your clothes a good wring before hanging them. Since you will be drying clothes within your house, check the area occasionally to mop or dry the floor for possible drippings. It is ideal not to do this where your floorings are carpeted so there won’t be any stains.

Drying Clothes: Heated Clothes Airer Method 

If you want a faster method than the first two alternatives, you should use a heated clothes airer instead. A heated clothes airer is a drying rack capable of radiating heat or warm air to help your clothes dry faster. 

Since heated clothes airer is primarily lightweight and portable, you can utilise this appliance anywhere inside your home. Still, it is ideal to use a heated clothes airer in not busy areas to avoid moisture that could lead to allergies and headaches.

You can still wring your clothes before hanging them; however, that could give your clothes wrinkles. You can simply hang them directly on the heated clothes to avoid that. There is no need to worry about the drying process since its feature can help your clothes dry quickly. With this method, you may skip ironing your clothes as well.

Drying Clothes: Suggested Alternatives

The heated clothes airer method stands out among the three alternative solutions listed above, given that this can dry your clothes faster than the other two. With that, you would also want the best available heated clothes airer available, ABIS Heated Clothes Airer Drying Rack Electric 20.5m

Main Features of ABIS

ABIS Clothes Airers are designed to reduce clothes drying time by hours and for their utiliser’s safety. 

Rust-free Aluminium Roads

ABIS Clothes Airers have rust-free premium aluminium roads, which makes them highly durable and keener to breaking. This feature also keeps your clothes clean and rust-free while utilising ABIS.

Waterproof Power Switch

To ensure ABIS’ full functionality, the clothes airer has its own 100% waterproof power switch. You wouldn’t worry about ABIS getting splashed by water while utilising it because it is safe to use. It is a catch for a clothes airer because you won’t think about changing anytime soon with this quality.

Foldable and Portable

The low-weight and portable designs of ABIS Clothes airers are meant to let the utilisers move the drying rack everywhere without any problem, whether indoors or outdoors. The drying rack occupies little space when folded, so you can easily hide it behind the door or slide it under your bed.

Maximum Drying Space and Capacity

ABIS Clothes Airers is ideal for optimising space for your laundry, which is why it has a drying space of 20.5m and a drying capacity of 15 kg. It is ideal for a whole load of laundry. If a three-tiered rack is too much for you, you can go with ABIS Heated Clothes Airer Drying Rack 15m instead with the same drying capacity and a 15m drying space.


The base of ABIS Clothes Airers is all made from top-quality anti-slip material. The rack won’t move, wobble or slide whenever you use it to dry your clothes.

Energy Saving

ABIS Clothes Airer’s radiators are incredibly energy-efficient. Compared to your typical clothes dryer, the overall monthly cost is low.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have further questions regarding ways to dry your clothes inside your home, you might find the answers down below. 

What Are the Other Alternative Solutions for Drying Clothes Indoors?

There are many alternative solutions, but here are some: You can use your shower rod as a drying rack. 

This way, you will also have your clothes dry inside your bathroom, which is an ideal room for your drying laundry. You can also install an indoor line for a larger space, and if you want a faster drying time, you can use a heated clothes airer.

How to Avoid Wrinkles in the Laundry?

Wringing your clothes manually or using tumble drying can give your clothes massive wrinkles. To avoid this, directly hang your wet clothes on a clothes airer and air dry them. You can also use a heated drying rack to fasten the process. Using one won’t cause any wrinkles in your laundry.

What are the main features of ABIS Heated Clothes Airers?

The main features of ABIS Heated Clothes Airers include rust-free premium aluminium roads, a waterproof power switch, foldable and portability, maximum drying space and capacity, complete stability, and an energy-saving radiator. 

These features are why ABIS Heated Clothes Airers are considered the UK’s No.1 Electric Heated Clothes Drying Rack.


Aside from appliances, there are still proven ways to dry your clothes indoors quickly. It may not be as fast as dryers, but these are more than enough to keep your clothes dried during the entire day.