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Most Common Ways to Place a Hand Dryer in a School Bathroom

Hand Dryer in a School Bathroom

Do you know why your school bathroom keeps getting messy? It’s probably because of the wrong placement of hand dryers for schools. Don’t worry. That won’t last long. This blog will help you with that problem, so make sure to continue reading.

Placing a hand dryer in a school bathroom

Hand Dryer in a School Bathroom: Place it on the right spot

Is simply installing hand dryers on the wall the right thing to do? Of course not. You have to choose the right location for the hand dryers. The correct location is near the sink but at least one meter away from reflective materials. Not only do you get to reduce water dripping on floors, but you get to avoid the hand dryers turning on and off on their own because of the reflections.

This placing helps school caretakers from cleaning too much mess within school bathrooms. Also, if there are windows and direct sunlight goes inside the washroom, do not install the hand dryers directly. The rays of the sun can be a problem to the sensor of the hand dryers.

Hand Dryer in a School Bathroom: Place it on the right height

Now that you know the right location, the next one you have to consider is the installation height. Height is an essential factor, especially when you are installing a hand dryer in a school bathroom. There are ideal height measurements that most installers use. Also, there are two factors for the height measurement—the type of the hand dryer and the customer’s height measurement.

Hand Dryer in a School Bathroom: Hand Under Dryers and the Height Measurements

Hand under dryers refers to the hand dryers that you only have to place your hands just beneath the hand dryers to dry your hands. This type is the most common among hand dryers. One perfect example of hand under dryers is the ABIS Excel-9 Hand Dryer.

A high-speed automatic hand dryer automatically activates when users place their hands beneath the hand dryer and automatically stops when removed.  If you want to know why ABIS Excel-9 is the perfect hand dryer for schools, you should check this blog out.  Here are the suggested installation height measurements:

  • Men’s toilet – 117cm above ground
  • Women’s toilet – 112cm above ground

For school washrooms, you should consider the age too.

  • Ages 4 to 7 kid’s toilet – 81cm above the ground
  • Ages 8 to 10 kid’s toilet – 91cm above the ground
  • Ages 11 to 13 children’s toilet – 102cm above the ground
  • For disabled – 94cm above the ground.

Hand Dryer in a School Bathroom: Hands In Dryers and Height Measurements

Hands In dryers are hand dryers that have a slot where you put your hands for them to dry. Most builts of Hands In Dryers have the drying slot at the top of the hand dryers. It means that you should place the hand dryer lower than where you usually install hands under dryers because utilisers should put their hands inside the hand dryers. Here are the height measurements you can use:

  • Men’s toilet – 105cm above the ground
  • Women’s toilet – 97.5cm above the ground
  • Child’s toilet – 87.5cm
  • For disabled – 87.5cm

Frequently Asked Questions

What are common ways to place a hand dryer in a school bathroom?

The usual placements of hand dryers in school depend on who will be using them and the type of hand dryer you are installing. Hands In dryers are usually placed lower than Hands Under dryers. Schools for pre-schoolers should have hand dryers installed where they can reach them.

What are the differences between Hands In Dryers and Hands Under Dryers?

Hands Under Dryers are the most common hand dryers. The blower and sensor are located at the bottom part of the hand dryer. Thus, you place your hands under the hand dryer to dry them. Hands In Dryers have a slot at the top part of the hand dryer where you slide in your hands to try them.

Where in the school washroom should you place your hand dryer?

You should place the hand dryer not too far from the sink to avoid water drips on the floor that creates a mess. Also, try to put it away from any reflective surfaces, especially if you have hands under hand dryers, to ensure it won’t turn on and off on its own.


The placement of your hand dryer in a school bathroom should always be for the convenience of the students. If you want a hand dryer that can help you with that, you can choose from the different hand dryers that ABIS offers. You can check them out here.