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Top-5 Places to Use a Portable Screen

Portable Screen

Projector screens are slowly becoming in demand as many households and professionals have been upgrading and using projectors. Portable screens are now quickly becoming a necessity not only for work but for academics as well. However, projector screens are not just for professional uses as you can also use them to spice up your entertainment at home. This blog can help you out where you can use a portable screen, so if you want to know more, keep on reading.

What is a Portable Screen?

A Portable Screen is a projector screen that gives you the option to bring or move it around. It offers versatility compared to fixed screens that are installed in one place.

Where can you use a portable screen?

You can use a portable screen in many situations. You can use it to expand your screen and increase your display when doing any presentation or just a movie night. Here are the top 5 places where you can use a portable screen:

At home for your do-it-yourself movie house

One place you can use a portable screen in the comfort of your home. Upgrading your home entertainment is one of the mainstream things to do, especially during a pandemic. Watching films on a big screen can help you ease the boredom of being locked at home. If you plan to have a home cinema and don’t have a designated room, you can always use a portable screen instead. You can install it inside your room and have a movie night with some friends. Since it is portable and you need a bigger space, you can have it in your living room.

In school for class lessons

Teachers and professors nowadays are maximizing every resource they can use whenever they teach. It is easier to use a projector and a projector screen instead of sticking to chalkboards and whiteboards when showing class lessons. To add up, creating lesson plans and powerpoints are faster with the use of technology. Presenting the studies with the help of a projector and projector screen can be helpful not only for the teacher but also for the students. With a projector screen, students can easily see what is being flashed to the screen wherever they are seated inside the classroom. A portable projector screen is usually lightweight and comes with bag teachers can bring around for their class.

In the office for pitch presentations

Some offices don’t have their meeting room to find a projector and a projector screen prepared and installed. You can bring a portable projector screen to your office and easily put it up for pitch presentations. 

In your gaming room

Many gamers have upgraded their monitor with a projector and projector screen for a wider net and better gaming experience. If your room is too small of a fixed projector screen, you can get a portable projector screen instead. Whenever you would want to play a game, you can install it and play.

In your backyard or garden for outdoor viewing

Sometimes, having a movie night in your backyard or garden is the best way to spend your weekend with your family. You get to enjoy the cool breeze while eating popcorn and watching your family’s favourite film. A portable projector screen can help you out in achieving this. If you want to know more about setting up an outdoor cinema, you should check this blog out.

Portable Screen Suggestion

If you are looking for a portable screen that you can use for many things, you should go for ABIS Portable Projector Screen 100 inches. It has a top-quality white matte with a black backing to prevent light penetration, providing you with the brightest, clearest and sharpest images. The screen is highly resistant, which means it can withstand daily and continuous usage without losing all the reflecting properties. With that, it can provide accurate images. Whenever you project high resolution to even Full HD or 4K, the screen avoids losing the resolution quality, sharpness, brightness and clarity. 

The ABIS Portable Projector Screen 100inches comes with a lightweight tripod that allows you to transport them from one room to another without a problem. The tripod is designed and built to give full stability. The screen won’t hobble, move or even fall over at the minimum gust of wind. The installation is very easy, and it is compatible with most projectors, let it be LED, LCD, DLP, CRT, 3LED, and 3LCD. It can support 2K, 4K, Full HD or even Standard Definition. The screen is cleanable if, in any case, it gets in contact with any dirt. You can wipe it with a wet cloth with simple mild soap.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the top 5 places I can use a portable screen?

A portable screen offers versatility as it can be moved around and can be used in many activities. Here are the top 5 places you can use a portable screen:
Top 1: At home for your do-it-yourself movie house
Top 2: In school for class lessons
Top 3: In the office for pitch presentations
Top 4: In youse gaming room
Top 5: In your backyard or garden for outdoor viewing

Is a portable screen better than a fixed screen?

A portable screen can be better than a fixed screen if you are looking for versatility and mobility. If you think that you will be using a screen in different things at different places, a portable screen is way better than a fixed screen since a fixed screen is mounted or is permanently placed within a certain area.

What are the advantages of a portable screen?

A portable screen has a few advantages, such as the capability of being moved and brought around. A portable screen usually comes with a bag for easy storage, which takes up little space. It is also budget-friendly compared to fixed screens.


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