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5 Common Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making When Taking Care of Your Clothes

Taking Care of Your Clothes

Laundry isn’t just about throwing your clothes inside your washer, putting some detergent, drying them, and finally folding them. It may seem like an easy household task, but there is some complexity about taking care of your clothes that you need to understand. Once you have known these, laundry will be a piece of cake for you. 

Now, you probably just want what’s best for your clothes. However, people sometimes tend to oversee things because they are busy looking too much at their goal, which is fine. 

This blog is here to inform you about the common mistakes you might have overlooked while taking care of your clothes. If you want to know if you have been doing a good job at your laundry, then read on.

Putting A Lot of Detergents

You might think you should double the amount of detergent you put on your laundry to ensure that it will get 100% clean and come out with a good smell, but you’re wrong. Too much detergent can create extra suds within your clothes that won’t get completely rinsed out of clothes. It will leave many sticky remnants that can catch more dirt and dust. 

So, check how much detergent you put into your laundry instead of doing that. Do the trial and error method. Try to lessen the amount of detergent you put in one load. Add up if the amount isn’t enough to keep your clothes clean. Continue adding until you meet the amount of detergent you need for your laundry.

Sorting Out by Colour

Sorting your clothes by colour is one thing. It is a good practice to sort light-coloured clothes when washing from dark-coloured ones. However, it is also better and a good idea to sort your garments by materials. 

You should separate heavy garments like denim, jeans, jackets, and sweaters from lightweight clothing like blouses and t-shirts to avoid damaging the delicate fabrics. Don’t put towels, bedding, and bulky items with your day-to-day clothing in one load. Grouping your clothes not only by colour but by material will help your clothes to dry evenly. 

Leaving Your Zippers Open and Shirts Buttoned Up

When you pull down your pants and toss them into your laundry basket, it is only normal to put them with an opened zipper but try to practise zipping them up before tossing them out. Or, you can zip them up before putting them in your washer.

 Open zippers expose their jagged teeth that can snag other fabrics washed in the washer. Also, shirts that have buttons should be fully unbuttoned when being laundered. Keeping the shirts’ buttons unbuttoned ensures the thread is not pulled or loose. 

You Only Think About Your Clothes

Of course, laundry is about taking care of and cleaning your clothes, but how will you achieve that if you need to think about the materials you also use? You should also think about your washer. Regularly clean your washer. 

Over time, specks of dirt, detergent residue, moulds, and water deposits will build up inside your washer. You can use the self-clean cycle to clean your washer or run hot water with vinegar for a few minutes. Scrub the lid and gasket to keep your laundry from smelling musty from the build-up dirt. Another thing you should consider is the dryer that you use. 

Tumble Drying Your Clothes

Tumble drying is a good way to dry your clothes. It’s fast and easy. You will be able to fold the clothes and store them in your closet right away. However, tumble drying can cause damage to your clothes. 

Excessive heat and spinning mechanisms can affect the fabric. The method can stretch the fabrics out, which can cause clothes shrinkage—ever experienced why your clothes suddenly became small? That’s because of tumble drying. To avoid that, you should air-dry your clothes. 

Air drying your clothes is the best way to take care of your clothes. Not only is its clothes friendly, but it can also keep your clothes smelling fresh. You can air-dry your clothes outdoors under the sun or indoors with a drying rack if you don’t have the luxury of having open space. 

However, if you want a faster drying process without compromising the quality of your clothes. In that case, you can dry your clothes in the ABIS Heated Clothes Airer Drying Rack 20.5m. ABIS heated clothes airers emit warm air that is cloth-friendly. Its radiator is extremely energy-efficient and ensures a lower monthly cost than conventional tumble dryers. With ABIS, you could save money and ensure your clothes’ longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What Common Mistakes Didn’t Know You Were Making While Taking Care of Your Clothes?

Putting On a Lot of Detergents

You only sort by colour.

You leave your zippers open and shirts buttoned up

You only think about your clothes

Tumble drying your clothes

Does Putting in a Lot of Detergents Can Make My Laundry Smell Good?

At first thought, you would think that putting many detergents in your laundry can make your clothes smell good. However, it’s quite the opposite. Too much detergent can get stuck in your clothes and create sudds. These can become moulds and can make your clothes smell bad.

Why Shouldn’t You Tumble Dry?

Besides the fact that a tumble dryer is expensive both in price and operational costs, it is harsh on your clothes. The tumble dryer’s method of drying your clothes can cause the fabric to stretch. The excessive heat and spinning mechanism cause the well-known fabric shrinkage.


Taking care of your clothes is one thing, and using the right methods is another. Fortunately, there are different ways you can avoid making these mistakes, and this article will definitely help you move forward. 

We hope this blog helped you in so many ways to avoid the common mistakes you didn’t know, either drying or washing your clothes.